Why Should You Charter a Private Jet?

More Reasons for Private Jet Charter

Convenience, time savings, security and comfort- these are some of the very important aspects of traveling. Whether you’re flying within the United States, crossing the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean, or going from across a continent, wouldn’t you like a little more legroom and VIP treatment? With JetOptions, you can receive all that and more!

Board your private jet directly from your car

Chartering a private jet instead of traveling with a commercial airline does have its perks. From a smooth ride to added safety options, you need not worry about luggage space and airport restrictions. We can also offer aviation insurance. Here are a few other reasons why you should charter a private jet for all your traveling needs:

Your Choice Matters

When opting for a private jet charter, you get to plan your own flight details and do not have to be at the mercy of preset airline schedules and airport regulations. You get to create your own unique travel itinerary where you choose your airport location, date and time of travel, the aircraft model and make, and, of course, the people that will fly with you.

No Long Lines at Commercial Airports

Passengers waiting in long lines at airport

The convenience of not having to stand in long queues at ticket counters and security checkpoints at the airport is one of the many reasons why more and more travelers are chartering private aircraft. Furthermore, with a private jet, you need not arrive two hours before the check-in time. Don’t worry; your plane won’t take off until you make it!

Say Bye-Bye to Luggage Restrictions

Have you ever been stopped at the airport check-in and been told that you cannot carry certain items on-board, such as liquids, aerosol sprays or even nail cutters? Private jet chartering takes those hassles all away. All of our aircraft provide complimentary assorted drinks and snacks but if you want to bring in your favorite juice or beer, take a box full of donuts and bagels, or pick up any catering item and carry it on board your private jet, you can. No luggage weight limits apply either. You are only restricted by the aircraft‘s capacity

Private Jet Baggage Compartment

Ease of Transactions

Unlike ticketing and e-ticketing procedures, chartering a private jet is a simple and hassle-free process. Simply go to JetOptions Charter Quote Request, fill in the details of your trip, and request a no obligation quote. You will be contacted by one of our charter experts wit the information you requested in a short time.


Backup Plans

We have created backup plans and processes for almost every unexpected occurrence. Let us take the worry out of flying and let you enjoy your trip.

So the next time you plan on traveling, give us the opportunity to earn your business by contacting us. We will make your traveling easy and an experienced you will want to repeat.

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