Very Important Person

A Very Important Person or VIP is a person who is accorded special privileges due to their status or importance. Examples include heads of state/heads of government, celebrities, CEOs and high-level corporate officers, politicians, high net worth individuals, or any other notable person who receives special treatment.

A VIP plane is a luxurious way to travel for a special occasion. There are many different types of VIP charter aircraft available. The ultimate in VIP charters are non-scheduled airliners in a VIP configuration. These are in high demand but are ideal for business travelers who want to fly in the utmost style. Some feature large spaces and few seats for a maximum of 14 people. Others have smaller cabins and offer supreme comfort for 16+ passengers. 

VIP Charters

A VIP charter can be an excellent option for travel. The best type of aircraft to choose is the one that best suits the event. Heavy Jet Charters can accommodate as many as 14 passengers. The most luxurious private airliners are the Boeing Business Jet and Airbus, accommodating up to 14 passengers in luxurious comfort. Alternatively, you could choose a smaller, less expensive VIP model. Whether you need a private jet for a few people or a group, there is a private jet for you.

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