Piaggio Aerospace

Piaggio Aerospace Company

The Piaggio Aerospace Company is an Italian multinational aerospace manufacturing company. Based in Villanova d’Albenga, Italy, it develops aero-engines and designs aircraft, aero-structures, and aerospace components. It also maintains the aerostructures and aircraft it manufactures.

Piaggio Aerospace is a global leader in aerospace manufacturing, and many of its products are used by government agencies and commercial airlines. The company has a diverse range of products, including aircraft engines and helicopters. It also develops remote piloted aerial systems and designs and builds businesses, special missions, and ISR aircraft. It also manufactures aero-engines and offers technical support.

Business Jets and Related Aircraft

Piaggio Aerospace has expanded its business into the defense and security sectors. It now designs multirole patrol aircraft and innovative Unmanned Aerial Systems. The company also owns a subsidiary in the United States. Piaggio America is based in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Charter the Piaggio Avanti P180  turboprop from JetOptions Private Jets.

The company’s earnings outlook for the current and subsequent several years is positive. Sales and earnings are expected to exceed EUR154 million by 2021, and the order backlog is expected to increase by EUR115 million. Announced for sale in 2022, the company has five potential buyers as of this writing. This is down from an initial list of eleven.


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