Phoenix Deer Valley Airport

Private Planes at Phoenix Deer Valley Airport

Deer Valley Airport (DVT, KDVT), located just north of Phoenix in Arizona, serves as an aviation facility that relieves Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. DVT caters to private aircraft as well as air taxi operations, utilizing two paved runways capable of accommodating nearly every type of jet aircraft. Private planes frequently fly into Phoenix Deer Valley Airport for both personal and professional purposes. Situated 15 miles northwest of Downtown Phoenix, it is an ideal business and personal travel hub.


Phoenix Deer Valley Airport offers a 24-hour FBO with available line and customer services, ample ramp space, and easy access to nearby freeways leading to Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley.


Deer Valley Airport (DVT) is a top choice for aviation needs, with two runways suitable for most light, mid and heavy jets. The airport also offers one Fixed Base Operator (FBO) and a Fueling Service that provides line services, rental cars, and gourmet catering options. DVT Airport’s full-service maintenance facility takes care of over 90% of general aviation fleet maintenance requirements. The airport’s master plan, which began in 1986, included runway lengthening, utility enhancements, and hangar additions, all of which have been continued to date. Located just north of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, DVT Airport offers an array of general aviation services, including fueling, avionics repair and maintenance, parts, flight training, and more.


Phoenix Deer Valley Airport is an unmatched gem in the Valley of the Sun. With two runways, and is capable of handling various aircraft ranging from light sport, general aviation, and historic military to an Embraer E170 aircraft (in some instances). As the US’s second busiest general aviation airport and primary reliever for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, this facility provides aircraft rentals, flight training courses, maintenance/avionics repairs services, and jet charter handling.


Phoenix Deer Valley Airport, Arizona’s primary general aviation reliever airport, lies 24 miles northeast of Phoenix in Maricopa County, United States. Offering general aviation reliever services for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, it features two asphalt paved runways measuring 7R/25L and 8,197 by 100 feet (2.4998 by 30 meters). There are no scheduled airline services operating out of Phoenix Deer Valley Airport.

Phoenix Deer Valley Airport is a Popular Spot for Aviation Enthusiasts

Phoenix Deer Valley Airport attracts aviation enthusiasts from all over due to its popularity. It’s not uncommon to see student pilots and helicopters from Phoenix Police Department, Arizona Department of Public Safety, and Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office training on its pattern simultaneously. The airport also hosts two major flight training academies – Westwind School of Aeronautics and TransPac Aviation Academy. Situated north of Phoenix, this airport hosts various general aviation aircraft as well as flight schools. AeroGuard Flight Training Center’s Phoenix Deer Valley Airport flight school provides students with career-driven flight instruction for one of the most in-demand careers in aviation.

KDVT Airspace

Students learn how to communicate with air traffic control while flying in controlled airspace, experience various instrument approaches and procedures, and benefit from accessing parallel runways for maximum arrival/departure efficiency and an array of Class B-E airspace shelves. New construction at the airport includes three 20,000 sq. ft hangar bays near Taxiway Charlie on the airport’s west side that will accommodate aircraft up to Gulfstream G700 size.


Phoenix International Airport, originally built as a private airfield in 1960 with one runway, was acquired by the City of Phoenix in 1971. In 2009, it became the 14th busiest general aviation airport in America without scheduled airline service, and in 2020, it was ranked as the world’s busiest general aviation airport. It serves as a hub for general aviation activity and is the largest reliever for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The airport’s highly-trained workforce offers diverse business opportunities and world-class general aviation environments. Arizona has 67 publicly owned public-use airports generating over $386 million in wages and economic activity annually, supporting thousands of jobs and contributing significantly to the state’s overall economic well-being.

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