Paris–Le Bourget Airport

Paris Le Bourget Airport (LGB, LFPB)

Paris Le Bourget Airport is located seven miles north of central Paris and serves portions of the communes of Le Bourget, Dugny, and Gonesse. A bustling general aviation airport that caters to many domestic and international private flights, serving the surrounding communities of Dugny, Gonesse, and Bonneuil-en-France.  You can easily reach Paris’s famous attractions within about 40 minutes from LGB by various transportation modes. Alternatively, you can charter a helicopter from the airport to the city center, which takes less than twenty minutes.

Le Bourget Airport

Paris Le Bourget Airport was once the primary airport for Paris, but nowadays, it is a bustling general aviation airport. It is home to the Paris Air Show, and there are several Fixed-Base Operators (FBOs) available for refueling and long-term aircraft parking. During the summer travel season, LFPB is filled with planes. If you’re looking to fly privately in Paris, Paris Le Bourget Airport is the best option for private aircraft amenities.

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Paris Le Bourget Airport is the largest business airport in Europe, and it is open 24/7, all year round for business aviation. There are eight different Fixed-Base Operators (FBOs) to choose from, offering a wide range of private jet services to satisfy any requirement. The airport is equipped with a runway that can accommodate any type and size of private jet, and it is surrounded by hotels and other accommodations to cater to the needs of both business and leisure travelers.


The airport is well-known for hosting the largest airshow in the world. It’s an ideal location for private aircraft and helicopters to access Paris and other destinations. The airport is also home to the International Paris Air Show, which takes turns with the Farnborough International Exhibition and Flying Display. This airfield is a top choice for international private jet charters. It features more private jet charter terminal facilities than any other European airport.

Le Bourget Airport is a significant site in aviation history, renowned for hosting some of the most iconic landmarks. One of the most remarkable is the landing strip that Charles Lindbergh used to complete the first solo transatlantic flight in 1927. In his famous biplane, the Spirit of St. Louis, he arrived in Paris on May 21, 1927. Moreover, Le Bourget Airport has a rich aviation history, and it was Paris’s first airfield before the opening of Orly Airport.

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Le Bourget Airport is fully equipped to accommodate all types of aircraft, including private jets. The airport boasts three long runways, each measuring over 6,000 feet in length. The longest runway, 07/25, stretches 9,843 feet. It is worth noting that noise restrictions are in place overnight in certain areas. For example, the use of reverse thrust devices on  Runway 2 is prohibited between 22:15 and 06:00. Despite the noise restrictions, Le Bourget Airport remains a bustling hub for business aviation and a popular choice for travelers due to its proximity to the city center.

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