Palm Springs International Airport

Palm Springs International Airport (PSP, KPSP)

Located in the heart of Coachella Valley, Palm Springs International Airport is a vital gateway to Southern California’s picturesque desert landscapes. PSP offers round-the-clock operations and ensures a seamless travel experience whether you’re arriving on commercial flights or via private jets.

Private Jet Services and FBO Offerings

PSP is renowned for its excellent Fixed-Base Operator (FBO) services, catering to private aircraft owners with high standards. The FBOs offer premium services, including luxury accommodations for private flyers. Palm Springs International is also home to state-of-the-art facilities that support private jets, ensuring a private and comfortable travel experience from takeoff to landing.

Travel to Palm Springs International Airport

Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) is an excellent private jet hub and offers comprehensive FBO services. If you’re flying from LA or San Diego, the flight to Palm Springs is typically quick and scenic, making it a convenient choice for travelers looking to reach the Coachella Valley efficiently.

Here’s an overview of the FBOs and runway details at PSP:

FBOs at Palm Springs International Airport

PSP offers excellent private and corporate aviation facilities, including multiple fixed-base operators (FBOs) and a well-equipped runway system.

  1. Signature Flight Support
    • Services: Signature Flight Support is one of the largest FBOs at PBI, offering comprehensive services for private jet passengers and crew. Amenities include aircraft parking (ramp or tiedown), hangars, a passenger lounge, a pilot lounge, flight planning facilities, and more. They also provide aircraft maintenance, ground handling, and fueling services.
    • Features: Luxury lounges, conference rooms, car rentals, limousine service, and catering are available for passengers and crew. This FBO emphasizes high-quality service and privacy.
  1. Atlantic Aviation
    • Services: Similar to the other FBOs, Atlantic Aviation offers a variety of services, such as refueling, hangar space, and ground handling. They cater to all types of aircraft, from light jets to large commercial aircraft.
    • Features: Atlantic’s amenities include a pilot’s lounge, business center, Wi-Fi, and catering services. The company prioritizes its customer service to ensure that travelers have a seamless and stress-free experience.

Runway Information

Palm Beach International Airport features two runways:

  1. Runway 31L-13R
    • Length: 10,000 feet
    • Surface: Asphalt
    • This is the primary runway at PSP, which can accommodate large aircraft, including commercial airliners and heavy jets.
  2. Runway 13L-31R
    • Length: 4,952 feet
    • Surface: Asphalt
    • It is mainly used by smaller commercial, private, and corporate aircraft.

The runway layout at PSP airport is designed to accommodate flexible operations in varying wind conditions, ensuring safe and efficient handling of both commercial and private flights. The airport is well-equipped to manage commercial traffic and private aviation demands, making it a preferred choice for business and leisure travelers visiting Palm Springs. 

Charter PSP with JetOptions Private Jets

JetOptions Private Jets provides charter flights to and from  Palm Springs International Airport. To learn more about our exclusive  Southern California private jet charters and flight services, call us today,  or request a charter price quote online.

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Charter Palm Springs International Airport with JetOptions private Jets

Nearby Airports

Several convenient Los Angeles and San Diego airport options are near Palm Springs International Airport for private jet travelers. These airports offer a range of facilities and services tailored to private jet passengers.

Here are some of the notable nearby private jet airports:

Los Angeles Area

  1. Van Nuys Airport (VNY)
    • Location: Van Nuys, CA
    • Distance to PSP: Approximately 140 miles
    • Features: Known as one of the busiest general aviation airports in the world, it is heavily utilized for private, charter, and business aviation.
  2. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
    • Location: Los Angeles, CA
    • Distance to PSP: About 120 miles
    • Features: While predominantly a commercial airport, LAX also has extensive facilities for private jets, including several fixed-base operators (FBOs) providing VIP services.
  3. Burbank Bob Hope Airport (BUR)
    • Location: Burbank, CA
    • Distance to PSP: Roughly 130 miles
    • Features: It offers excellent private flying facilities and is preferred for those looking to avoid LAX congestion.
  4. Long Beach Airport (LGB)
    • Location: Long Beach, CA
    • Distance to PSP: Approximately 110 miles
    • Features: Provides a relaxed and efficient environment for private flyers, with high-quality FBO services.

San Diego Area

    1. San Diego International Airport (SAN)
      • Location: San Diego, CA
      • Distance to PSP: About 140 miles
      • Features: It has dedicated services for private jets and is convenient for international travelers.
    2. McClellan-Palomar Airport (CRQ)
      • Location: Carlsbad, CA
      • Distance to PSP: Roughly 120 miles
      • Features: Popular among private jet travelers, offering luxurious amenities and less traffic than larger airports.
    3. Brown Field Municipal Airport (SDM)
      • Location: San Diego, CA
      • Distance to PSP: Approximately 150 miles
      • Features: Services a lot of general and corporate aviation, providing another alternative for private flyers in the San Diego region.

Each airport provides various amenities for private jets, including hangar space, maintenance, and upscale lounges. When flying private, JetOptions can arrange for ground transportation to be waiting upon arrival, ensuring a seamless travel experience from air to ground.

PSP Operating Hours & Passenger Services

Palm Springs International Airport operates 24 hours daily, catering to over two million passengers annually with non-stop flights to 30 cities and connections to over 300 global destinations. The airport’s single terminal building is efficiently laid out with 20 gates across two levels, featuring a Terminal Courtyard with a playground, pet area, and scenic water features.

PSP Commercial Terminal

Palm Springs International Airport’s commercial terminal has a unique design that integrates natural elements like real palm trees into its spacious courtyard. Open daily, the terminal offers a variety of amenities, including diverse dining options, exclusive shopping outlets, and a relaxing atmosphere with artistic installations by renowned artists, including Dale Chihuly. The facility includes ample seating areas and an ATM and is designed to enhance passenger comfort while waiting for flights.

Shopping and Dining 

After security, travelers can enjoy facilities like PSP Coffee House, Santa Rosa Kitchen & Spirits, and the 12th Fairway Bar & Grill. The airport also offers unique shopping experiences at boutiques and local vendors like Joshua Tree Candle Co. and Molly Moon Crafts, enhancing the travel experience with a local touch.

Palm Springs  International Airport provides a seamless travel experience for private flights to Coachella Valley. Enjoy the best in private aviation with JetOptions private jet charter travel in Southern California. 

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