Palm Beach International Airport

Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) is a prominent airport in West Palm Beach, Florida. Established in 1936, PBI has become a vital hub for domestic and international travel, serving approximately 7.5 million passengers annually. The airport is conveniently situated just three miles from the Palm Beach County Convention Center, downtown West Palm Beach, and the beautiful beaches of South Florida. It serves Palm Beach and its four surrounding counties.

The airport’s economic impact on the South Florida region is substantial, generating billions annually, both directly and indirectly. According to the 2019 Florida Department of Transportation Statewide Aviation Economic Impact Study in 2019, this figure was over $5.6 billion. 

Over the years, Palm Beach International Airport has received numerous accolades. In 2023, Conde Nast Traveler named it the 4th Best Airport in the U.S., and Travel + Leisure Magazine named it the 8th Best Domestic Airport. Additionally, PBI was recognized as the 4th Best Medium-Size Airport in the 2023 J.D. Power North America Airport Satisfaction Study and was ranked “Best in the U.S.” for the shortest overall TSA wait times by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

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About Palm Beach International Airport

PBI is served by 13 domestic and international airlines, including major carriers such as American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines. The airport offers approximately 150 scheduled commercial flights daily, connecting passengers to various destinations across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Flights from West Palm Beach to New York and Atlanta are the most popular. There are also shuttle buses from the airport to various locations in the city, and the airport has several rental car companies on Level One.


Palm Beach International Airport began its operations in 1936, originally known as Morrison Field, named in honor of Miss Grace K. Morrison. The inaugural flight from this airfield was a DC-2 heading to New York, operated by Eastern Air Lines in 1936. The following year, 1937, saw significant development as the Palm Beach Aero Corporation leased the area, built hangars, and established the first terminal, the Eastern Air Lines Terminal. 


Palm Beach International Airport was historically significant during World War II and was used as a training base for the United States Army Air Forces. During this time, the U.S. Army took control of Morrison Field until it was returned to Palm Beach County in 1947. The airport was renamed Palm Beach International in 1948 and resumed commercial flight operations. Its strategic location played a crucial role in defending the southeastern United States.

Palm Beach International Airport: Key Facts

  • Airport Codes: 
    • FAA: PBI
    • ICAO: KPBI
    • IATA: PBI
  • Location (Lat/Long): N26-41.0/W080-05.7
  • Operating Hours: 24 hours, daily
  • FBOs: There are three fixed-based operators
  • Runway: There are 3 runways
    • 10L/28R – 10, 000 ft. long
    • 10R/28L – 3,214 ft. long
    • 14/32 – 6,931 ft. long
  • U.S. Customs: Yes
  • Address: 1000 James L Turnage Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33415

Palm Beach International Airport Fixed-Base Operator (FBO)

Three fixed-based operators are located in Palm Beach International Airport, offering a full range of services. These FBOs are essential for ensuring that private jets, charter flights, and other non-commercial aircraft receive the necessary support and amenities at the airport. They are:

  • Atlantic Aviation
  • Jet Aviation
  • Signature Flight Support
Jet Aviation

Jet Aviation is one of the premier FBOs at Palm Beach International Airport. Known for its exceptional service and luxurious facilities, Jet Aviation offers a comprehensive suite of services, including aircraft fueling, maintenance, hangar space, and ground handling. The FBO also provides passenger and crew amenities such as comfortable lounges, conference rooms, and concierge services. Jet Aviation’s commitment to excellence ensures that every aspect of the travel experience is seamless and enjoyable.

Signature Flight Support

Another leading FBO at PBI is Signature Flight Support. This FBO is renowned for its extensive network and high standards of service. Signature Flight Support offers a variety of services, including aircraft fueling, de-icing, and maintenance. The facility also features modern passenger lounges, crew rest areas, and business centers. With its strategic location and top-notch services, Signature Flight Support is preferred by many private and corporate travelers.

Atlantic Aviation

Atlantic Aviation is a well-respected FBO at Palm Beach International Airport. It provides a full range of services to meet the needs of general aviation, including aircraft fueling, hangar space, and ground support. Atlantic Aviation also offers amenities such as pilot lounges, flight planning rooms, and passenger waiting areas. The FBO’s dedicated staff ensures that all operations run smoothly, making it a reliable option for private aviation.

Services and Amenities

The FBOs at Palm Beach International Airport offer many services and amenities to enhance the travel experience for both passengers and crew. These include:

  • Aircraft Fueling: High-quality fuel services to ensure optimal performance and safety.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: Comprehensive maintenance and repair services to keep aircraft in top condition.
  • Hangar Space: Secure and spacious hangar facilities to protect aircraft from the elements.
  • Ground Handling: Efficient ground handling services, including baggage handling and aircraft towing.
  • Passenger Lounges: Comfortable and well-appointed lounges for passengers to relax before their flights.
  • Crew Amenities: Dedicated areas for crew members to rest, plan flights, and conduct business.
  • Concierge Services: Personalized concierge services to assist with travel arrangements, hotel bookings, and more.

An interesting fact about the FBOs at Palm Beach International Airport is their role in supporting high-profile events and visitors. Due to its proximity to luxury resorts, golf courses, and the exclusive communities of Palm Beach, the airport frequently accommodates private jets carrying celebrities, business executives, and dignitaries. The FBOs’ ability to provide discreet and high-quality services makes PBI a preferred destination for elite travelers.

With their comprehensive services, luxurious amenities, and commitment to excellence, the Fixed-Base Operators at Palm Beach International Airport play a crucial role in supporting the needs of private and general aviation, ensuring a superior travel experience for all.

Palm Beach International Airport: Runways

Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) features three runways that accommodate a wide range of aircraft, from small private planes and turboprops to large commercial jets. The runways are designed to handle the airport’s significant traffic while ensuring safety and efficiency.

Runway 10L/28R
  • Length: 10,000 feet
  • Surface: Asphalt
  • Usage: This is the primary runway at PBI, which can handle the largest aircraft. It is used for takeoffs and landings and has advanced navigation aids to support all-weather operations.
Runway 10R/28L
  • Length: 3,214 feet
  • Surface: Asphalt
  • Usage: This shorter runway is primarily used for general aviation and smaller aircraft. It provides an alternative for light aircraft operations, helping to reduce congestion on the main runway.
Runway 14/32
  • Length: 6,932 feet
  • Surface: Asphalt
  • Usage: This crosswind runway is used when wind conditions make it preferable to the primary runway. It is also equipped to handle a variety of aircraft sizes and jet types.

Palm Beach International Airport: Facilities

PBI is renowned for its exceptional service and amenities, providing travelers & crew with a relaxing environment while they wait for their commercial flights. These include:

  • Free High-Speed Wi-Fi and Charging Stations 
  • TSA Pre✓ Office Prescreening in Main Terminal
  • Private Nursing Suites
  • 15 Minutes Average From Ticket Counter To Gate
  • Palm Beach Bark Park Outdoor Pet Relief Areas
  • On-Site $7/Day Economy Parking
  • Two Indoor Pet Relief Areas
  • Nine-Hole Putting Green

Palm Beach International Airport: Noise Program

Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) is committed to minimizing the impact of aircraft noise on the surrounding communities. The airport has implemented a comprehensive noise abatement program to reduce noise levels and address community concerns. 

PBI has established specific flight procedures to minimize noise, including:

  • Preferred Runways: Aircraft are directed to use runways that minimize noise impact on residential areas whenever possible.
  • Noise Abatement Departure Procedures (NADP): Pilots are instructed to follow specific departure routes and climb profiles to reduce noise over sensitive areas.
  • Continuous Descent Approaches (CDA): This approach technique allows aircraft to descend continuously and smoothly, reducing noise compared to traditional step-down approaches.
Noise Monitoring and Reporting

The airport operates a noise monitoring system that continuously tracks aircraft noise levels. This data is used to evaluate the effectiveness of noise abatement procedures and identify areas for improvement. PBI also encourages community members to report noise concerns, which are investigated and addressed by the airport’s noise abatement office.

Community Engagement

PBI actively engages with the local community to address noise concerns and improve communication. The airport hosts regular meetings with community representatives and stakeholders to discuss noise issues and potential solutions. Additionally, PBI provides educational resources to inform residents about the airport’s noise abatement efforts and how they can participate.

Starting Young

One notable aspect of PBI’s noise program is its collaboration with local schools. The airport has partnered with educational institutions to provide aviation and noise management information to students. This initiative helps foster a better understanding of the airport’s operations and its efforts to mitigate noise impact.

With its dedicated noise abatement program, Palm Beach International Airport strives to balance the needs of air travel with the well-being of the surrounding communities, ensuring a harmonious coexistence.

Palm Beach International Airport: Other Airports

The airports closest to Palm Beach International Airport are: 

  • Boca Raton Airport (BCT) → 24 miles
  • Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) → ~50 miles
  • Treasure Coast International Airport (FPR) → ~50 miles
  • Opa-Locka Executive Airport (OPF) → ~65 miles
  • Miami International Airport (MIA) → ~70 miles

Palm Beach International Airport: Popular Private Jet Travel Routes

OriginDestinationFlight Time[Approx]Private Jet CategoryPassenger Capacity
Palm Beach InternationalAustin2.5 HoursMidsize Jet6-8
Palm Beach InternationalChicago2.5 HoursSuper Mid Jet8-9
Los AngelesPalm Beach International4.75 HoursHeavy Jet10-18
New YorkPalm Beach International2.25 HoursSuper Mid Jet8-9

Aspen, CO: Things to Explore

Aspen, originally established as a mining camp during the Colorado Silver Boom, was named for the plentiful aspen trees in the region. The city flourished in the 1880s and continues to attract locals, second-home buyers, and tourists year-round. Aspen’s four ski areas are a winter highlight for any adventure-lover.

If you are in Aspen and have some time to spare before your next flight, here are some of the top things this business district has to offer. 

  • Maroon Bells: Iconic twin peaks offering stunning views and hiking trails.
  • Independence Pass: Scenic mountain pass with breathtaking vistas and winding roads.
  • Aspen Mountain (Ajax): Popular ski area with challenging slopes and panoramic views.
  • Ashcroft Ghost Town: Historic mining town with preserved buildings and rich history.
  • John Denver Sanctuary: Peaceful park dedicated to the famous singer, featuring beautiful gardens and sculptures.
  • Crater Lake Trail: Picturesque hiking trail leading to a serene alpine lake.
  • White River National Forest: Expansive forest with diverse wildlife, hiking, and camping opportunities.
  • Aspen Art Museum: Contemporary art museum showcasing innovative exhibitions and architecture.
  • Glenwood Springs: Nearby town known for its hot springs, adventure park, and historic sites.
  • Snowmass Village: Family-friendly resort area with skiing, dining, and shopping options.
  • Buttermilk Mountain: Ski area famous for hosting the Winter X Games and its beginner-friendly slopes.
  • Roaring Fork River: Ideal for fly fishing, whitewater rafting, and scenic river walks.
  • Aspen Highlands: Ski resort known for its challenging terrain and stunning views of the Maroon Bells.

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What are the operational hours of Aspen–Pitkin County Airport?

Aspen–Pitkin County Airport operates from 7 AM to 11 PM daily.

How long are the Aspen–Pitkin County Airport runways? 

Aspen–Pitkin County Airport features a single runway that is 8,006 feet long, accommodating a variety of aircraft types.

Which airport is closest to Aspen–Pitkin County Airport?

The closest airport to Aspen–Pitkin County Airport is Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE), located approximately 65 miles away.

What is the Aspen–Pitkin County Airport Code?

The airport code for Aspen–Pitkin County Airport is FAA: ASE, ICAO: KASE, and IATA: ASE.

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