Oakland County International Airport

Oakland County International Airport PTK

Oakland County International Airport (PTK, KPTK) is a public-use airport in Waterford Township, Michigan. The county owns one of the busiest general aviation airports in the United States. The airport has an average of approximately 142,000 takeoffs and landings annually, making it the world’s twelfth busiest general aviation airport. More than 150 corporations base their aircraft at OCIA, many of which have several airplanes. There are over 650 aircraft based at the airport, with a value of over $500 million. The airport has full-time U.S. Customs service available from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The terminal lobby and waiting area are comfortable and offer easy access to restaurant and banquet facilities, car rental, and other services.


The PTK terminal is located in southeastern Michigan and is the first in the region to obtain LEED certification. The certification stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. KPTK’s main terminal offers various energy-efficient features, including geothermal heating and cooling, wind and solar power generation, and a living wall of tropical rainforest plants that help purify the air. Additionally, the building features a suspended Pitts Special biplane. It displays historical documents, including the nation’s first airport certificate to PTK (which was known as Pontiac Municipal Airport at that time) and a document commemorating Michigan’s first air tour in 1929, signed by Orville Wright.

PTK serves as a reliever to Detroit Metro (DTW), and its annual economic impact on the regional economy is estimated at $175 million. Visitors can also access full-service car rentals from the terminal, with major car rental agencies such as AVIS, Enterprise, Hertz & National operating at KPTK. Planeside services are also offered at the FBOs.


PTK airport is open and available 24/7. It has paved runways and taxiways, effective lighting, and clear taxiway identification. Approaching the 6,520-foot instrument runway is easy. Several FBOs provide fuel services, maintenance, and the entire range of aircraft services. A Federal Aviation Administration-staffed control tower, including Tower Advisory Radar, provides complete air traffic control services.


The airport has three runways, all of which are paved with asphalt. The first runway, 9R/27L, measures 6,200 by 150 feet (1,890 x 46 m). The second runway, 9L/27R, measures 5,000 by 100 feet (1,524 x 30 m). The third runway, 17/35, measures 2,585 by 75 feet (788 x 23 m). In addition to the runways, the airport has a Ground Run-up Enclosure, also known as a “Hush House.” Aviation mechanics use this 3-sided structure┬áto test turbine-powered engines at full power. The walls of the enclosure absorb or deflect the sound upward, which reduces its impact on the neighboring areas.


Oakland County International Airport is a regional business aviation hub focusing on corporate travel. It has six FBOs and a main terminal providing private and corporate aircraft services. These services include fueling, aircraft charter, catering, and avionics maintenance. Some FBOs also offer additional services such as crew cars and courtesy transportation. Charters operate at FBOs like Elite, Maven, Pentastar, and Premier, among others, on the airfield.

U.S. Customs Services

The U.S. Customs Service for user fees is available from Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., and can be reached “on call” at other times. This service is designed to enhance convenience and save time for international travelers by eliminating the need for an additional stop to clear customs.


Oakland County International Airport (OCIA) is a general aviation reliever airport that serves the people of Oakland County and the State of Michigan. It is located near Pontiac and is the sixth busiest airport in the country that does not offer scheduled passenger service. The airport houses over 150 corporations and their aircraft, including multiple jets. Additionally, it holds an annual open house event where visitors can view and tour various planes and military vehicles on site.


OCIA operates six Fixed Based Operator (FBO) facilities that offer fueling and refueling, catering, charter handling, and maintenance services. The airport caters to individuals, businesses, and corporations in Oakland County and Michigan. It is home to over 150 corporate aircraft, and nearly all Fortune 500 companies use its facilities. OCIA is self-supporting, and its business community contributes $175 million to the local economy. It is the county’s second-largest taxpayer and the third-largest employer in Waterford Township. In January 1990, a user-fee Customs service was established at the airport.

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Things to do in Pontiac, MI

Located near Detroit, Pontiac is a hidden gem with many things to do. The area has many activities, from art galleries to music venues. Several outdoor activities, including the Pontiac Lake Recreation Area, offer fishing and boating opportunities. There are also several historic sites and museums in the area. The Pontiac Museum Complex showcases the city’s rich automotive history, while the Michigan Fallen Heroes Memorial is a moving tribute to the state’s soldiers and veterans.

Detroit – Pontiac Largest One-Day Classic Car Event

Car enthusiasts worldwide gather on Woodward Avenue to celebrate Detroit’s Motor City roots at the Dream Cruise event every year. It is one of the most significant classic car events, attracting over a million spectators and 40,000 special-interest vehicles. The event takes place each August, with the official timing from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. The event covers the stretch between Ferndale and Pontiac.

The annual Woodward Avenue event offers various food and beverage vendors, entertainment, parades, and car shows. Car enthusiasts can feast their eyes on various vehicles, including sports cars, American muscle cars, and right-hand drive Japanese imports. This event provides automakers with an excellent opportunity to showcase their latest models.

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