New Orleans Lakefront Airport

New Orleans Lakefront Airport

New Orleans Lakefront Airport is a public airport serving the city of New Orleans. It is located in Orleans Parish, Louisiana. The National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems classifies it as a general aviation reliever airport. The New Orleans Lakefront Airport is on a manufactured peninsula jutting into Lake Pontchartrain. The airport’s storied history makes it an excellent venue; it’s known for its history and is one of the most popular wedding venues in New Orleans. There is one runway that is used for general aviation and business jets.

The airport has undergone several restorations. The marble walls and columns were restored, as well as the terrazzo floor and unique mosaics. The WPA-style plaster and decorative elements were recreated to match the original building. The extensive renovation made the airport one of the most beautiful venues in New Orleans. It has even been featured in a television documentary.

Located five miles from downtown New Orleans and was built in the early 20th century to serve as the area’s primary airfield. Huey Long, Louisiana’s 40th governor, commissioned the construction. The airport was constructed on an artificial peninsula in Lake Pontchartrain and cost $4.5 million to build. The airport was designed by a New Orleans architecture firm, Weiss, Dreyfous, and Seiferth, which also designed the Louisiana State Capitol building. Lakefront Airport sustained damage from past hurricanes and has since been rebuilt to a fully functional level. Currently, the airport serves commercial, military, and private air traffic.

Lakefront Airport History

During World War II, the Lakefront Airport was used for military flights. The Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport opened in 1946. The airport was upgraded frequently throughout the 1950s. Hurricanes Katrina and Isaac damaged Lakefront Airport, but it remained operational and reopened after the storms.

The New Orleans Lakefront Airport was initially called Shushan Airport before it was renamed. It was the first combined land and seaplane air terminal in the United States. Abraham Shushan, a friend of Gov. Huey P. Long, was a major proponent of the project. During World War II, the US Air Force used the Lakefront Airport. Later, it was used as a Cold War bomb shelter.

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