Naples Airport

Naples Airport (APF, KAPF)

Naples Airport (APF), also identified by its ICAO code KAPF, is a vital aviation hub in the picturesque city of Naples, Florida. It caters predominantly to general aviation, private jets, and a selection of commercial services. Naples Airport combines the efficiency of a fully equipped facility with the charm and convenience of a city known for its stunning beaches, vibrant arts scene, and welcoming community.


Situated just a few miles northeast of downtown Naples, APF offers unmatched accessibility to the city’s bustling business districts, luxurious resorts, and beautiful Gulf Coast beaches. Its location makes it an ideal choice for business and leisure travelers seeking to avoid the region’s larger, more congested airports. Access to the airport is easy via major roads, and transportation options include car rentals, taxi services, and ride-sharing apps, ensuring a smooth transition from air to ground travel.

Operating Hours

Naples Airport operates from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM, 365 days a year. APF exclusively caters to the needs of private pilots, corporate jets, and general aviation flights. The terminal building and FBO services have specific operating hours, typically aligning with peak travel times, so visitors are encouraged to verify these details based on their travel plans.

Fixed-Base Operator (FBO) Services

The airport is home to world-class FBO facilities that offer a broad spectrum of services for private jets and their passengers. These services include aircraft fueling, hangar space, tie-downs, maintenance, and valet parking. Luxurious lounges, conference rooms, and pilot rest areas provide comfort and convenience. The FBOs at APF are committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

Runway Details

Naples Airport boasts two asphalt runways, accommodating a wide range of aircraft, from small single-engine planes to larger corporate jets. Runway 5/23 is 6,600 feet long, and Runway 14/32 measures 5,000 feet. Both are equipped with modern navigation aids to support safe and efficient operations, including during low-visibility conditions.

Nearby Airports

For travelers or pilots looking for alternatives in the region, Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) in Fort Myers offers commercial services and is located approximately 35 miles north of Naples. Additionally, Marco Island Executive Airport (MKY), around 18 miles to the south, provides another option for private planes.

Private Jets APF

Naples Airport specializes in serving the general aviation and private jet market, focusing on offering high-quality, personalized services. The airport’s infrastructure and amenities are designed to meet the needs of private flyers, from corporate executives to individuals seeking the convenience and efficiency of private air travel. APF’s commitment to privacy, security, and luxury makes it a preferred choice for discerning travelers.


The airport’s facilities are designed with the traveler in mind, providing a range of amenities to enhance the flying experience. These include comfortable waiting areas, free Wi-Fi, pilot briefing rooms, and catering services. For those looking to explore Naples or require accommodations, the airport’s concierge services can assist with hotel bookings, restaurant reservations, and transportation arrangements, ensuring a pleasant stay in the city.

Exploring Naples

Located on the Gulf of Mexico, Naples is renowned for its stunning beaches, world-class golf courses, and exquisite dining. The city boasts a vibrant arts and culture scene, with numerous galleries, theaters, and museums to explore. Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the proximity to the Everglades and the variety of water sports available. Naples Airport’s convenient location makes it the perfect gateway to all this Florida paradise offers.

Private Jet Charter Naples

Naples Airport (APF, KAPF) is a premier aviation facility in Southwest Florida. It blends efficiency and luxury to serve the needs of general aviation, private jet travelers, and a select offering of commercial flights. With its strategic location, comprehensive FBO services, and dedication to customer satisfaction, Naples Airport provides an unparalleled gateway to Naples and beyond. Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, JetOptions private jet charters ensure your journey begins and ends on a high note, reflecting the beauty and hospitality of the Sunshine State. Call us today or use our simple quote form to customize flight pricing for Naples.

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Private Jet APF Naples Airport

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