Moore County Airport

Moore County Regional Airport (SOP, KSOP)

The Moore County Regional Airport (KSOP) is the primary aviation hub for Pinehurst, a town renowned for its golf-centric activities.  Within a 25-mile radius surrounding Moore County Regional, there are 43 private and public golf courses. This airport is well-equipped to handle corporate jets and aircraft as large as a Boeing 737, making it an important access point for visitors and residents. As the primary access point for the Pinehurst-Sandhill region, the airport is open daily from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Airport Facilities

The airport is in the heart of America’s golf capital, supporting a region known for its outstanding golf courses, top-notch hotels and resorts, restaurants, and shopping. Originally called Knollwood Airport and later Knollwood Army Air Field, the airport began offering commercial service in 1940 with Piedmont Airlinesand later with CCAir and US Airways Express. In 1992, Moore County acquired the airport, including its FBO and business assets. Currently, no commercial flights are offered at SOP.

Terminal Building

The passenger terminal at Moore County Regional Airport is designed to provide a comfortable and convenient experience for travelers. The terminal is equipped with modern amenities, including a spacious waiting area with comfortable seating, cable television, a variety of newspapers, and a well-stocked snack bar. Additionally, passengers have access to convenient shuttle, van, and car rental services, which can be arranged upon request.

Further, SOP serves as the primary general aviation jet port for the Pinehurst and Southern Pines areas. It prides itself on extending warm hospitality to both pilots and passengers, ensuring a welcoming and accommodating environment for all who visit.


Runway 05/3 at 6,503 feet is the longest single runway. The airport’s runway and taxiways are undergoing major renovations, including upgrading lighting to state-of-the-art LEDs.


Moore County Airport hosts many events that attract non-flying residents. The annual Festival D’Avion in October celebrates freedom and flight while honoring military service members and their families. The airport also sponsors an annual golf tournament, runway 5K races, blood drives, and premium car shows.

FBO Services

The FBO at Moore County Regional Airport offers a comprehensive range of essential aeronautical services to cater to the needs of pilots, flight crews, and passengers. These services include air traffic control (ATC), access to courtesy cars, well-appointed rest lounges, shower facilities, aircraft maintenance, flight planning and weather information,  comfortable accommodations, personalized concierge services, and a well-stocked aviation supplies shop. This ensures that all aspects of air travel and aircraft maintenance are efficiently and effectively addressed to enhance the overall experience for all individuals.

Private Jet Travel Moore County Airport

JetOptions Private Jets presents an unparalleled private jet experience for Moore County Airport (KSOP), unlocking the quintessential gateway for golf aficionados to the esteemed Pinehurst region. Known for its illustrious golfing heritage, Pinehurst is a sanctuary for those who cherish the sport and the luxury accompanying it. With JetOptions, you can bypass common travel inconveniences such as traffic delays and lengthy security lines, ensuring your journey is as efficient as it is comfortable.

Why Choose JetOptions for Your Private Flight?

Direct and Efficient Travel. Choosing private jet travel with JetOptions means direct flights to KSOP, situating you just moments away from Pinehurst. This streamlined travel option reduces transit time, making it perfect for those eager to indulge in their passion for golf without the wait. JetOptions ensures that your travel schedule is tailored to your timings, providing the flexibility that commercial flights cannot match.

Access to Multiple Airports. While Moore County Airport is a prime location for accessing Pinehurst, the Sandhills Region of North Carolina has several convenient airfields. JetOptions offers the flexibility to choose from multiple airports in the area, allowing you to land as close to your final destination as possible. This choice maximizes your convenience and minimizes any ground transportation hassle upon arrival.

Luxurious Comfort and Privacy. Travel with JetOptions and experience the epitome of luxury and privacy. Our aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, ensuring your journey to Pinehurst is not just a travel segment but a part of your luxury vacation. Enjoy spacious seating, personalized in-flight service, and flying private comforts.

Personalized Service. Emulating the warm Southern hospitality Pinehurst is famous for, JetOptions provides personalized service to every passenger. From the moment you book your flight until you disembark, our dedicated team ensures your needs and preferences are met with the utmost attention to detail. Whether catering to your favorite meals or arranging for your golf equipment to be handled carefully, we go the extra mile.

Smooth Travel Experiences.  Avoid the complexities and discomforts of commercial airport procedures. With JetOptions, you benefit from private terminals and faster check-ins, making your travel hassle-free. This seamless process saves time and spares you the stress, setting a tranquil tone for your golf retreat.

Nearby Private Jet Airports

  • Fayetteville Regional Airport (FAY / KFAY): Approximately 53 miles from Pinehurst, with extensive FBO services.
  • Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU / KRDU): About 70 miles from Pinehurst, offering premium facilities and services for private jet travelers.
  • Laurinburg-Maxton Airport (MEB / KMEB): A smaller regional airport approximately 40 miles from Pinehurst, providing essential FBO services.
  • Raleigh Executive Jetport (TTA / KTTA) is Located approximately 50 miles from Pinehurst and offers a full range of private aviation services.

JetOptions enhances your travel to Moore County Airport with luxurious and efficient service and aligns perfectly with the spirit of exclusivity and prestige surrounding the world-class golf experiences awaiting you. Choose JetOptions and transform your trip into an extraordinary journey that begins when you board the aircraft.

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Expanded U.S. Open Aircraft Services at Moore County Regional, SOP, KSOP

The airport team is preparing for the expected surge of June’s private flights for the U.S. Open Championship. This includes completing the full runway rehabilitation project, resurfacing and painting the runway and taxiways, and upgrading airport apron lighting to LEDs.

Airport Hours & Runway:

  • Staffed: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Ground Services: Available 24/7
  • Runway Dimensions: 6,502’ X 150’


  • Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower
  • Expanded Titan Aviation Fuel Services (Jet-A & 100LL)
  • Large Ramp Area to Accommodate Increased Jet Traffic
  • Baggage and Golf Cart Shuttle Services
  • Flight Catering Available Upon Request
  • Quick Turns Available
  • Aircraft Lavatory Servicing

Passenger Services

  • Dedicated Shuttle Carts from the Aircraft to the Terminal
  • Comfortable Clubhouse-Style Furnishings
  • Terminal Hospitality for Arriving/Departing Passengers

U.S. Open Expanded Amenities

  • Sponsored Beer, Wine, and Spirits Tastings
  • Extensive Community Concierge
  • Flight Catering
  • Rental Car and Onsite VIP Ground Transportation Services
  • Complimentary Refreshments

The USGA has selected Pinehurst Resort as the inaugural Anchor Site for the U.S. Open. This prestigious championship is scheduled to return to Pinehurst in 2024, 2029, 2035, 2041, and 2047. In 2029, Pinehurst will also host the U.S. Women’s Open.

Get ready for the ultimate golf experience with a private flight to Moore County Airport, the closest airport to the action with JetOptions Private Jets.

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