Houston Southwest Airport

Houston Southwest Airport is a privately-owned airport located southwest of Houston’s¬†central business district. Located 15 miles away in the City of Arcola, this is another public-use airport like CXO. AXH covers an area of 165 acres and contains one asphalt runway with a length of 5,003 ft., suitable for private planes. KAXH has one FBO on-site for fueling and services and is open 24 hours daily.

Houston AXH Location

Located in Arcola, Texas, Houston Southwest Airport is 15 miles southwest of Houston’s downtown business district. The airport is close to State Highway 6 and the South Freeway. AXH airport has a 5,003-foot runway and a private passenger terminal. James Griffith, Jr, is the owner of the airfield.

Houston Southwest Airport

The Houston Southwest Airport is a public-use airport for general aviation and business aircraft use. You can fly to Arcola, Texas, from this airport to access Houston and nearby cities. This airport offers a full-service private jet terminal, making it ideal for business and luxury charter flights. It also provides seamless access to world-class medical centers in Houston. Southwest Airport offers fuel, ramp parking, and two dozen hangars for long-term aircraft stays.

Houston Southwest Airport is open 24 hours, and there is one runway:

  1. 09/27 is 5,003 feet.

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Real-Time Conditions at Houston Southwest

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