Hawker Beechcraft

Hawker Beechcraft Corporation (HBC) was an American aerospace manufacturing company that built the Beechcraft and Hawker business jet lines of aircraft between 2006 and 2013. The company headquarters was in Wichita, Kansas, United States, with maintenance and manufacturing locations worldwide. The history of Hawker Beechcraft originated in 1994 when Raytheon merged its Beech Aircraft Corporation and Raytheon Corporate Jets units.

Hawker Beechcraft History

The Hawker Beechcraft Corporation was an American aerospace manufacturing company that manufactured business jets. The company was headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, and had production and maintenance facilities around the world. The company had approximately 6,000 employees. The company has been a part of the aerospace industry for more than 40 years.

In October 2006, Raytheon Aircraft Company was purchased by Onex Partners and renamed Hawker Beechcraft Inc. The company expanded overseas within a year, opening a manufacturing facility in Mexico. However, the company was forced to cut its workforce in Wichita, Kansas in January 2009. In a press release, the company’s chairman, Jim Schuster, announced that the company would cut approximately 2,300 jobs over a year. This decision was made in response to the late-2000s recession.

The company’s main products include business aircraft and light-attack aircraft. It also provides aviation services. Headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, the company has maintenance facilities in the United States and Europe. It is also a leader in the manufacturing of helicopters. In the early 1980s, the company became a subsidiary of Raytheon. The company then merged with British Aerospace Corporate Jets, and Hawker Siddeley and Hawker Aircraft series were merged.

Many Hawkers are light jet charters, with more models in the midsize jet charter rental categories.

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