General Mariano Matamoros Airport

Cuernavaca Airport

The General Mariano Matamoros Airport, also known as the Cuernavaca Airport, is located near Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. It handles national air traffic for the area. It is one of the most heavily used airports in Mexico. It operates domestic and international flights to and from Cuernavaca.

The airport has two runways. It is part of the Mexico City Metropolitan Airport Group. There are five airports within the metropolitan area. The Cuernavaca Airport is operated by VivaAerobus, the sole carrier of passenger flights. Cuernavaca is 90 km south of the capital and sits on the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Cuernavaca Airport, also known by the IATA airport code CVJ, is a small airport located in Cuernavaca, Mexico. It has a runway length of 9,599 feet, making it suitable for all aircraft types, including small props and medium-range jets. In addition to domestic flights, it also hosts international flights to Mexico City.

Mexico City Area Attractions

Visitors should check out the National Museum, the Cortes Palace, and the Salto de San Anton waterfall, among the attractions in Cuernavaca. The Salto de San Anton falls 41 meters in beautiful surroundings, with a path behind the waterfall where visitors can walk. You should also check out the Tepozteco Pyramid, which is thought to have been built in the early Aztec era. It rests atop a craggy hilltop overlooking Tepoztlan.

General Mariano Matamoros Airport, also known as Cuernavaca Airport, is an airport located in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico, near Mexico City. It handles national and international air traffic for the city of Cuernavaca. It is part of the Mexico City Metropolitan Airport Group, along with the airports of Puebla, Querétaro, Pachuca, Mexico City, and Toluca. The government-owned corporation Aeropuerto de Cuernavaca S.A. de C.V operates the airport.

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