Fixed-Base Operator

What is an FBO? 

A Fixed Base Operator is a private company that operates at an airport and provides various aeronautical services. These include aircraft and passenger services, maintenance, tie-down, parking, and fueling. There are several benefits to using a Fixed Base Operator for private jet charters A fixed-base operator often provides amenities such as valet parking, private terminals, and lounge facilities. They also feature luxurious fittings and decor. FBOs have many of the same services as commercial airport terminals but for a much smaller customer base. Many larger commercial airports have Fixed Base Operators buildings separated from the retail terminal. 

Why use a Fixed Base Operator?

Fixed Base Operators are great resources for traveling passengers and busy pilots alike. These facilities offer everything from a simple refueling stop to a comfortable overnight stay. Many FBOs also provide other services, such as pilot supplies and lounges. Larger or busier airports have multiple Fixed Base Operators (FBOs). For example, Paris Le Bourget Airport has eight private jet FBOs, while London Luton Airport has three private plane FBOs. Independent businesses may own and operate FBOs or be part of larger chains. Some large companies include Atlantic Aviation, which has 50 locations across the U.S., and Signature Flight Support, which operates private terminals in 200+ sites.   

FBOs can be public or private operators of terminal buildings for general aviation and private jet services at the airport. FBOs are found at the most important commercial airports and main passenger terminals. Additionally, these may be the stand-alone terminal open at a smaller community or a municipal facility. The number of FBOs at an airport will vary depending on the size and popularity of the airport.

Fixed Base Operator Services

An FBO is the primary provider of support services for general aviation at a public airport. It is located on land leased from the airport and supports various aircraft needs, including the sale of aviation fuel, pilot training, aircraft sales, and storage in tie-downs or hangars. A great FBO is service-oriented and will prioritize the customer experience. They will address your needs before, during, and after your flight.

FBO Terminal

JetOptions Private Jets can often allow our clients to choose the FBO at preferred airports. Depending on the size of the FBO terminal, passengers will have access to private check-in counters, comfortable waiting rooms, VIP lounges, meeting or co-working spaces, food services, and bars, among other amenities. Some terminals offer concierge services, immigration and customs facilities, and on-site car rental desks. Fixed base operators are businesses granted the rights to operate at the airport and provide aeronautical services such as passenger terminals, fueling, hangaring, tie-down and parking, aircraft rental, and aircraft maintenance.

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