The legislation is known officially as Council Regulation (EEC) No 3922/91 on harmonizing technical requirements and administrative procedures in civil aviation. EU-Ops refers to European Union (EU) regulations specifying minimum safety and related procedures for commercial passenger and cargo fixed-wing aviation.

(The regulations are derived from and are similar to JAR-OPS 1, after consultations between the EU and Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) in 1997). Since then, the rules will be superseded by EASA-OPS.

EU OPS Guidelines

Regulations concern Training, Documentation, Procedures, and Compliances in the following categories:

  • Operator certification and supervision, Operational procedures, All-weather operations
  • Performance General, Performance Class A, Class B, Class C,
  • Mass, Balance Instruments and Equipment,  Communication and Navigation Equipment
  • Aeroplane Maintenance Flight Crew, Cabin Crew, Manuals, Logs and Records
  • Flight and duty time limitations, Rest Requirments
  • Transport of dangerous goods by air,  Security

For more on JetOptions’ full safety parameters, see our Safety & Security page.

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