Embraer S.A. is a Brazilian aerospace conglomerate that produces commercial, military, and executive aircraft and provides aeronautical services. Embraer is the maker of  jet models Legacy, Lineage, and Phenom business jets. Producing executive, military, agricultural aircraft, helicopters, and business jets, they have many products and services. The company was founded in So José dos Campos, So Paulo.

Embraer Business Jets

Embraer headquarters are in Brazil, where the company has many production bases. The company also has facilities in other countries, including the United States and Europe. Phenom 100, Phenom 300, Legacy 450, and Legacy 500 aircraft are made in Melbourne, Florida. A nearby light jet manufacturing facility is in Jacksonville, FL. These two manufacturing facilities have many of Embraer’s popular business jets.

Company History

Although Embraer initially was a state-run company, it went public and sold investment shares in 1994. While the Brazilian government sold some of the company to private shareholders, it kept its stake and retained golden shares with veto power. It still fulfills contracts with the government and continues to produce aircraft for government organizations. Embraer will continue expanding its business in the executive aviation segment in the coming years while partnering the defense sector with companies like SAAB. Joint ventures will continue to provide Embraer with market share.

Compared to other commercial jet makers, Embraer’s fleet is relatively small. The Embraer E195-E2 is a member of the E-Jet E2 family. The C-390 is a smaller military freighter aircraft capable of flying across the ocean. While it has a small footprint, it offers large-cabin aircraft with enough room for 12+ passengers. In addition to the newly announced Praetor 500 & 600, VIP jets include the Lineage 1000 and Lineage family.

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