Business Jet

What is a Business Jet?

A Business Jet is a category of private jets typically designed to carry between four and twenty passengers. These aircraft are made for individuals, corporations for business use, and private jet charter companies for their clients’ transportation needs. Designed to transport executives and other VIPs, business jets are a class of civil (or civilian)  jet aircraft. While these aircraft are usually used for business trips, some are also adapted for other purposes. For example, some are employed by armed forces, government officials, and public bodies. In addition, some are used as military aircraft. No matter its role, the business jet is a great way to travel in style.

Benefits of Business Jets

Owning a business jet has many benefits, including time savings, increased productivity, and strategic transaction acceleration. Additionally, private flights increase asset efficiency, shareholder value, and profit growth. According to the NBAA, businesses that use business aviation outperform their non-user peers by 70%. Business aviation users also experience 23% higher revenue growth than those that do not use business jets. Several factors are driving growth in the business jet market. Rising disposable income, urbanization, and high-net-worth individuals are driving the demand for these aircraft. In addition, executive jets are safer, more comfortable, and take less time to travel than other aircraft types. 

Aircraft Innovations 

New technology and advances in fuel efficiency are fueling market growth in the business aircraft market. Improved electrical and electronic systems will increase the reliability and performance of business planes. Further, using hybrid-electric propulsion, or HEP, will give OEMs more opportunities to capture the market. This new propulsion system combines a gas turbine and an electric generator to power electric motors. These engines will allow the aircraft to move by using rotors and propellers, which are both efficient and quiet.

More with JetOptions

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