Boundary Bay Airport

Vancouver B.C. Boundary Bay Airport

Boundary Bay Airport (Delta’s Boundary Bay Airport (CZBB) is a convenient alternative airport located near Vancouver International Airport (CYVR). Private jet charter companies often use it for flights to and from Vancouver. The airport has a 5,000-foot runway, making it suitable for private aircraft. Additionally, it features a 15,000-square-foot terminal facility that provides everything necessary for fueling, maintenance, and pilot lounge relaxation.


The airport is located in Delta, beside Boundary Bay, and 2.5 nautical miles (2.9 mi) east of Ladner. It is situated southeast of Vancouver, near the United States border. The airport primarily caters to general aviation and flight training operations. Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, CZBB provides all the necessary facilities for an enjoyable flight experience, including customs clearance and vehicle services.

Private Jet Boundary Bay

Traveling via private jet is the ultimate in luxurious comfort and style, offering unparalleled personalization of schedule and aircraft model selection, catering, onboard entertainment options, and guaranteed privacy. No one will sit alongside you on the plane so that you can work comfortably or prepare for meetings and events during your journey. Boundary Bay is an excellent alternative to Vancouver International Airport (YVR), especially for corporate and business aircraft that may take second priority over commercial jets at YVR. The airport is designed uniquely to cater to such aircraft and offers various services like fueling, de-icing, and a large maintenance hangar.

Within 20 miles of downtown Vancouver are three major airstrips and two seaplane bases, making the city an attractive private aviation hub. No matter your travel goals – business or pleasure – Vancouver offers something special for every traveler to experience its vibrant culture and breathtaking natural surroundings. Book your next flight to Boundary Bay with the best charter company, JetOptions Private Jets.

Private Jets

Delta, British Columbia’s Boundary Bay Airport, is Canada’s second busiest general aviation airport. It has various facilities, including aircraft maintenance, flight training, and parking. Although there are limited scheduled flights, the airport is classified as an Airport of Entry by Nav Canada and is staffed with CBSA officers.

Traveling via private jet charter is convenient and efficient to avoid connecting flights and minimize your time at airports. You can choose the aircraft that best suits your cabin size, range, runway performance, and pricing needs. JetOptions’ private jet charter services offer the flexibility to book a one-way or round-trip and include catering, ground transportation, and maintenance costs for a hassle-free experience.

Nearby Airports

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and Pitt Meadows Regional Airport (CYPK). Charter and fly by private jet to Vancouver, B.C., with the A+ Rated JetOptions Private Jets.

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