Bombardier Aerospace

Bombardier Aerospace produces commercial jets and specialized aircraft for the civil and military industries. Founded in 1989, Bombardier Aviation is a division of Bombardier Inc., headquartered in Dorval, Quebec, Canada.

Bombardier started out making snowmobiles in the 193os’, and in 1986, it began to buy other aerospace companies. After acquiring Canadair, the company continued to develop companies in difficulty. In 2015, Bombardier transferred its leadership to Alain Bellemare, a former executive of UTC Propulsion and Aerospace. Under Bellemare’s management, the company streamlined the production of airplane components and canceled the use of third-party sales agents.

History of Bombardier Aerospace

Since the early 1990s, Bombardier has diversified into the aerospace industry. In 1986, Bombardier acquired Canadair, Short Brothers PLC in Northern Ireland, and Learjet, a business jet manufacturer based in the United States. They have also acquired other companies with proven track records. 

After Paul Tellier left the company in 2004, the CEO position was passed over to Pierre Beaudoin. The Bombardier leadership team changed in 2015 with Alain Bellemare named CEO, a former executive at UTC Propulsion and Aerospace. While Bellemare has a successful track record of turning around a large company, he is still working on reorganizing the company’s operations through 2020. In addition to reducing the size of its company, Bombardier has sold off substantial parts of the company to reduce its debt and boost profits.

Amid the turbulent times, Bombardier Aerospace has been a world leader in aviation. The name of Bombardier is synonymous with quality, and it owns many of aviation’s most recognizable brands. Its products and services are used in the business aircraft, regional and amphibious markets. Its technical services, aircraft maintenance, and pilot training are a few of the many offerings to the industry. The company is committed to delivering superior products and services at competitive prices.

Bombardier Aircraft

In 1996, Bombardier test flew the Global Express, the first plane branded under the Global name. It shared the exact cabin dimensions as the Challenger models but had a completely new wing and tail design. The Global Express became a famous aircraft, and Bombardier expanded its product range to include the Global 5000. The 6,000-nm-long plane was a huge success, and its successor, the  Global 7500, entered service in 2018. 

Bombardier focuses on selling and designing regional airliners and business jets. It also creates and manufactures airframe components and defense products. The company’s aeronautics portfolio includes:

  • The Canadair Regional Jet transport.
  • Learjet line of light midsize business jets.
  • Challenger 415 turboprop amphibious aircraft.
  • Global 6000

Bombardier Aerospace is a division of Bombardier Inc. and is the third-largest airplane manufacturer after Airbus and Boeing.

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