Beechcraft Super King Air

The Super King Air 200 has a pressurized cabin and can comfortably seat up to seven passengers. The aircraft can operate in all-weather conditions up to 35,000 feet. It is also equipped with a night and day instrument flight system. Beechcraft’s Super King Air family is part of a line of twin-turboprop aircraft produced by the Beech Aircraft Corporation, now the Beechcraft Division of Hawker Beechcraft. The King Air line comprises many model series that fall into four families: the Model 90 series, Model 100 series (these models comprise the King Air family), Model 200 series, and Model 300 series. Initially marketed as the “Super King Air family,” the “Super” moniker was dropped in 1996.

Beechcraft Super King Air Turboprop

The Beechcraft Super King Air family is a line of twin-turboprop airplanes.  The aircraft is known for its high-quality interiors, high-tech systems, and low operating costs.

The Super King Air has been continuously producing since 1974 and has outlasted many of its competitors. Today, there are three models, along with several special mission derivatives. The first of the Super King Airs was the Model 200 King Air, which was followed by the Model 200 and Model 300 King Air. The Super King Air has also served the United States military. Although some versions were “off-the-shelf” civil airplanes, the majority of the military versions were purpose-built for military use. Consequently, the military designations for King Air were different from those of the civil models. In the military, the Super King Air is known as C-12 Huron or UC-12 and is commonly used for personnel transport.

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