Austin Executive Airport

Austin Executive Airport: Premier Gateway for Private Jets

Located just 14 miles northeast of downtown Austin and located between Pflugerville and Manor, Austin Executive Airport (formerly Bird’s Nest Airport) is a vital hub for private jets and general aviation in Central Texas. Since its renaming in 2011, Austin Executive has emerged as one of the nation’s newest and most efficient business aviation airports.

Facilities at Austin Executive Airport

Runway & Hangar Specifications:

  • Runway: Austin Executive features a 6,025-foot runway (Runway 13/31), which comfortably accommodates a variety of private jets and general aviation aircraft.
  • Hangar Space: The airport offers 130,000 square feet of hangar space, providing ample room for aircraft storage and maintenance

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FBO Terminal

Austin Executive Airport is exclusively dedicated to general aviation and private jets, ensuring a swift and efficient process for passengers without the delays typically associated with commercial traffic. This focus on private aviation enhances the overall travel experience, providing all travelers a quiet and exclusive atmosphere.

  • Location Advantage: The airport’s proximity—about 15 minutes from downtown Austin and mere minutes from major corporate campuses like Dell and Samsung—makes it ideal for business and leisure travelers.
  • Modern Amenities: The terminal boasts an 18,000-square-foot arrival canopy to protect guests and aircraft from the elements. Services include Jet-A fueling, quick turns, and exceptional customer support.
  • 24-Hour Operations: The FBO operates around the clock, offering concierge services, local hotel shuttles, and amenities like free Wi-Fi, coffee, water, and refreshments.
  • Additional Services: Car rental, catering, and emergency support services are available to meet all passenger needs.

Why Choose Austin Executive for Your Private Aviation Needs?

Whether you’re flying in for business in the tech industry or exploring Austin’s vibrant culture, Austin Executive Airport provides an excellent starting point. In addition to local travel, the airport’s exclusive focus on private planes allows for seamless service and operational excellence across Texas.

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Austin Executive Airport Information & EDC Key Facts

Airport Codes: EDC (FAA and LID ), KEDC (ICAO)
Lat/Long: N30-23.8 / W097-34.0
Operating Hours: 24-Hours, FAA Control Tower Hours 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM
FBO: The facility operates 24 hours daily, with FAA control tower services available from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
Runway: 13/31 – 6,025   ft. long
U.S. Customs: Currently, no U.S. Customs services are available at this airport.
Address: 6012 Aviation Drive, Pflugerville, TX 78660

Private Jet Charter Austin Executive Airport

Nearby Private Jet Airports

Austin, Texas, is well-served by several airports catering to private jet travelers, each offering various amenities and services suited for different needs. Here’s a breakdown of the private jet airports near the Austin metropolitan area, including their proximity to Austin Executive Airport (EDC):

  1. Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS)
    • Location: About 25 miles south of EDC
    • Details: While primarily serving as Austin’s main commercial airport, Austin-Bergstrom also has facilities for private jets, including a dedicated general aviation terminal and several Fixed Base Operators (FBOs). It’s a convenient option for those who might also need quick access to commercial flights.
  2. Georgetown Municipal Airport (GTU)
    • Location: Approximately 30 miles northwest of EDC
    • Details: Georgetown Municipal Airport caters exclusively to general aviation and is a popular choice for private flyers. It offers ample hangar space, maintenance services, and two FBOs, making it an excellent alternative for travelers heading to the northern parts of the Austin metro area.
  1. San Marcos Regional Airport (HYI)
    • Location: Roughly 50 miles south of EDC
    • Details: Located in San Marcos, this airport primarily serves general aviation and is another good option for private jets. It’s equipped with modern facilities, including FBOs that provide full services for private aviation, such as fueling, maintenance, and pilot lounges.

Each airport offers different advantages depending on your destination within the Austin area and your specific travel needs. Whether you require quick access to downtown Austin, proximity to the tech hubs, or a gateway to the scenic Texas Hill Country, there is a conveniently located airport ready to serve your private flying needs. Call JetOptions today for custom booking and charter flight prices for Austin. For more featured travel when you fly to Austin private on a jet charter rental and the Lone Star State, visit our private jet destinations pages.

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