Airbus is an aircraft manufacturing subsidiary of EADS, a European aerospace company. Based in Blagnac, France, a suburb of Toulouse, and with significant European activity, the company produces approximately half of the world’s jet airliners. Airbus began as a consortium of aerospace manufacturers, Airbus Industrie. Customers of Airbus Business Jets can choose from a wide range of interior and exterior options. They can even choose their seat and the type of dining and sleeping arrangements. This allows them to create one of the most personalized flying experiences in the world. Additionally, their aircraft feature the best technology and the highest levels of care in corporate aviation.

Airbus Business Jets

Airbus Corporate Jets is the business unit of Airbus SAS that markets corporate aircraft that are variants of its airliner range. These corporate aircraft include the A318 Elite and the double-decked A380 Prestige. Both are available for charter or purchase and are popular among business travelers. Airbus Business Jets have the latest available technology and are a very luxurious way to travel.

With more than two hundred business jets in service worldwide, Airbus is positioned to serve all segments of the business aviation market. It’s ACJ TwoTwenty has seven hundred and eighty square feet of cabin space and can fly over twelve hours. 

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About Airbus

Airbus is one of the world’s premier aerospace manufacturers, but they also produce business aviation aircraft through ACJ’s specialty division for private and corporate jet owners. ACJ provides customized models to meet each owner’s requirements; their VIP aircraft are built to carry high-ranking executives, company heads, and government leaders from one destination to the next.

The ACJ line features one of the world’s most advanced and comprehensive corporate jet families, boasting unique cabin layout configurations and providing unparalleled comfort, space, and freedom of movement when flying non-stop between continents or even non-stop intercontinental. Ranging in maximum range, size, and passenger capacity requirements, each ACJ member offers the ideal solution for each mission.

ACJ 319

One of the most beloved members of this business jet lineup is the ACJ A319. Based on commercial airliners, this jet offers the widest and tallest cabin without taking up additional ramp space than traditional bizjets. Further, its domed ceilings and lower cabin altitude give passengers the illusion that they are flying closer to ground level than inside an aircraft. This model also incorporates other technological advancements from their fleet, such as very high-speed WiFi, an intelligent LED lighting system to reduce jet lag, and electro-chromatic windows that allow operators to manage how much light passes through them – all part of an effort to enhance passenger comfort and create a less stressful and relaxed experience for travelers on board.

The ACJ 319 airliner charter has impressive overall capabilities. This business jet can seat up to 18 VIP passengers on long flights without a fuel stop. Further, it navigates challenging routes while avoiding heavy traffic to provide a smooth travel experience.

Corporate Initiatives

As well as expanding its team and presence, ACJ will invest in sales and marketing initiatives throughout the U.S. This includes increasing its presence at airports, trade shows, and events and creating a new website to grow the ACJ brand and raise visibility within its target markets. With aviation continuing its recovery journey, the ACJ business jet family looks set for further expansion into 2020 and beyond.

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