Air charter

Air charter is the rental of an entire aircraft instead of individual plane seats. JetOptions Private Jets focuses on chartering private planes and their travel itineraries. Fly urgent or time-sensitive items, book an air ambulance, and reserve other types of on-demand jet transport.

While the airlines specialize in selling transportation by the seat, JetOptions reserves the entire aircraft for private use. “We offer business jets for charter to an individual or company.”  This specialization ensures that our jets are only carrying approved passengers as your travel companions.  JetOptions is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. We are further Certified with ARGUS and Registered with Wyvern.

Private Jet Charters at JetOptions Private Jets

Private Air Charter

You may also see jet hire, hiring, air charter, rent, rental, renting; booking, reservation, reserving and “the charter of a jet.”

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