Van Nuys Airport

Van Nuys Airport (VNY, KVNY), located in the San Fernando Valley, is an essential node for business aviation in Greater Los Angeles. Renowned for its high traffic volume, it ranks globally among the busiest general aviation airports. Exclusively catering to private and corporate aircraft, Van Nuys Airport is pivotal in reducing congestion at major commercial hubs like Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), offering a more relaxed and efficient environment for private jet users. Its strategic focus on general aviation, absence of commercial flight services, and comprehensive facilities make it a preferred choice for those seeking privacy and expediency in their travels.

Business Aviation at VNY

Van Nuys Airport serves general aviation traffic, including private and corporate aircraft charters and flight schools. Currently, no major commercial airlines operate at VNY airport. However, it serves as a base for general aviation aircraft that support the region’s emergency services, such as fire, police, air ambulance, search and rescue, and news media.

Van Nuys Fixed-Base Operator (FBO)

The Fixed-Base Operators (FBOs) at Van Nuys Airport are essential hubs of aviation services, offering a wide range of facilities tailored to general aviation, corporate, and private flights. These services include:

  • Aviation Fueling: By providing both Jet A and Avgas fuels, FBOs ensure that all types of aircraft are well-serviced for their next journeys.
  • Jet Charter Handling Services:  The FBOs at Van Nuys have the expertise and experience to handle private jet charter, passenger and crew services.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: These services cover routine checks, major overhauls, and specific repairs, all conducted by certified technicians to ensure aircraft safety and performance.
  • Storage and Parking: Offering hangar space and tie-downs, FBOs provide secure, convenient short-term or long-term aircraft parking options.
  • Avionics and Interior Services: Specialized businesses at the airport provide state-of-the-art avionics solutions and custom interior designs to enhance the functionality and comfort of the aircraft.

Every Fixed Base Operator (FBO) at Van Nuys Airport is well-equipped to fulfill a wide range of requirements, including routine fuel stops and intricate maintenance and repair tasks. This ensures that every aircraft is in optimal condition for its next flight. With this strong infrastructure, private and corporate aviation operations are well-supported.

Van Nuys Airport: Essential Information

  1. Airport Codes:
    • IATA: VNY
    • ICAO: KVNY
    • FAA LID: VNY
  2. Location:
    • Coordinates: 34°12’36” N, 118°29’24” W
  3. Operational Hours:
    • The airport operates 24/7. However, the control tower’s operational hours are from 06:00 to 22:45 daily.
  4. Fixed-Base Operators (FBOs):
    • Six FBOs service Van Nuys Airport:
      • Castle & Cooke Aviation
      • Clay Lacy Aviation
      • Jet Aviation
      • Signature Flight Support (East & West)
      • The Park VNY (exclusively for propeller aircraft)
  5. Runways:
    • The airport features two runways:
      • A primary runway of 8,001 feet
      • A secondary training runway of 4,013 feet
    • Customs Services:
      • U.S. Customs & Border Protection is available, with specific operating hours located at Signature West.
  6. Contact Information:
    • Address: 16461 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, CA, 91406
    • Phone: (818) 442-6500

Van Nuys Airport Runways

The Van Nuys Airport has two parallel runways:

  1. 16R/34L – 8,001 ft. long
  2. 16L/34R – 4,013 ft. long

The main runway is 8,001 feet long and has a full instrument landing system and an FAA tower. The training runway is 4,013 feet long.

Departure Techniques

The pilots are required to observe the following guidelines for take-off/departure. 

  1. The preferred runway for all jet aircraft is Runway 16R
  2. For all jet departures, the entire length of Runway 16R/34L will be used
  3. Unless air traffic control instructs, a climb straight out over the flood basin before starting the turn is needed for Runways 16R/16L. For Runways 34R/34L, unless instructed by air traffic control, a climb to an altitude of 1,800 feet before starting a turn.
  4. Any repetitive jet operations, training, or pattern flying is not permitted.

Note: The FAA airport tower at Van Nuys is open daily from 6:00 AM to 10:45 PM. 

About Van Nuys Airport

Shortly after LAX was opened in 1928, a small group of citizens established Van Nuys Airport (previously known as Metropolitan Airport). Metropolitan Airport served as a place where daring pilots could try out their new flying machines as they endeavored to pave the way for modern aviation; that’s why, over the years, Van Nuys has been the home of several record-breaking flights, including: 

  • Herbert Fahy’s solo endurance record in 1929 lasted 37 hours. 
  • Elinor Smith’s and Bobbi Trout’s endurance records of 42 hours in 1929.

The corporation that established the Metropolitan Airport ended during the Great Depression. Still, Hollywood film production, which had enjoyed the airport’s services at that time, helped save it.

Known for its rich history, Van Nuys Airport started as Metropolitan Airport post-LAX’s opening, contributing significantly to early aviation developments. Today, it supports essential services like medical transport and police operations.  Managed by Los Angeles World Airports, VNY holds the Fire Department’s air operations section and a repair facility for the Los Angeles Police Department & Los Angeles Department of Water and Power helicopters.

In 2021, Van Nuys Airport handled over 300,000 take-offs and landings, and a 2015 study claimed that the airport creates an economic impact worth US$2 billion and offers more than 10,000 job opportunities. 

Famous Scenes & Filming at VNY

The prestigious and historic Van Nuys Airport has been featured in several iconic movies, including Casablanca, the Season 1 episode of Entourage, and several music videos from Brtiney Spears, Blink-182, and Metallica. It has also been the setting for science fiction and action movies. Today, it’s still a sought-after filming location, appearing in Oceans 13, The Office, Glee, and CSI – to name a few.

Van Nuys Airport: Noise Programs

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) has established Noise Programs to minimize the noise levels and harmful impacts in neighborhood communities of airports. The local noise abatement regulations and voluntary noise abatement programs serve this purpose with faithful collaboration with all relevant stakeholders. 

Quieter Nights Program 2020

Jet Aircraft are encouraged to avoid operations between 11 PM and 7 AM, local time, whenever possible, unless they are participating in military, law enforcement, emergency, fire, or air ambulance/life flight operations.

Partial Curfew

The Curfew Ordinance, in tandem with the Noise Abatement regulations, imposes a partial curfew on aircraft operations and takeoffs during late night hours. 

  1. As per Federal Aviation Administration Advisory Circular 36-3, Stage 2 aircraft are prohibited from departing between the hours of 10 PM & 7 AM. Stage 3 aircraft (newer or modified jet-engine aircraft that produce less noise) are not affected by the curfew until 11 PM. In this case, medical emergencies and military flights are exempted. 
  2. There are no restrictions in place on landings or helicopters.
  3. There is also a prohibition on touch-and-go operations between 9 PM & 7 AM.

VNY Sustainability

Van Nuys Airport is leading the way in aviation sustainability by accomplishing several notable achievements, including Level 2 Optimization through the Airport Council International’s Airport Carbon Accreditation program. This certification represents the highest level of environmental performance before an airport achieves carbon neutrality. Van Nuys Airport is fulfilling its commitment to sustainability by implementing various projects that prioritize environmentally responsible practices.

  • Solar
  • Fuel
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Stormwater 
  • LAWA Sustainability Reports
  • Energy Management

Nearby Airports

Van Nuys Airport is an important transportation hub connecting Los Angeles with many other airports, including:

  1. Hollywood Burbank Airport [previously Bob Hope Airport BUR]: ~8 miles
  2. Los Angeles International Airport LAX: ~26 miles
  3. Long Beach Airport LGB: ~40 miles
  4. L.A./Ontario International Airport ONT: ~63 miles
  5. John Wayne Airport SNA: ~60 miles
  6. Santa Barbara SBA: ~90 miles
  7. Camarillo CMA: ~40 miles

KVNY: Popular Private Jet Travel Routes

OriginDestinationFlight Time[Approx]Private Jet CategoryPassenger Capacity
Van NuysNew York5 hoursSuper Midsize Jet8-9
Van NuysHawaii6 hoursHeavy Jet12-18
Vancouver BCVan Nuys2.5 hoursLight Jet4-7
DenverVan Nuys2 hoursMidsize Jet6-8

You can browse through our diverse selection of aircraft at JetOptions and choose the one that best suits your travel needs. For example, our clients prefer to travel in various categories of jets ranging from light jets, midsize, and super-midsize, to heavy jets. Some prominent jets in these categories are:

Van Nuys: Things to Explore

Want to explore Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley? Here are a few nearby points of interest:

  • Woodley Park
  • 1932 Art Deco Valley Municipal Building (Van Nuys City Hall)
  • Van Nuys Airport Public Observation Area
  • The Japanese Garden
  • Sherman Oaks Castle Park
  • Sepulveda Dam Bike Path
  • The Burbank Aviation Museum
  • Santa Monica State Beach
  • Rodeo Drive

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  • As an ARGUS and Wyvern registered company, we offer the flexibility to book any aircraft anytime, anywhere, often within just 2-3 hours.
  • Travel confidently on aircraft that meet but exceed FAA safety standards, are certified by ARGUS and Wyvern, and are insured for $50 million to $250 million.
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  • Plus, receive a complimentary upgrade when available, adding an extra touch of luxury to your journey.

JetOptions Private Jets at VNY

Choosing JetOptions for your LA private jet charter from Van Nuys Airport offers several compelling benefits. JetOptions is recognized for its high standards of safety and reliability. It holds ARGUS and Wyvern registrations, affirming its adherence to stringent safety criteria. This commitment ensures that each aircraft and crew meets the highest safety standards before you book your flight.

Personalized Services

Additionally, JetOptions provides highly personalized service with the flexibility to operate around the clock across all time zones, ensuring they can accommodate your schedule even on short notice. Their ability to often dispatch a private aircraft in three hours or less is particularly advantageous for those needing urgent travel arrangements.

JetOptions also provides a seamless travel experience by integrating luxury ground transportation with private jet services, ensuring a smooth transition from air to ground. They focus on detailed personal attention, offering a peace of mind that all aspects of the journey are handled with discretion and precision. For those traveling from Van Nuys, which is a top private jet airport, known for its convenience to key Los Angeles areas and popularity among VIPs and celebrities, JetOptions provides an ideal blend of privacy, efficiency, and luxury, perfectly suited to the discerning needs of its clientele.


How Far Is Van Nuys From LAX Airport?

The Van Nuys Airport is approximately 26 miles from Los Angeles International Airport.

Does Van Nuys Airport Have Commercial Flights?

No, Van Nuys Airport is dedicated to non-commercial flights such as private jets and corporate aircraft charter.

How Long Is The Runway at Van Nuys Airport?

Van Nuys Airport has two runways: the main runway is 8,001 feet long, and the training runway is 4,011 feet long.

What Is The Closest Airport To Van Nuys?

The closest airport to Van Nuys is Hollywood Burbank Airport, approximately 8 miles away. 

What are Van Nuys Airport’s operational hours?

Although this airport is open 24 hours a day, this is restricted, and the control tower only operates from 06:00 to 22:45.

What is the Van Nuys Airport Code?

The airport codes for Van Nuys are IATA code: VNY, ICAO code: KVNY, and FAA LID: VNY.

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