Understanding Different Types of Private Jet Charter Price Quotes

Different Types of Private Jet Charter Price Quotes

A story on Forbes says that the type of quote you receive depends upon your location, your planned destination , and the length of your stay at your final destination. In other words, ask your jet chartering service to provide you with all three price quotes and then make your final plans. These are the type of quotes mentioned:

Hard Price Quote. If you are offered a hard price quote, this means that the price of your flight will only change if you make changes to your itinerary. However, the quote will usually round up to the nearest hour in case of flight delays plus the chartering company may charge you a minimum daily rate (usually two hours).

Soft Price Quote. If you receive a soft price quote, you will be billed the exact flight time that was flown by the pilot(s) of your aircraft subject to a minimum daily fee. This makes it very important that you read the fine print before signing on the dotted line – especially if there might be weather or other delays to and from your destination.

One-way Price Quote. If you are planning to charter an aircraft to fly a high-traffic route during busy seasons, a one-way price quote will often make the most sense. These types of price quotes are good for someone who plans to stay at a destination for a length of time and does not want to pay what it costs to keep an aircraft on the ground and idle for that period of time. However, the jet charter cost will be higher per hour if you choose the one-way option.

In general, a hard price quote is all you need since the times and expenses are well known for most routes. We supply a flight quote and stick to the jet charter price on the contract.

Read the full story on Forbes.com

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