JetOptions Adds Two More Mid and a Super Mid Aircraft to Roster of Jets Available for Charter

In today’s post: We now have access to 3 more jets that you can charter.  Boeing and Embraer are partnering for research into biofuels. Embraer’s fourth quarter deliveries are down from a year ago -but only slightly. Analysts say that pausing the Learjet 85 is not all bad especially for their competition like the Citation Latitude and the Legacy 500.
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JetOptions Adds 3 More Aircraft to its Roster of Jets Available for Charter

JetOptions’s network of aircraft available for charter has increased by 3. JetOptions has added a Hawker 1000, a Learjet 45XR and a Learjet 60.

The Hawker 1000 is a super mid jet that can seat up to 9 passengers. It has a range of 3,262 miles which means you can go in the US from coast to coast or go from the west coast to Hawaii. It’s amenities include Wi-Fi, Airshow, A/C outlets and an enclosed lavatory to name a few. The aircraft will be based in the northeast.

Hawker 1000 exterior Hawker 1000 cabin



The Learjet 45XR is a super light or midsize jet (depending  on who you ask) that can seat up to 8 passengers in comfort. It has a range of 2,387 miles which can take you non stop from Scottsdale to Miami. An enclosed lavatory, Wi-Fi, Airshow and A/C outlets are among some of the amenities the aircraft offers. This aircraft is based in north central US.


Learjet 45XR exterior Learjet 45XR


The Learjet 60 we’ve added to our network seats 7 passengers. The mid size aircraft has a range of 2,969 miles and has an neclosed lavatory. This aircraft can quickly and easily take you non stop from Chicago to San Francisco. The aircraft base will be in the southwest and includes the amenities you have come to expect: Wi/Fi, Airshow, and A/C outlets among others.


Learjet 60 for charter learjet 60 for charter midsize jet



You can see what other aircraft we have available for charter here:

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