TSA: Record 65 Firearms Discovered In Carry-on Bags (54 Loaded)

Record 65 Firearms Discovered The Week Ending May 24th – This beats the TSA’s previous record of 50 guns. Of the 65 firearms, 54 were loaded and 19 had rounds chambered. See a complete list and more photos.

Firearm Strapped to Prosthetic Leg of Passenger – A passenger at Salt Lake City (SLC) received a pat-down after an anomaly was detected during advanced imaging technology screening. During the pat-down, officers discovered a fully loaded .22 caliber firearm inside his boot and strapped to the prosthetic leg. The passenger was arrested by Salt Lake City Airport Police on a state charge of “Carrying a Concealed Weapon in a Secure Area.”

TSA: Record 65 Firearms Discovered In Carry-on Bags

Inert Ordnance and Grenades etc. – TSA continues to find inert hand grenades and other weaponry on a weekly basis. Please keep in mind that if an item looks like a realistic bomb, grenade, mine, etc., it is prohibited – real or not. When these items are found at a checkpoint or in checked baggage, they can cause significant delays in checkpoint screening. I know they are cool novelty items, but you cannot bring them on a plane. Read here and here on why inert items cause problems.Three inert/replica/novelty grenades were discovered across the nation this week in carry-on bags at: Atlanta (ATL), Las Vegas (LAS), and Salt Lake City (SLC).

Stun Guns – 12 stun guns were discovered this week in carry-on bags around the nation: two were discovered at Las Vegas (LAS), two at Sacramento (SMF), and the others at Albuquerque (ABQ), Baltimore (BWI), Detroit (DTW), Washington Dulles (IAD), Phoenix (PHX), San Francisco (SFO), San Juan (SJU), and St. Louis (STL).

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