7 Top Turboprops in 2024

Would you like to charter a private jet and avoid the hassles of commercial airlines? Are you looking for an economical option that offers the full benefits of private plane travel? You would be at the right place if you answered yes to both questions. 

What’s a turboprop plane? A turboprop engine uses a piston-powered engine to spin turbines, unlike typical aircraft or jets, which use a piston-powered engine to expel high-pressure air. This engine power differential is used to drive the propeller, thus giving them increased efficiency. This makes them an excellent choice for private jet charter at affordable rates, specifically for regional or short-haul trips. However, turboprops are slower than standard jets and have shorter ranges. 

What are the key advantages of Turboprops?

Here are some of the many advantages of turboprops compared to other aircraft

  • Fuel Efficiency: A turboprop engine will power the same size cabin over the same distance for less fuel than a jet and at a lower speed. 
  • Comes with ample cabin space and baggage storage. 
  • More affordable than other jets
  • Runway Requirements: A turboprop requires shorter runways to take off and land. This makes them ideal for uneven terrain and locations where operating big aircraft is challenging.

How Fast Does A Turboprop Plane Fly? What Is Its Highest Cruising Altitude?

These jets require slower speeds for takeoff and landing but perform well during those times. According to the FAA, Turboprop engines have the most efficiency, with cruise speeds between 250 & 400 mph at cruise altitudes between 18,000 and 30,000 feet. A turboprop engine’s minimum specific fuel consumption is usually at an altitude range of 25,000 feet. 

How much does a chartered turboprop flight cost?

Turboprop hourly charter rates start at around $2,400

With that, let’s look at the top Turboprop Jets in 2024. 

Piaggio Avanti P180

The Piaggio Avanti P180 is a twin-turboprop jet manufactured by the Italian aircraft manufacturer Piaggio Aero. The plane took its first flight in September 1986 and received Italian and American certifications in 1990. The aircraft was part of the new wave of private jets created especially for business owners and executives of Fortune 500 companies. 

The finest Italian craftsmanship is apparent in the build, functionalities, and facilities of the Piaggio Avanti P180. It features a highly comfortable, generously spacious, and quiet cabin that offers a superior travel experience to passengers. Regarded as the fastest jet in the category, Piaggio Avanti P180 outperforms many of its turboprop contemporaries and even some mid-size jets. 

An exterior and interior picture of the turboprop jet Piaggio Avanti P180.

  • Top cruise speed: 402 knots
  • Range: 1490 nautical miles 
  • Passengers: 6
  • Baggage capacity: 44.15 cubic feet
  • Cruise height: 41,000 feet
  • Facilities: Lavatory, Wardrobe


The Piaggio Avanti P180 has been a popular sports aircraft over the years and is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-66 engines. It also has advanced avionics & functionalities in the cockpit, making it pilot-first. 

Grand Caravan 208

The Cessna 208 Grand Caravan is a single-engined turboprop, fixed-tricycle landing gear, short-haul regional airliner. It took its first successful flight in December 1982 and received FAA certification the following year. The turboprop jet is known for its ability to land and take off in rugged terrains. Specific models, such as the Caravan Amphibian, come with landing gear & amphibian floats to facilitate water landing.

Pilatus PC-12

The Pilatus PC-12 is a single-engine turbine-powered aircraft Manufactured by the Swiss company Pilatus. The jet boasts advanced avionics, improved noise reduction, speed & range enhancements, and more. Regarded as one of the finest & most reliable aircraft in the category, Pilatus PC-12 is perfect for business & vacation trips and has been coined “Swiss army knife of the sky” by Flight International Magazine in June 2016. 

The jet’s cabin can be customized to suit the needs of the passengers and comes with cabinets, tables, hand-stitched European leather seats, and ample luggage storage accessible in-flight. It can also have the latest Wi-Fi, entertainment, and connectivity technologies. 

An exterior and interior picture of the turboprop jet Pilatus PC-12.

  • Top cruise speed: 328 knots
  • Range: 1,340 nautical miles 
  • Passengers: 9
  • Baggage capacity: 40 cubic feet
  • Cruise height: 30,000 ft
  • Facilities: Enclosed Lavatory, cabinets, tables

Moreover, the jet keeps sustainability at heart, with 74% lesser emissions, sustainable aviation fuel, and energy from zero-emission sources. 

An exterior and interior picture of the turboprop jet Cessna 208 Grand Caravan.

  • Top cruise speed: 186 knots
  • Range: 1,070 nautical miles 
  • Passengers: 9-12
  • Baggage capacity: 325 lb, or 31.5 cubic ft
  • Cruise height: 25,000
  • Facilities: Full Lavatory Style

A single Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-114A turboprop engine powers this Cessna. The rugged & robust capabilities of the Cessna 208 Grand Caravan make it a popular choice for military, rescue, and surveillance operations. The jet is ideal both as a passenger aircraft & cargo plane. 

King Air 200 

The King Air 200 is a T-tail twin-engine turboprop aircraft by the aircraft manufacturer Raytheon Beechcraft. One of the best in its segment, more than 1700 King Air 200s have been ordered & sold worldwide. 

Known as a “pilot’s plane,” King Air 200 has excellent pilot-friendly navigation and mechanics. The cockpit can comfortably seat two pilots, and a jump seat is next to the pilot. The 200 models were marketed initially by Beechcraft Super King Airs, although this was dropped in 1996. 

An exterior and interior picture of the turboprop jet King Air 200.

  • Top cruise speed: 289 mph
  • Range: 1,885 nautical miles 
  • Passengers: 8
  • Cruise height: 35000 feet
  • Facilities: Potty Lavatory Style, noise-reduced cabin

The agile features, build, and functionality of King Air 200 make it an excellent choice for military operations & surveillance. The plane is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PT6A-41 turboprop engines, and its cabin has noise-reduction, which gives superior comfort to passengers compared to conventional turboprop jets. US Defense and many governments use this model turboprop jet.

King Air 350

Built by Beechcraft Corporation, the King Air 350 is a twin-engined turboprop utility aircraft offering one of the best-in-class luxuries, especially in the turboprops category. This is also utilized as a corporate plane with double club seating, stowable worktables, and built-in refreshment centers, making your business trips truly smooth & hassle-free.

  • Top cruise speed: 305 knots
  • Range: 1,440 nautical miles 
  • Passengers: 6-10
  • Baggage capacity: 56 cu ft, 5-6 bags
  • Cruise height: 30,000 feet
  • Facilities: Private Lavatory, Ample seating space & luggage storage

An exterior and interior picture of the turboprop jet King Air 350.

With ample seating space, the jet has in-flight accessible baggage areas and a luxurious interior. The jet is ideal both as a passenger or cargo plane. They can carry a large load out of short runways. Powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-60A engines, the King Air 350 is single-pilot certified, but it can seat two pilots in the cockpit. 

King Air 90

Beechcraft Corporation’s King Air 90 is the smallest in the series and one of the most popular jets in the competing categories with other jets. First certified in 1959, it remains a top choice among passengers even after five decades. The plane is best known for its comfortable cabin, pilot-friendly avionics, and overall functionalities. 

An exterior and interior picture of the turboprop jet King Air 90.

  • Top cruise speed: 248 knots
  • Range: 1543 nautical miles 
  • Passengers: 6
  • Baggage capacity: 48 cubic feet
  • Cruise height: 30000 ft
  • Facilities: Lavatory, comfortable cabins


The jet is a twin-turboprop powered by two Pratt and Whitney turboprop PT6A-135 engines. The plane has remained a top contender in its segment and is even used by military forces of various countries. As the name suggests, the interior of the King Air 90 is splendid and provides a very comfortable trip for passengers. 

Beechcraft 1900D     

Beechcraft 1900D is an extended cabin twin-engine turboprop jet manufactured by Beechcraft. It is used as both passenger aircraft and cargo planes. In addition to being a favorite jet for corporate travel, it is also used by the military & governments of countries all over the globe. 

  • Top cruise speed: 280 knots
  • Range: 1356 nautical miles 
  • Passengers: 19
  • Baggage capacity: 55 cubic feet
  • Cruise height: 25,000 feet
  • Facilities: stand-up cabin, reclining seats, enclosed lavatory

Beechcraft 1900D received its FAA certification in 1983 and entered service the following year. It can be flown by two pilots, have state-of-the-art cockpit facilities, and is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67D turboprop engines. The aircraft cabin can be configured based on the needs. 

With that, we wrap up the list of the top turboprop jets in 2024. If you are considering a private jet charter, look no further! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a turboprop engine?

A turboprop engine employs a gas turbine to drive a propeller. It differs from typical aircraft or jets, which use a piston-powered jet engine to expel a pressure stream.

What are the advantages of Turboprop jets?

Turboprop jets are more fuel-efficient, have ample cabin space and baggage storage, are more affordable than others, and require shorter runways to take off and land.

How fast does a turboprop plane fly? What is its highest cruising altitude?

According to the FAA, turboprop engines are most efficient, with cruise speeds between 250 and 400 mph at cruise altitudes between 18,000 and 30,000 feet.

How much does a chartered turboprop flight cost?

Turboprop hourly charter rates start at around $2,400.

What are the top Turboprop Jets in 2024?

The top Turboprop Jets in 2024 are Grand Caravan 208, King Air 200, King Air 350, King Air 90, Piaggio Avanti P180, Pilatus PC-12, and Beechcraft 1900D.

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