The FAA Says It Sees Growth In Long-term Business Aviation Outlook

While general air travel began to reveal indications of recuperation in 2012, increased by strong development in rotorcraft and the agricultural turboprop airplane segment, the slow financial rehabilitation and financial unpredictabilities continued to afflict business  jet and multi-engine piston deliveries. Nevertheless, “We see growth in company air travel demand over the long term driven by an expanding U.S. and globe economy, particularly in the turboprop, turbine and jet rotorcraft markets,” the FAA stated in its “Aerospace Forecast for Fiscal Years 2013-2033,” released on Wednesday. After expanding rapidly for most of the previous many years, and then slowing over the previous couple of years, the business jet market is lastly seeing an end to the difficult impact of the recession, according to the most current aircraft shipment activity, said the FAA. The projection is for durable development in the long-term outlook for company jets, driven by higher corporate profits and the growth of around the world GDP, however at rates lower than those anticipated in 2012. Additionally, continued concerns about air travel, protection and security delays try to keep business aviation appealing relative to commercial air flights.

Federal Aviation Administration

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