The 99 Problems With Flying Commercial Instead of Flying Private with JetOptions, Vice Media head blasts NetJets on Twitter, Dassault Falcon 50 First Flight Anniversary

The 99 Problems With Flying Commercial or 99 More Reasons to Fly Privately With JetOptions 

99 More Reasons to Fly Privately With JetOptions

Funny and on the nose article by Matt Meltzer on Thrillist about some for the many problems with flying commercial nowadays. You can avoid all of these problems by chartering a private aircraft from JetOptions:

These days, flying is right up there with going to the dentist and doing your taxes on the list of things people hate. All the pain, but no free toothbrush or refund check. Between awful people at TSA, flight attendants who hate you, and never-ending delays, it’s a wonder anyone ever goes home for the holidays.

And while there are probably a thousand things that make flying absolutely awful, we narrowed it down to the worst 99.

  1. Crying babies. Screaming babies. Babies who look at you the wrong way. All babies, pretty much.
  2. Anyone taking up too much overhead bin space with a bag they were too cheap to check
  3. And justifying it by saying “They ALWAYS lose my luggage”
  4. The airlines actually losing your luggage
  5. When your flight arrives at gate A2, your connection in 10 minutes will 100% be at gate Z79
  6. People who stand on moving walkways when you only have those precious 10 minutes. Or ever.
  7. The dude taking a conference call from the toilet stall
  8. Those a**holes whose nut allergies have ruined peanuts on planes for everybody
  9. Kids kicking the back of your seat, and unapologetic parents
  10. Boarding passes that’re completely indistinguishable from the Burger King receipts in your pocket
  11. People don’t actually look like ants AT ALL
  12. The guy who should’ve been required to buy two seats asking if he can put up the armrest

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Vice Media head blasts NetJets on Twitter:

Shane Smith, the co-founder and CEO of Canada-based Vice Media, has tweeted Warren Buffett to say that NetJets should be “shut down” after the “terrible level of service” he received when flying on a NetJets-owned private jet with his family.

NetJets, a provider of fractional jet ownership, has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway since 1998.

Smith – who has over 110,000 followers on Twitter – also replied to a number of people that tweeted him, describing the company as “garbage,” “criminal” and “scandalous.”

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Dassault Falcon 50 First Flight Anniversary tweet:



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