Testimonial by L Nichols

June 11, 2022

Hello Gus,

Thank you so much for everything. This was our first experience in a private jet and we were treated better than we ever expected. The crew was amazing. The flight attendant went out of her way to make the girls comfortable. She took great care of all of us. The girls loved her and she was just so gentle with them. The loading and unloading of the girls went very smoothly. The firemen involved took extra care to not scare the girls… I can’t imagine we would of had a more personal service from another broker than what we received from you… The texts and extra communication made all of us feel at ease. It was a wonderful experience.

Thank you again for everything. I can’t believe the trip has come and gone so quickly. You are now in our contacts for any future trips we plan.

L Nichols Cleveland, OH