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Bombardier Global 6000 at Paris Air Show, 68 million G650 for Sale, G450 delivered

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

Bombardier shows off Global 6000 corporate jet at Paris Air Show

You can charter a  Bombardier Global 6000 business jet or any of the Global line from JetOptions

Bombardier Global 6000 Paris Air Show 2015 cockpit Bombardier Global 6000 Paris Air Show 2015 2 Bombardier Global 6000 Paris Air Show 2015 1 Bombardier Global 6000 Paris Air Show 2015 cabin interior

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Airlines over order at Paris Airshow

The last week was a good one to be a commercial aircraft salesman. Airlines and leasing companies placed options for 1,223 aircraft worth $69 billion at list prices at the Paris Airshow this week. (Obviously many of these aircraft will not be delivered to airlines and no one paid list price, but we should not let that get in the way of a good story).

Airbus and Boeing have sold out production for an astonishing eight to 10 years. Low oil prices are helping airlines make profits and carriers and leasing companies are keen to buy.  Both manufacturers have had three years of record orders. This is a complete contrast to business jet OEMs where backlogs are still falling. Commercial OEMs are upping production whilst we will see less business jets delivered this year rather than next. Bombardier did not announce big orders for the C-Series, but hopefully these are on the way.

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Luxury foodie breaks in Lincoln fit for a king

With Magna Carta celebrations in full swing in Lincoln, all eyes are on the historic city which possesses the world’s best-preserved version of the document. Lying in a brand new state-of-the art vault at Lincoln Castle, the city is the only place where Magna Carta can be seen next to the 1217 Charter of the Forest.

These precious documents are no doubt the city’s pride and joy and some of Lincolnshire’s best-known food and drink producers have unveiled very special creations to mark 800 years since Magna Carta was sealed by King John.

Take a look at these three suggestions for luxury foodie breaks that are fit for a king: For beer lovers, for cheese lovers and for local food lovers…

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Flexjet takes first G450

Fractional operator Flexjet has taken delivery of its first Gulfstream G450. You can charter a Gulfstream 450 from JetOptions.

G450 msn 4330 / N450FX left Gulfstream’s Savannah production facility on June 18, flying to Bradley International Airport. Following a short stop the aircraft departed to Cleveland’s Cuyahoga County Airport.

Gulfstream 450 N450FX

Flexjets placed a $1 billion order for 50 Gulfstream jets in 2014. The deal included firm orders for 10 G450s, six G500s and six G650s.

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Irish tycoon Denis O’Brien puts G650 up for sale

Irish born telecoms tycoon Denis O’Brien has put his 2012 build Gulfstream G650 up for sale.Gulftream G650 MSN 6032 / M-GSIX was delivered new to O’Brien in July 2013. The aircraft is listed for sale with OGARAJETS of Atlanta Georgia, with a price tag of $67.95 million.
2012 build Gulfstream G650 up for sale 2012 build Gulfstream G650 up for sale 2012 build Gulfstream G650 up for sale 2012 build Gulfstream G650 up for sale

According to the listing, the aircraft has flown 1,734 hours and 558 landings since new…

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Chasing business jets – a guide for business jet spotters

Business jets do not just give pleasure to the people that fly in them. Many people get a buzz just from just seeing a one.

Others take this passion more seriously. There are thousands of amateur aviation photographers (many as good as professionals) and planespotters looking to track down business jets.

Whilst most photographers just collect images, planespotters collect aircraft registrations or manufacturers serial numbers (MSNs) by seeing the aircraft. (You can usually work out the MSN from the aircraft registration, although this is hard in some countries.)

Falcon50_T7DFX at Le Bourget

Aviation photographers are spread throughout the world. With the US and Japan in particular seeming to have many good ones (Japan also deserves credit for encouraging enthusiasts, every airport has at least one viewing platform). Although there are planespotters in every country, it is most popular in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. No one knows exactly how many planespotters are in each country but there are specialist magazines and books serving the community.

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The Monaco 2050 superyacht private-jet set

A step up from offering a helipad and helicopter, the proposed Monaco 2050 superyacht features a detachable private jet that takes off vertically

A superyacht built and decorated to their precise specifications remains an enduringly popular indulgence among the world’s richest, and the unparalleled degree of personalisation they can avail of means their purchases can vary drastically from one another.

Monaco+2050+1 superyacht

Moscow-born Monaco resident Vasily Klyukin, the co-founder of Russia’s Sovcombank, is one entrepreneur seeking to more radically shape the form of future superyachts, by releasing a concept design for the type of vessel he would like to own in the years to come.

His Monaco 2050 proposal (so called because he expects it to set a new industry standard within the next 35 years) considers what billionaires will next desire now that yachts with helipads and helicopters are becoming something of a superyacht standard. In their place Klyukin envisions a boat that will also serve as a launch pad for private jets that can take off vertically.

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Business Aviation Activity Numbers Still Down, Pilatus PC-24 Takes Maiden Flight, Embraer 1st Quarter Sales Down

Monday, May 11th, 2015

Europe’s business aviation activity continues to decline. The decrease is mainly due to the reduction of activity from Russia due to sanctions. The Pilatus PC-24 takes its first flight and Embraer first quarter sales are down.

WINGX Business Aviation Activity Monitor – April 2015

Business Aviation Numbers Still Negative, Though Eurozone Slightly Recovering

There were 62,968 business aviation flight departures in Europe in April 2015, 508 fewer than in April 2014; a 0.8% YOY decline. The declining trend in 2015 has narrowed, but is still -2.7% year to date.

France and Germany propped up the market, gaining up to 4%. However this was largely driven by Piston and Turboprop activity. Business jets flew 57% of all flights in Europe, with jet charters falling 3% YOY.

The recent growth trend in the UK came off in April, with a 1% slowdown. This was evident in diminished activity at Luton and Farnborough, although Biggin Hill was one of Europe´s faster growing airports for the month.

Collapse in business aviation activity in Eastern Europe and Russia continues, with flights inbound from the CIS down 26%. Flights from Europe to Russia were down 20% YOY, less than YTD -25% trend, so the impact may be bottoming out.

The renewed slowdown in activity is clearly not just related to the Eurozone periphery, as indicated by flight reductions in Italy, Spain, Switzerland, particularly Belgium. Mostly the drop came in AOC flights.

There were still some growth regions, notably Turkey, Czech Republic, also Austria where Charter increased 8% YOY. Inbound flights from North America were up 6%, from North Africa up 14%, from Asia-Pacific, up 18%.

Ultra long range aircraft continued to gain activity, maintaining a 6% 12 month trend. Falcon 7X ULR jets flew 14% more YOY. Gulfstream ULR jets flew less, for example Gulfstream V/500 activity was down 6% this month.

Very light jet activity slumped in April, down 11% in flight hours, mostly due to fewer Owner flights. Overall, the light jet segment flew less, but there were strong gains for certain types, including CJ1 and Phenom 300.

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Pilatus PC-24 Takes Off on Its Maiden Flight

The first ever PC-24 Super Versatile Jet took off on its maiden flight today at 10.00 local time from Buochs airport. Just under 1800 Pilatus staff, all of whom are directly or indirectly involved in the PC-24 project, were there to applaud the business jet as it taxied for takeoff. Prototype P01, call sign HB-VXA, flew across central Switzerland for a total of 55 minutes. The flight went exactly as planned with no problems whatsoever.

Pilatus PC-24 takes off on maiden flight

The PC-24 is capable of exceptional performance, and this maiden flight was a first opportunity to showcase some impressive credentials: the twin-engine business jet took off from runway 07 in just under 600 m and climbed to 10,000 feet (approx. 3000 m) in around three minutes, where the two pilots completed a series of meticulously planned tests. The maiden flight followed a route across central Switzerland – from Altdorf to Brünig via Engelberg.

Pilatus PC-24 unveiled at European Business Aviation Expo 2014

Test pilot Paul Mulcahy, who has some 11,000 hours under his belt, flew the PC-24 as pilot in command. He has already test flown countless aircraft types and has acquired a wealth of experience on twin-engine business jets. “Everything looks great so far! Beautiful handling – the PC-24 flies just as expected – a real Pilatus aircraft!”, reported our second experienced test pilot, Reto Aeschlimann, by radio from the cockpit.

Throughout the flight the PC-24 was accompanied and monitored by a PC-21. As is normal on maiden flights, the PC-24 landing gear was not retracted on this occasion. Twelve flight test engineers watched the flight from the ground as they kept an eye on a stream of real-time flight data received from the PC-24. Had the need arisen, these experts could have given the pilots crucial decision-making information: another means of ensuring the safest possible conditions for the entire maiden flight.

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EMBRAER Releases First Quarter 2015 Results

Embraer Legacy 500


  • In the first quarter of 2015 (1Q15), Embraer delivered 20 commercial and 12 executive (10 light and 2 large) jets;
  • The Company’s firm order backlog ended the quarter at US$ 20.4 billion, compared to US$ 19.2 billion at the end of 1Q14 and$20.9 billion in backlog at the end of 2014;
  • As a result of aircraft deliveries, coupled with revenues from the Company’s Defense & Security business, 1Q15 revenues wereUS$ 1,055.9 million;
  • EBIT and EBITDA margins were 7.5% and 14.1%, respectively, in 1Q15, which were higher than the 7.4% EBIT margin and 12.2% EBITDA margin registered in 1Q14;
  • 1Q15 Net loss attributable to Embraer Shareholders and Loss per basic ADS totaled US$ (61.7) million and US$ (0.3370), respectively;
  • Adjusted Net Income in 1Q15 was $48.3 million, which excludes non-cash deferred income taxes and social contribution;
  • Embraer ended 1Q15 with a total cash position of US$ 1,808.0 million and total debt of US$ 2,389.3 million, yielding a net debt position of US$ 581.3 million in the quarter.

Embraer Lineage at business aviation convention 2014


in millions of U.S. dollars, except % and earnings per share data
IFRS (1)
Revenue 2,045.5 1,242.3 1,055.9
EBIT 196.3 92.1 79.6
EBIT Margin % 9.6% 7.4% 7.5%
EBITDA 281.3 151.0 149.1
EBITDA Margin % 13.8% 12.2% 14.1%
Adjusted Net Income 2 129.4 62.9 48.3
Net income (loss) attributable to Embraer Shareholders 91.4 110.6 (61.7)
Earnings (loss) per share – ADS basic (US$) 0.4983 0.6044 (0.3370)
Net Cash (Debt) (84.5) 52.7 (581.3)
(1) Derived from unaudited financial information

For additional information, please check the full document in their website:


2015 Corporate Jet Investor Awards, Basel delivers Boeing BBJ1, Winter storms may ruin Valentines travel plans, Private jet demand increases, but prices fall

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

In today’s post we show you the results of Corporate Jet Investors 2015 award winner results. Jet Aviation in Basel has delivered its 25th Boeing BBJ completion. We had an opportunity to see some of their work at EBACE in Geneva last year and it is pretty awesome (but what else do you expect for these multimillion dollar completions). For those of you traveling in the Northeast this weekend, it might be better to cancel since it is being reported that another major storm system will be hitting. The international Bureau of Aviation released a report showing that private demand has gone up and oil prices have gone down creating different results in different areas of the world. And lastly, we have access to another Phenom 300 mid jet. The jet will be based in Europe. As usual, if you’d like to see anything covered here, let us know and we will.

Corporate jet investor awards 2015

Corporate jet investor awards 2015

Best Private Bank for Business Jet Finance and Advisory EMEA 2015: Credit Suisse

Best Business Jet Financier EMEA 2015: CIT Business Aircraft Finance

Most Innovative Financier EMEA 2015: AirFinance

Best Business Jet Financier Western Europe 2015: Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Best Business Jet Financier Western Europe 2015: BNP Paribas

Best Business Jet Financier CEE and CIS 2015: UBS

Best Business Jet Financier Africa 2015: Investec

Best Business Jet Financier Middle East 2015: Deutsche Bank

Highly Commended EMEA 2015: Element Capital

Highly Commended EMEA 2015: Société Générale Equipment Finance

Aircraft of the Year: Embraer Legacy 500

Aircraft of the Year: Embraer Legacy 500 by Corporate Jet Investor

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Jet Aviation Basel recently redelivered its 25th Boeing BBJ with a custom VIP cabin interior and aircraft livery. The long-range BBJ1 aircraft was completed and certified by the Completions Center in nine months.

Jet Aviation Basel recently redelivered its 25th Boeing BBJ

With the BBJ1 having to regularly meet long-range flight missions, a light-weight cabin interior is critical. Jet Aviation Basel leveraged technology improvements from its extensive investment in the Boeing 787 platform and developed a sound insulation optimization technique that decreased the weight by 30 percent. This provided the added benefit of a very quiet cabin.

“Our ability to outfit a green aircraft with innovative design, state-of-the-art technology and uncompromising luxury within such a timeline really underscores great teamwork and cooperation,” said Adam White, senior director of Completions Engineering at Jet Aviation Basel.

Jet Aviation Basel Design

The modern minimalistic interior design contrasts white and taupe tones against black wood, with stingray skin inlays emphasizing the luxuriousness of each custom-made piece of furniture. Following completion and certification of the VIP Cabin Interior, the BBJ1 then received the most complex paint livery ever executed at Jet Aviation Basel. The sleek black to grey fade-out livery of 19 mixed design colors links the interior color palette to the exterior across the entire fuselage and tail. Both interior and exterior design concepts were created in-house by the Jet Aviation Design Studio.

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Winter storm may break hearts, ruin weekend travel plans

Boston AirportAnyone with travel plans to or from the Northeast over the Valentine’s weekend may need to cancel those romantic dinner reservations and make back-up plans for when to exchange flowers and chocolates with their sweethearts.

Another winter storm comes with blizzard watches from the Weather Channel for the entire coast of New England, including Boston, where all rail service was shut down Monday evening and all day Tuesday.

On Thursday evening, some airlines began posting travel alerts for passengers with weekend flights.

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Low oil prices have created an increased demand for private jets in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, according to a new report from the International Bureau of Aviation (IBA), which was published to coincide with Corporate Jet Investor London 2015.

Increased demand for private jets

“2015 is shaping up to be an interesting year,” says Chris Lennon, head of IBA’s business aviation and private jet department. “With the price of oil fluctuating to as low as $65 per barrel, there is a growing demand for corporate aircraft, especially within Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Add to this the apparent resurgence of the Corporate Aircraft Market within Europe, the outlook for 2015 is positive in many regions.”

“However, challenges remain. Chinese austerity measures mean corporate jet owners and operators still face restrictions. But this also brings about greater ambition, with Chinese operators intending to expand their services into Europe or invest in existing operators,” Lennon adds. “In the Eastern Europe, with economic sanctions and the weakening of the Rouble, oligarchs and corporations are diverting their attention elsewhere.”

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JetOptions adds another Embraer Phenom 300 to its network of aircraft available for charter

The 9 passenger mid size jet is available for charter in Europe. Charter the Embraer Phenom 300

Avinode Adds First Challenger 350, Piaggio Opens New Manufacturing Plant in Italy, Global Air Travel Demand Rises

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

IJM adds the first Challenger 350 in Avinode

The new Challenger 350 with the registration OE-HRS is the latest addition to the AOC of IJM and to the charter fleet of AC Aviation Charter. The aircraft can carry up to 9 passengers.

The aircraft is owned by an aircraft management client of IJM and is operated commercially. So, besides owner flights, the aircraft is also available for third party charter clients. If you would like to charter this heavy jet Challenger 350 contact JetOptions. Gus Lira can arrange a charter for this or any other size aircraft you need.

First Challenger 350 in Avinode

 “Given the proven reliability and our excellent experience with the Challenger 300 aircraft, International Jet Management is very pleased to be operating the new Challenger 350 business jets in Europe,” said Felix Feller, CEO and founder of International Jet Management…

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Stat: Air Passenger Numbers Grow 5.3 Percent in September

According to a new analysis from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), global air travel demand rose 5.3 percent in September over the same month last year.

Demand was measured in revenue passenger kilometers (RPKs).

This continues the positive growth trend for passenger demand even though the performance was slightly below the August year-over-year rise of 6.3 percent. September capacity rose 5.1 percent and load factor rose 0.2 percentage points to 80.3 percent.

This means more crowded airports and longer lines. One more reason to fly privately with JetOptions.

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Piaggio Opens New Manufacturing Plant in Italy

Piaggio Aerospace opened its aerospace center of excellence at Villanova d’Albenga, Italy, on Friday. The 31-acre site includes a 527,400-sq-ft plant where Piaggio will design, develop and manufacture its Avanti Evo turboprop twin, multirole patrol aircraft (MPA) based on the Avanti and remote-piloted P.1HH HammerHead surveillance and reconnaissance airplane.

Piaggio aerospace

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Gulfstream Introduces All New Wide Cabin G500 and G600 and MORE Aviation News

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Gulfstream Introduces All New G500 and G600

All-New Gulfstream G500 And G600 Optimize Speed, Cabin Comfort And Efficiency, Introduce Industry-Leading Safety Technologies.

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), today introduced an all-new family of business jets: the Gulfstream G500 and G600. The two new aircraft optimize speed, wide-cabin comfort and efficiency to offer customers best-in-class performance with advanced safety features.

Gulfstream Introduces G500 and G600

Gulfstream announced the clean-sheet aircraft before a crowd of approximately 3,000 people. During the event, the first G500 taxied up under its own power, and General Dynamics chairman and CEO Phebe Novakovic revealed a nearly 70-foot/21-meter mockup of the G600.

“Today’s announcement demonstrates the power of General Dynamics’ consistent and disciplined investment in both Gulfstream’s research and development and manufacturing facilities,” said Novakovic. “The effect of that investment is manifest in the two airplanes we announced today.”

The G500 can fly 5,000 nautical miles/9,260 kilometers at Mach 0.85 or 3,800 nm/7,038 km at Mach 0.90. The G600 is capable of traveling 6,200 nm/11,482 km at Mach 0.85 or 4,800 nm/8,890 km at Mach 0.90. The maximum operating speed for both aircraft is Mach 0.925, the same speed as Gulfstream’s G650 and G650ER.

“This is another extraordinary day in the storied history of Gulfstream,” said Larry Flynn, president, Gulfstream. “I could not be more pleased to announce the next generation of Gulfstream aircraft. The G500 and G600 build upon the technology present in our G650 and our latest aircraft, the G650ER. Once again, our customers played a major role in the development and creation of these aircraft. The G500 and G600 continue the long Gulfstream tradition of being the first original equipment manufacturer to ensure an optimal combination of speed, range, wide-cabin comfort and fuel burn.”

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A suburban Chicago air traffic center reopened early Monday, more than two weeks after damage from a deliberately set fire forced the cancellation of thousands of flights and disrupted travel nationwide, federal officials said.

A full shift of air traffic controllers at the Chicago En Route Center in Aurora resumed control of the center’s airspace from adjoining centers between midnight and 1 a.m. on Monday, the Federal Aviation Administration said in a news release.

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Fears of the Ebola virus outbreak continue to make their mark on the travel industry, with major airline stocks taking a hit on Monday, Business Insider reports.

As of Monday afternoon, United Airlines shares were down eight percent, Delta shares were down seven percent, American Airlines shares were down six percent and shares of JetBlue and Southwest Airlines were down five percent, Business Insider said. In all, these stocks have lost at least 13 percent over the past five trading days, except for American Airlines, which saw a 19 percent decline.

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Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation on Tuesday unveiled two new business jets and announced orders were lining up from Flexjet and Qatar Airways.

The two all-new aircraft — dubbed Gulfstream G500 and G600 — optimize speed, have spacious cabins and are equipped with advanced flight decks, said the Savannah, Georgia-based company, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics.

G500 and G600 interior

According to Gulfstream, the G500 can fly long distances at high speed, including from New York to Geneva at 685 miles (1102 kilometers) per hour.

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Drama conveying truth is what feature films such as “Fast Food Nation”, “Erin Brockovich” and “The Insider” have in common. The first uses drama to expose unknown perils in the fast food industry, and the others retell of personal sacrifice and heroics that brought truth to light.

Fact Not Fiction Films’ most recent feature, “A Dark Reflection”, similarly conveys a truth regarding passenger air travel amongst the major airlines. Based on actual events, this film tells a compelling story that raises awareness regarding the air quality made available to captive airline passengers.

As a former British Airways captain, Director and Producer Tristan Loraine delivers an investigative thriller about two British journalists, who whilst investigating a hushed up in-flight safety incident, discover aviation’s biggest cover-up. Spurned by catastrophic events and cover-ups, this independent feature ultimately pits corporate profit against the public’s safety.

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Gulfstream G100 first flight anniversary, NBAA scholarship applications, New Ritz-Carlton App, Etihad VIP airliner

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

The Ritz-Carlton App Becomes the Travel Accessory You Can’t Leave Home Without

 Although this article is not about air charter or business aivation, many of our clients stay at the Ritz and I thought it would be informative GL

The Ritz-Carlton App wants to be a part of your total travel experience, bringing the legendary service of the luxury hotel company to the smartphone in your pocket. In addition to mobile check-in and check-out, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is launching real-time service requests, food and beverage ordering, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards account review, folio review, and access to exclusive local content, concierge tips and offers at all hotels. The updated app is available for immediate download by visiting

The Ritz-Carlton App wants to be a part of your total travel experience

The Ritz-Carlton conducted extensive research with global affluent consumers, and studied user preferences since the initial launch of the App in 2012 to ensure the next phase of mobile enhances global travel. Digital services will provide consumers with touch points to truly enrich their journey from the time of trip planning through to their return. The Ritz-Carlton sees the opportunity to connect more closely with guests through advanced mobile functionality and also at an emotional level, as it continues to create content to better serve a global traveler today, providing options for guests to communicate based on their preferences.

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Etihad Airways is the first commercial airline to offer in its new Airbus A380 an extra-large private VIP suite dubbed ‘The Residence’ along with nine First Class Apartments. JetOptions can arrange charter on VIP airliners.

The Residence Experience will include dedicated Butlers on call throughout the flight, offering the type of discrete personal service and attention to detail found in the world’s most exclusive hotels.

These hospitality professionals have now been selected by Etihad Airways and will be undergoing specialist training at the Savoy Butler Academy in London, delivered by the University of West London in conjunction with The Savoy Hotel.

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Beechcraft tweet about ProAdvantage support for King Airs:

NBAA Tweet: Signature Flight Support, in coordination with NBAA Charities, has established the Eddie Queen Business Aviation Management Scholarship to benefit undergraduates pursuing careers in business aviation management.

Gulfstream Aero tweet: Celebrating General Aviation Manufacturing Week

In 1994 the G100 first took flight
In 1994 the Gulfstream G100 first took flight

Gulfstream Aero tweet: Gulfstream G100 first flight anniversary:

Landmark Aviation completes new FBO build at San Diego Intl Airport and MORE

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Landmark Aviation completed its newly-constructed state-of-the-art facility at San Diego International Airport (SAN). The facility is located at 3300 Terminal Link Rd., near the intersection of Sassafras Street and Pacific Highway. This FBO campus will achieve LEED Platinum certification.“This project took a lot of collective effort and dedication over the last two years, and we are very impressed with the finished product,” Landmark Aviation President & CEO Dan Bucaro stated. “We are excited to offer our customers a more spacious and modern facility, boasting many amenities. We couldn’t have done this without the support of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority.”

Landmark San Diego

The FBO campus features a 19,000 square foot terminal, a 250,000 square foot ramp and five hangars on 12.4 acres. Its amenities include office space, a snooze room, VIP lounge, fitness center, viewing deck, gourmet café, and an executive conference room. Landmark began operating out of its new home on August 1, 2014.

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Leading offshore safety training provider Falck Safety Services (Falck) has joined forces with aviation provider SaxonAir in Norwich to offer helicopter safety training to correspond with new offshore regulations.

Falck, which is based in Aberdeen and Teesside, will provide specialist safety courses at SaxonAir’s Business Aviation Center Headquarters at Norwich International Airport ahead of new UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) helicopter regulations, introducing Category A Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS)…

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Marshall Aviation Services at Cambridge has ratified an agreement with Suraviation, the expanding Madrid-based business aviation charter company, to provide MRO and technical support for their seven Cessna Citations, predominantly Mustangs, plus one CJ2.

Marshall, drawing on its 40 years’ experience providing Citation support, will provide base support in the UK at their Cambridge headquarters, together with AOG support in Europe.

The two companies first came together in October 2013 when Suraviation required urgent technical support while on a flight into Cambridge. They met again in Geneva in May and talked about long term collaboration, demonstrating the value of EBACE, Europe’s premier business aviation show. With Marshall-owned FlairJet also operating Cessna aircraft and welcoming a Mustang to the fleet next month, there is also an opportunity to broaden the relationship.

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