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Embraer Delivers Phenom 300, Bombardier Challenger 300 and 350 Certified in Colombia

Monday, May 13th, 2019

Embraer Executive Jets delivered the first Phenom 300 to Luxaviation

Embraer Executive Jets delivered the first Phenom 300 to Luxaviation S.A. which is part of Luxaviation Group, the second largest business aviation group in the world based in Luxembourg (Europe).

Embraer Phenom 300 delivered to Luxaviation

Luxaviation Group has been rapidly expanding its business worldwide through acquisitions bringing valuable benefits to customers. With a broader range of aircraft types, the collaboration between the Group’s companies enhances best practices in all operational areas. Luxaviation Group today operates a combined fleet of more than 250 business aircraft, including 18 Embraer business jets.

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Bombardier Challenger 300 and Challenger 350 Aircraft Receive Certification from Colombia’s Civil Aviation Authority

Bombardier announced that it has received type certification for its Challenger 300 and Challenger 350 aircraft from the Unidad Administrativa Especial de Aviación Civil (UAEAC) of Colombia, the country’s Civil Aviation Authority.

“Our Challenger aircraft portfolio is gaining strong momentum in Latin America,” said Stéphane Leroy, Regional Vice President, Sales, Latin America, Bombardier Business Aircraft. “Colombia being a growing market in the region, we are naturally proud of this certification milestone that will allow operators throughout the region to experience our Challenger aircraft and will allow us to generate further interest for these innovative and proven business jets.”

This new aircraft certification will strengthen the Challenger 300 and Challenger 350 aircraft’s position as leaders in the growing fleet of super midsize business jets operating in the region. With increased performance, definitive reliability and unmatched value, the Challenger 300 and Challenger 350 aircraft have a strong future. Latin America remains a key driver to future growth in the business jet market; in fact, Bombardier’s Market Forecast predicts that the region is expected to receive 850 unit deliveries by 2024. With more than 1,900 aircraft in the region, Bombardier is currently the market share leader.

Challenger 300 aircraft: The dependable Challenger 300 jet offers true transcontinental range and superior long-range cruise speed, with eight-to-10 passengers. Its 3,065-NM (5,646-km) range connects Toronto and Bogotá non-stop, and its superior airfield performance allows the aircraft to operate out of 5,000-ft. (1,524-m) runways with ease*. The Challenger 300 jet has exceeded customer expectations since its entry-into-service in 2004.

Bombardier Challenger 300 in flight

Challenger 350 aircraft:  Built upon the legendary segment-defining Challenger 300 aircraft, the dependable Challenger 350 jet not only features the very latest in avionics, but also offers the segment’s most advanced cabin that maximizes natural light and redefines the man-machine interface, all the while maintaining the performance attributes that have become synonymous with the Challenger family. This jet boasts class-defining performance, a true seats full, tanks full, 3,200 NM (5,926 km) range that connects Bogotá with Montevideo non-stop*.

Bombardier Challenger 350 over mountains

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BusinessAviationVoice: FlexJet Expanding Its Horizons

With all of the private jet transportation companies operating today and the array of services they offer—taxi and air charter, leasing, fractional ownership, jet cards—you might think new market opportunities are scarce. That may be true in the U.S. but not so much for the rest of the world.

“There are some 700 aircraft of all types chasing the charter market in the U.S. but just 125 to 150 serving international clients,” according to Daniel Jennings, president of The Private Jet Company, a Palm Beach, Fla.-based firm that specializes in the purchase and sale of mid-size and large business jets. “Africa, China, Russia, the Middle East—these are all large and growing markets, and they’re all underserved.”

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IAI ponders designs for new light business jet

Israel Aerospace Industries is evaluating a number of designs for its light business jet and plans to present the shortlisted concepts to potential funding partners by the end of the year.

The company is keeping details of the programme under wraps for the time being.

IAI chairman Rafi Maor recently revealed that a light jet “is still being evaluated by the company and [its design] is based on a revolutionary approach”.

While IAI’s previous involvement with business aircraft start-ups has been unsuccessful, the company has been manufacturing two types of business jets, the midsize G150 and super-midsize G280, marketed by Gulfstream.

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Challenger 350 on Display, First Charter King Air 350i in China, Global 7000/8000

Saturday, May 11th, 2019

Bombardier Challenger 350 Aircraft on Display in Poland

Leading business jet manufacturer Bombardier Business Aircraft announced that its Challenger 350 demonstrator aircraft will embark on its Eastern European tour, starting with a well-awaited stop in Poland. On September 29 in Warsaw, media will be invited on board the aircraft for a 30-minute flight above the city to experience the aircraft’s modern, sophisticated cabin before landing back at Chopin Airport.

Bombardier Challenger 350 over mountains

Bombardier is excited to showcase this class-leading product to operators in the region,” said Christophe Degoumois, Vice President, Sales, Europe, Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Bombardier Business Aircraft. “The Challenger 350 aircraft offers one of the widest, most spacious cabin in its category and boasts larger windows and a more advanced HD Cabin Management System. It is perfectly suited for the requirements of business jet travelers in Poland,” he added.

Bombardier Challenger 350 at NBAA 2014 JetOptions

Not only does the Challenger 350 aircraft feature the very latest in avionics functionality but it offers the segment’s most advanced cabin that maximizes natural light and redefines interior comfort and design sophistication, all while maintaining the performance attributes that have become synonymous with the Challenger family. It is easily differentiated on the ramp with its canted winglets, which, coupled with higher thrust engines, give the Challenger 350 aircraft more performance, more efficiency and lower direct operating costs than its competitors.

Bombardier Challenger 350 NBAA 2014 JetOptions

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Beechcraft delivers China’s first 350i to be used in a charter role

Beechcraft has handed over the first of two King Air 350i to Chinese aviation services company AVIC Hebei General Aviation (HGAC).

Beechcraft King Air 350i at NBAA 2014 JetOptions

The twin-engined turboprop will be based in Shijiazhuang City, in northern China’s Hebei province, and will be the first 350i in the country dedicated to charter services, says the Textron Aviation subsidiary of the American Textron Group which also owns Beechcraft and Cessna.

HGAC has a fleet of 15 propeller-driven aircraft, including nine AVIC Y5/B piston-singles and three Cessna Caravan 208 single-engined turboprops. Its second 350i is scheduled for delivery before the end of the year.

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Bombardier Global 7000/8000: The Epitome of Private Jet Life

The Bombardier Global 7000 and Global 8000 are ultra long-range high-speed, VIP jets that are currently under development and will compete against the likes of the Gulfstream Aerospace’s G650 and G650ER.

Bombardier Global 7000 at NBAA 2014 JetOptions

Initially, the Global 7000 and Global 8000 were expected to enter service in 2016 and 2017 respectively, but the launch of the Global 7000 has been delayed till the second-half of 2018 and it’s certain that Global 8000 will not arrive at its expected date. Sixty-two units have already been booked and customers include F1 legend Niki Lauda, VistaJet and NetJets, yet the delay in arrival means that Bombardier Aerospace may lose some share of the market to its competitors.

Talking about the Global 7000, it has four luxurious cabins with unparalleled space and comfort for up to 19 passengers. Bombardier promises to recreate a homelike environment that can be both productive and leisure-friendly.

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Business Aviation Users Feel More Productive on Private Jets, Pilatus PC-24 Begins Taxi Runs, Gulfstream G500 and G600 New Wing Skin Supplier, NetJets Europe Prepares For First Challenger 350, Dassault Adds Second Falcon 8X to Test Program

Friday, May 1st, 2015

Selected business aviation news starting with a look at the PC-24 beginning taxi runs. G500 and G600 news. NetJets Europe is getting ready for its 1st Challenger 350. Second Falcon 8X added to test fleet. An NBAA survey shows that business aviation users feel more productive than when in the office.

Pilatus has begun taxi runs of its PC-24, and says the light business jet remains on target to make its first flight in May.

The seven-seat twin was pictured on 29 April on the runway the airframer’s Stans, Switzerland headquarters.

Pilatus PC-24 begins taxi runs

Launched in 2012, the PC-24 is the first business jet programme for Pilatus – builder of the PC-series of propeller-driven civil aircraft and military trainers.

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Gulfstream has selected GKN Aerospace to supply the upper and lower wing skins for its new large-cabin, long-range business jet duo, the G500 and G600.

The award marks another major step in the UK-headquartered company’s strategy to increase its presence in the business jet market.

Gulfstream G600 and G500

GKN already supplies skins for the G550’s wings, and says it aims to “foster and grow its relationship with Gulfstream for the long term”

Gulfstream G550

The G500 and G600 upper wing skins are constructed in a single piece, thus eliminating fasteners and joints and consequently lowering weight and reducing maintenance, says GKN. The lower wing skins are comprised of several panels and incorporate a number of complex design features, it adds.

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NetJets Europe is poised to take delivery of its first Bombardier Challenger 350.

Bombardier Challenger 350 NetJets Europe

The super-midsize business jet – registration CS-CHA – was pictured in Glasgow on 25 April during its ferry flight from Bombardier’s Montreal completion facility to the fractional ownership company’s headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal.

The aircraft will make its public debut with NetJets at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland on 19-21 May.

Another four of the twin-engined type are bound for NetJets Europe this year. The company’s 2015 aircraft delivery schedule also includes six Embraer Phenom 300s and two Bombardier Global 6000s

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Dassault Adds Second Falcon 8X to Test Program

Dassault Aviation has added a second Falcon 8X into its flight test program that flew for the first time on March 30. After initial checks on the digital flight controls and engine system, test pilots Laverne and Faurdesus took the aircraft to 43,000 ft. and Mach 0.8 for performance testing. They then ran a series of additional checks before landing after 2 hr. and 45 min. in the air.

Dassault Falcon 8X

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A study by the National Business Aviation Association (JetOptions is a member of NBAA) found that more than 20% of all business aviation users felt more productive while on board a private jet compared to working in their offices. Their counterparts using traditional airline service reported a 36% drop in productivity, the study said. Increased productivity stands out the most when it comes to choosing business aviation. That’s reflected in a company’s balance sheet.

Nancy Blanchat Portrait

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Challenger 350 readied for European demonstration tour, Marshall Aerospace to Provide FANS Upgrade for Bombardier Challenger 604, FAA news

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Bombardier and Marshall Aerospace and Defense Group have signed a conditional letter of agreement to develop a Future Air Navigation System (FANS) 1/A+ avionics upgrade for the Challenger 604 aircraft. According to Marshall, the upgrade will be designed to enhance pilot to Air Traffic Control (ATC) communications and allow access to dedicated and shorter route FANS 1/A+ to North Atlantic tracks for the 361 Challenger 604’s currently on the market.

Marshall Aerospace to Provide FANS Upgrade for Bombardier’s Challenger 604

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NetJets readies Challenger 350 for European demonstration tour

​Fractional ownership company, NetJets Europe will kick-start a demonstration tour of its Bombardier Challenger 350 business jet on 6 October to drum up sales of its super midsize offering in “key markets” across the continent.

NetJets Europe will kick-start a demonstration tour of its Bombardier Challenger 350

The Lisbon, Portugal-headquartered company says it has already pre-sold nearly a full aircraft worth of shares. “With enhanced range, performance and customisation, we believe there is real appetite for this unique aircraft within the European marketplace,” it adds.

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The Federal Aviation Administration has selected four unleaded fuels for the first phase of testing at the FAA’s William J. Hughes Technical Center. The goal is for government and industry to work together to have a new unleaded fuel that reduces lead emissions for general aviation by 2018.

Shell and TOTAL, with one fuel each, and Swift Fuels, with two fuels, will now work with the FAA on phase-one testing, which will begin this fall and conclude in fall 2015.

“We’re committed to removing harmful lead from general aviation fuel,” said Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. “This work will benefit the environment and provide a safe and available fuel for our general aviation community.”

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Bombardier Challenger 350 Jet Receives EASA Certification, Russian Business Aviation Market + MORE

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Four reasons why there’s economic optimism in Russia

FlyCorporate sits down with Alfa-Bank Chief Economic Analyst Natalia Orlova to talk about the current political environment in Russia. Orlova offers four reasons why optimism should prevail.

“Considering the current political environment, on top of an already depressed economy, it’s easy to see why many consider the forecast for business aviation in Russia to be ‘gloomy’. To counter this ‘doom and gloom’ forecast, I’d like to present the case for economic optimism in Russia.

Bombardier’s view on the Russian market

With little prospect of an economic resurgence any time soon, business jet activity in Europe and Russia is reported to be generally down from historic levels.

Bombardier Business Aircraft VP Europe, Africa & Middle East Trevor Lambarth and Regional VP Central & Eastern Europe, CIS & Russia Valeria Kolyuchaya recently talked to FlyCorporate’s Phil Rose about Bombardier’s view on the Russian market.

Honeywell predicts that over the next five years demand for business aircraft in Europe will represent only about 12% of global demand — far less than in the past. Does this correspond with what you’re seeing across the region?

Lambarth: The European business jet fleet currently accounts for approximately 10% of the worldwide bizjet installed base. Europe is the second largest market for business aviation and we expect it to remain among the three most active markets — generating the most revenues — over the next 10 years.

Based on our market forecast, we anticipate close to 1,670 deliveries (industry total) in Europe by 2022.


Bombardier Challenger 350 aircraft granted full type certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency on September 2, 2014

EASA-registered customers to start taking delivery of the new aircraft

Bombardier, the world’s leading business aircraft manufacturer, announced today that the Challenger 350 aircraft has received full type certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Challenger 350 aircraft granted full type certification from the EASA

“Our Challenger 350 aircraft successfully entered into service this past June and made its European debut at the Farnborough airshow in July. With certification now in-hand, we are eager to start delivering EASA-registered units to our customers,” said Éric Martel, President, Bombardier Business Aircraft. “We have very strong demand for this aircraft and customers who are already operating it are delighted with its increased performance and new cabin design.”

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Challenger 350 to debut at LABACE, Myanmar’s first bizav center opens, Piaggio prop deal

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Challenger 350 to debut at Latin American Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition

Bombardier Business Aircraft will debut the Challenger 350 and will showcase four of its business aircraft at this year’s Latin American Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (LABACE) at Congonhas airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil from August 12-14, 2014.

Challenger 350 to debut at LABACE


Hartzell Propeller to Supply Lightweight 5-Blade Props for Piaggio Avanti EVO

Hartzell Propeller Inc. will supply new advanced lightweight propellers to Piaggio Aero Industries for its third generation twin-engine Avanti EVO, the world’s fastest production turboprop.

Hartzwell 5 blade props for Avanti EVO

For the EVO, Hartzell worked with Piaggio to develop new highly swept wide-chord aluminum alloy propellers that in conjunction with changes to the nacelle and engine exhaust geometry combine to reduce external noise by 68 percent or five dB(A). Passenger comfort is also improved by a cabin noise reduction of 20 percent, or one dB(A), attributable in large measure to Hartzell’s five-blade scimitar design.

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Bombardier Business Aircraft delivered 38 business jets, GAMA report + more

Monday, August 4th, 2014

Bombardier Aerospace reported second-quarter revenues of $2.5 billion

Bombardier Aerospace reported second-quarter revenues of $2.5 billion, up from $2.3 billion a year ago, thanks to “higher deliveries of regional airliners but offset by lower business jet shipments due to the Challenger 350 transition,” noted Bombardier president and CEO Pierre Beaudoin. The division reported a pre-tax profit of $141 million in the quarter, some $3 million more than in the same period last year.

Bombardier shipped 19 ultra-long-range Globals in second quarter

Bombardier shipped 19 ultra-long-range Globals in the second quarter of 2014

Bombardier Business Aircraft delivered 38 business jets–two Learjet 70/75s, nine Challenger 300/350s, eight Challenger 605s and 19 Global 5000/6000s–in the second quarter versus 45 a year ago (four Learjet 60XRs, 16 Challenger 300s, 11 Challenger 605s and 14 Global 5000/6000s). In the first half, Bombardier delivered 81 business jets, three fewer than in the first six months of 2013.

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Airbus Group announced yesterday that it is “pursuing disposal options for its investment in Dassault Aviation.” Airbus’s 46-percent share gives it no power in decision making and is only a legacy of the share the French state used to have in Dassault. The Dassault family, via the GIMD holding company, owns slightly more than 50 percent of the manufacturer of the Rafale fighter and the Falcon business jets.

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General Aviation Manufacturers Association: Business Jet Rally Continues in Second Quarter

Business jet manufacturers saw a better than 12-percent jump in first-half global deliveries year over year, with 318 private jets handed over during the first six months, according to statistics released today by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA).

“The encouraging numbers in the piston airplane and business jet segments drive the industry’s optimism about global general aviation growth, but deliveries of turboprops this quarter were flat,” GAMA president and CEO Pete Bunce said today at EAA AirVenture 2014. “Here at Oshkosh, enthusiasm toward the light airplane industry is clearly palpable.”

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