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Bombardier Global 6000 at Paris Air Show, 68 million G650 for Sale, G450 delivered

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

Bombardier shows off Global 6000 corporate jet at Paris Air Show

You can charter a  Bombardier Global 6000 business jet or any of the Global line from JetOptions

Bombardier Global 6000 Paris Air Show 2015 cockpit Bombardier Global 6000 Paris Air Show 2015 2 Bombardier Global 6000 Paris Air Show 2015 1 Bombardier Global 6000 Paris Air Show 2015 cabin interior

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Airlines over order at Paris Airshow

The last week was a good one to be a commercial aircraft salesman. Airlines and leasing companies placed options for 1,223 aircraft worth $69 billion at list prices at the Paris Airshow this week. (Obviously many of these aircraft will not be delivered to airlines and no one paid list price, but we should not let that get in the way of a good story).

Airbus and Boeing have sold out production for an astonishing eight to 10 years. Low oil prices are helping airlines make profits and carriers and leasing companies are keen to buy.  Both manufacturers have had three years of record orders. This is a complete contrast to business jet OEMs where backlogs are still falling. Commercial OEMs are upping production whilst we will see less business jets delivered this year rather than next. Bombardier did not announce big orders for the C-Series, but hopefully these are on the way.

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Luxury foodie breaks in Lincoln fit for a king

With Magna Carta celebrations in full swing in Lincoln, all eyes are on the historic city which possesses the world’s best-preserved version of the document. Lying in a brand new state-of-the art vault at Lincoln Castle, the city is the only place where Magna Carta can be seen next to the 1217 Charter of the Forest.

These precious documents are no doubt the city’s pride and joy and some of Lincolnshire’s best-known food and drink producers have unveiled very special creations to mark 800 years since Magna Carta was sealed by King John.

Take a look at these three suggestions for luxury foodie breaks that are fit for a king: For beer lovers, for cheese lovers and for local food lovers…

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Flexjet takes first G450

Fractional operator Flexjet has taken delivery of its first Gulfstream G450. You can charter a Gulfstream 450 from JetOptions.

G450 msn 4330 / N450FX left Gulfstream’s Savannah production facility on June 18, flying to Bradley International Airport. Following a short stop the aircraft departed to Cleveland’s Cuyahoga County Airport.

Gulfstream 450 N450FX

Flexjets placed a $1 billion order for 50 Gulfstream jets in 2014. The deal included firm orders for 10 G450s, six G500s and six G650s.

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Irish tycoon Denis O’Brien puts G650 up for sale

Irish born telecoms tycoon Denis O’Brien has put his 2012 build Gulfstream G650 up for sale.Gulftream G650 MSN 6032 / M-GSIX was delivered new to O’Brien in July 2013. The aircraft is listed for sale with OGARAJETS of Atlanta Georgia, with a price tag of $67.95 million.
2012 build Gulfstream G650 up for sale 2012 build Gulfstream G650 up for sale 2012 build Gulfstream G650 up for sale 2012 build Gulfstream G650 up for sale

According to the listing, the aircraft has flown 1,734 hours and 558 landings since new…

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Chasing business jets – a guide for business jet spotters

Business jets do not just give pleasure to the people that fly in them. Many people get a buzz just from just seeing a one.

Others take this passion more seriously. There are thousands of amateur aviation photographers (many as good as professionals) and planespotters looking to track down business jets.

Whilst most photographers just collect images, planespotters collect aircraft registrations or manufacturers serial numbers (MSNs) by seeing the aircraft. (You can usually work out the MSN from the aircraft registration, although this is hard in some countries.)

Falcon50_T7DFX at Le Bourget

Aviation photographers are spread throughout the world. With the US and Japan in particular seeming to have many good ones (Japan also deserves credit for encouraging enthusiasts, every airport has at least one viewing platform). Although there are planespotters in every country, it is most popular in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. No one knows exactly how many planespotters are in each country but there are specialist magazines and books serving the community.

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The Monaco 2050 superyacht private-jet set

A step up from offering a helipad and helicopter, the proposed Monaco 2050 superyacht features a detachable private jet that takes off vertically

A superyacht built and decorated to their precise specifications remains an enduringly popular indulgence among the world’s richest, and the unparalleled degree of personalisation they can avail of means their purchases can vary drastically from one another.

Monaco+2050+1 superyacht

Moscow-born Monaco resident Vasily Klyukin, the co-founder of Russia’s Sovcombank, is one entrepreneur seeking to more radically shape the form of future superyachts, by releasing a concept design for the type of vessel he would like to own in the years to come.

His Monaco 2050 proposal (so called because he expects it to set a new industry standard within the next 35 years) considers what billionaires will next desire now that yachts with helipads and helicopters are becoming something of a superyacht standard. In their place Klyukin envisions a boat that will also serve as a launch pad for private jets that can take off vertically.

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MEPs Meet Business Aviation, Business Aviation in Europe and Americas

Friday, October 10th, 2014

The Cayman Islands has long been a leading jurisdiction for aviation finance transactions in both the commercial and business jet sectors. Among the reasons for this are the Cayman Islands’ tax neutral status, its political stability, the developed, English-based legal system, supporting infrastructure and high-quality service providers, the flexible and commercial nature of its legislation and its adherence to international standards of compliance.

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MEPs meet business aviation

As the newly formed European Parliament (EP) takes shape, the EBAA is calling for Members of the EP (MEPs) to get up close and personal with business aviation and gain a better understanding of its operations before work resumes on the portfolios that affect aviation.

“I felt it was important that our new colleagues, those who just joined the Transport Committee, get a concrete sense of the different elements composing the air transport mosaic,” says MEP Marian-Jean Marinescu, Member of the Transport Committee. “On-demand business aviation is a world per se, and as needs and business evolve, legislation must evolve too – especially when we are talking about aviation.”

There were 63,068 business aviation flight departures in September, 1,237 more than in August, equal to a YOY increase of 35 flights, +0.1%. The European market remains about 1% off 2013 YTD. This month the good news was that Europe´s top 6 country markets all expanded, YOY. The UK´s growth was exceptionally strong, +10%, and France, Europe´s No.1 market, increased activity by 6%. The overall picture has a negative distortion due to collapse in demand for business aviation in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, and to a certain extent the whole CEE region.

WINGX Business Aviation Monitor – September 2014: Western Europe pulling ahead

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Business aviation in the Americas and beyond

Latin America is a supremely diverse and promising market. It includes the second and third largest business aviation fleets in the world — Brazil and Mexico. Embraer Executive Jets President & CEO Marco Túlio Pellegrini talked recently with FlyCorporate’s Phil Rose about how Embraer sees the prospects for business aviation in Latin America and the rest of the world.

Embraer Sees Great Prospects for Latin America

Some predictions suggest that over the next five years demand for business aircraft in Latin America will represent as much as 18–20% of global demand — outstripping traditionally strong markets such as Europe. Does this correspond with what you’re seeing across the region?

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FAI completes Nuremberg FBO expansion, The Year of the Private Jet Lessor, Widespread Storm Creates Single Worst Winter Travel Day + MORE Feb 14th

Friday, February 14th, 2014

JSSI offers new Honeywell engine programme

JSSI offers new Platinium engine programme for the Honeywell HTF7350.

 JSSI offers new Honeywell engine programme

Jet Support Services Inc has introduced a new Platinum Engine Programme for the Honeywell HTF7350, which powers the new Bombardier Challenger 350 business jet.
Neil Book, president and CEO of JSSI, said: “As deliveries of the new Challenger 350 aircraft come to market, JSSI is ready to provide buyers a comprehensive Engine Program that will enhance their warranties and provide financial stability to their asset investment for years to come.”…

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FAI completes Nuremberg FBO expansion

After only 8 months of construction time German Air Ambulance and VIP Operator FAI rent-a-jet AG has opened its Hangar 7 at Nuremberg International Airport. This expansion is boosting FAI’s total hangar space to more than 5,000 m2 plus another 4,000 m2 of maintenance shops and offices for engineering and administration. With a usable space of more than 9,000 m2, this is representing one of the largest FBO’s in Germany’s General Aviation. Simultaneously FAI has created a unique FBO-concept: the ground operation is designated to landside, while aircrafts arrive and depart through 2 roller gates separating FAI’s ground operation from the secured airport operation.

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Nearly 6,000 and counting. That’s the number of flights cancelled as of noon on February 13th. Already this year, there have been more than 71,000 cancellations—and we’re only six weeks in. If you want to get a sense of what this means for travelers across the country, just take a look at FlightAware’s aptly named Misery Map, which highlights not only where the bottlenecks are worst, but also how they’re impacting the rest of the aviation system.

If you’ve got an airline ticket for the next few days—or have any important travel scheduled during this wild winter—we’ve got some advice for navigating the storms….

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Widespread Storm Creates Single Worst Winter Travel Day

Heavy, wet snow crippled travel options for millions of people Thursday, with more than 5,800 canceled flights by midmorning making for the worst single travel day this winter, according to masFlight.

The current storm has so far caused about 11,600 cancellations, compared with 9,700 during last week’s weather incident Feb. 2-6, said masFlight, a data company specializing in airline operations.”I think this has a bigger effect because it’s up and down the coast,” said Michael Benjamin, CEO of FlightView, a flight tracking site.

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In 2014, we could finally see a private jet lessor match the kind of success enjoyed by helicopter leasing companies over the past few years.
Leasing aircraft is common practice in the airline world, with many airlines choosing to lease aircraft rather the purchase them outright.
There are many reasons why airlines choose to do this – from a lack of start-up capital through to leasing new aircraft until ordered aircraft are delivered – but the one thing that ties all of these reasons together is that the airlines in question don’t have a costly asset on their books depreciating rapidly…

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ExecuJet Indonesia prepares to move to new facility at Bali International Airport.

ExecuJet will move to new Bali facility

PT ExecuJet Indonesia, a joint venture between ExecuJet Aviation Group and majority owner PT Dimitri Utama Abadi, is preparing to move from the temporary general aviation  terminal at Bali International Airport to a brand new private jet facility in the next two months…

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Another winter travel wallop, New Zealand’s Luxury Lodges, London’s Langham Hotel, Russia travel tips, Orkney’s Balfour Castle Feb 12th

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

New Zealand Lodges

 A sweep of sophisticated new luxury lodges is giving travellers fresh impetus to explore the beauty of New Zealand.

Voted our readers’ favourite country in the 2013 Telegraph Travel Awards, New Zealand has unquestionable appeal. Its dramatic Alpine scenery, Polynesian culture and spread of extreme-sports activities have long lured adventurers and backpackers, but a sweep of new luxury lodges are now providing British travellers reluctant to travel all that way – expect to spend 24 hours on a plane to get there –  with new incentives to visit.

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London’s Langham hotel takes a theatrical turn

 The Langham’s luxury suites provide an unusual stage for a series of Tennessee Williams plays.

There is something innately theatrical about the daily life of a grand hotel. Persuade a member of staff in any of London’s great grandes-dames to show you last night’s “incident log”, and your jaw may drop. Even at the spiffiest places, reports of “naked woman found wandering in sixth-floor corridor” are more common than you’d think.

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Spotlight Russia: 7 golden travel tips

Be prepared to glam up and act the gentleman or lady. But, no, you don’t have to drink vodka. What lies beyond Sochi? Only the largest country in the world in terms of area.Post-Olympics, should you find yourself stretching out to explore the rest of Russia — especially Moscow and St. Petersburg — a little cultural background can help you make the most of this dazzling land.

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Away from it all in Orkney’s Balfour Castle

On a serene stretch of the Orkney Islands, Balfour Castle is offering exceptional luxury in the wilds of Scotland.

There are many reasons to visit Orkney, the remote archipelago 20 miles or so off the north coast of Scotland: wild landscapes, lashing seas, extraordinary prehistoric remains (the Neolithic village of Skara Brae should surely be as famous as Stonehenge, even if the rings of stones are less impressive), not to mention sights relating to World War II (the Nissen huts turned “Italian chapel”, built by prisoners of war, on Lamb Holm, the Churchill Barriers, Scapa Flow)…

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Another winter travel wallop

Just stay home. That’s the message from officials in the path of the South’s latest nasty winter weather.

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