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Bombardier Global 6000 at Paris Air Show, 68 million G650 for Sale, G450 delivered

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

Bombardier shows off Global 6000 corporate jet at Paris Air Show

You can charter a  Bombardier Global 6000 business jet or any of the Global line from JetOptions

Bombardier Global 6000 Paris Air Show 2015 cockpit Bombardier Global 6000 Paris Air Show 2015 2 Bombardier Global 6000 Paris Air Show 2015 1 Bombardier Global 6000 Paris Air Show 2015 cabin interior

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Airlines over order at Paris Airshow

The last week was a good one to be a commercial aircraft salesman. Airlines and leasing companies placed options for 1,223 aircraft worth $69 billion at list prices at the Paris Airshow this week. (Obviously many of these aircraft will not be delivered to airlines and no one paid list price, but we should not let that get in the way of a good story).

Airbus and Boeing have sold out production for an astonishing eight to 10 years. Low oil prices are helping airlines make profits and carriers and leasing companies are keen to buy.  Both manufacturers have had three years of record orders. This is a complete contrast to business jet OEMs where backlogs are still falling. Commercial OEMs are upping production whilst we will see less business jets delivered this year rather than next. Bombardier did not announce big orders for the C-Series, but hopefully these are on the way.

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Luxury foodie breaks in Lincoln fit for a king

With Magna Carta celebrations in full swing in Lincoln, all eyes are on the historic city which possesses the world’s best-preserved version of the document. Lying in a brand new state-of-the art vault at Lincoln Castle, the city is the only place where Magna Carta can be seen next to the 1217 Charter of the Forest.

These precious documents are no doubt the city’s pride and joy and some of Lincolnshire’s best-known food and drink producers have unveiled very special creations to mark 800 years since Magna Carta was sealed by King John.

Take a look at these three suggestions for luxury foodie breaks that are fit for a king: For beer lovers, for cheese lovers and for local food lovers…

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Flexjet takes first G450

Fractional operator Flexjet has taken delivery of its first Gulfstream G450. You can charter a Gulfstream 450 from JetOptions.

G450 msn 4330 / N450FX left Gulfstream’s Savannah production facility on June 18, flying to Bradley International Airport. Following a short stop the aircraft departed to Cleveland’s Cuyahoga County Airport.

Gulfstream 450 N450FX

Flexjets placed a $1 billion order for 50 Gulfstream jets in 2014. The deal included firm orders for 10 G450s, six G500s and six G650s.

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Irish tycoon Denis O’Brien puts G650 up for sale

Irish born telecoms tycoon Denis O’Brien has put his 2012 build Gulfstream G650 up for sale.Gulftream G650 MSN 6032 / M-GSIX was delivered new to O’Brien in July 2013. The aircraft is listed for sale with OGARAJETS of Atlanta Georgia, with a price tag of $67.95 million.
2012 build Gulfstream G650 up for sale 2012 build Gulfstream G650 up for sale 2012 build Gulfstream G650 up for sale 2012 build Gulfstream G650 up for sale

According to the listing, the aircraft has flown 1,734 hours and 558 landings since new…

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Chasing business jets – a guide for business jet spotters

Business jets do not just give pleasure to the people that fly in them. Many people get a buzz just from just seeing a one.

Others take this passion more seriously. There are thousands of amateur aviation photographers (many as good as professionals) and planespotters looking to track down business jets.

Whilst most photographers just collect images, planespotters collect aircraft registrations or manufacturers serial numbers (MSNs) by seeing the aircraft. (You can usually work out the MSN from the aircraft registration, although this is hard in some countries.)

Falcon50_T7DFX at Le Bourget

Aviation photographers are spread throughout the world. With the US and Japan in particular seeming to have many good ones (Japan also deserves credit for encouraging enthusiasts, every airport has at least one viewing platform). Although there are planespotters in every country, it is most popular in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. No one knows exactly how many planespotters are in each country but there are specialist magazines and books serving the community.

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The Monaco 2050 superyacht private-jet set

A step up from offering a helipad and helicopter, the proposed Monaco 2050 superyacht features a detachable private jet that takes off vertically

A superyacht built and decorated to their precise specifications remains an enduringly popular indulgence among the world’s richest, and the unparalleled degree of personalisation they can avail of means their purchases can vary drastically from one another.

Monaco+2050+1 superyacht

Moscow-born Monaco resident Vasily Klyukin, the co-founder of Russia’s Sovcombank, is one entrepreneur seeking to more radically shape the form of future superyachts, by releasing a concept design for the type of vessel he would like to own in the years to come.

His Monaco 2050 proposal (so called because he expects it to set a new industry standard within the next 35 years) considers what billionaires will next desire now that yachts with helipads and helicopters are becoming something of a superyacht standard. In their place Klyukin envisions a boat that will also serve as a launch pad for private jets that can take off vertically.

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Gulfstream Success With Large Business Jets, Airbus E-Fan, Private Jets Sun Valley, Cool Aviation Photos

Monday, May 13th, 2019

Gulfstream finds its flight path with spacious business jets

Investment in downturn has posed challenge to rivals

Even when the workers who build Gulfstream’s G650 business jet are on a break, it is easy to see that the world’s longest-range business jet is in demand. Every corner of the assembly building, on the edge of the historic port city of Savannah, is filled with components for new aircraft. Fuselages in various states of construction are jammed in nose to tail. Outside, aircraft wait to be fitted with luxurious interiors before heading off to start shuttling the world’s business and political elite between continents.

Gulfstream G650ER

The G650, introduced in 2012, is the most obvious illustration of how Gulfstream, part of General Dynamics, the military contractor, is benefiting from the resilient demand from the world’s wealthiest flyers for the most capable private aircraft. Demand for large jets — which accounted for 117 of the 150 aircraft that Gulfstream delivered last year — continued to grow throughout the economic downturn, fuelled by new demand from China and other emerging markets. Orders for the smaller aircraft popular with US and European companies for shorter trips slumped.

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Airbus E-Fan flies across English Channel

Didier Esteyne flew a plane powered solely by electricity across the English Channel, despite being beaten to the challenge hours earlier by another pilot.

A French pilot has flown a manned electric plane across the English Channel, despite missing out on making history at becoming the first pilot to do so.

Airbus E-Fan

Didier Esteyne was beaten to the challenge by a few hours by stunt pilot Hugues Duval.

Airbus E fan plane

The flight in Airbus Group’s E-Fan 1.0 plane flew in the reverse direction of Bleriot’s landmark Channel crossing 106 years ago on July 25, 1909.

He said: “Like so many others in aviation history, Louis Bleriot has been a hero and inspiration to me and it gives me great pride that I am able to honour his legacy.”

Video from Telegraph:

The two-seat E-Fan has a 31ft wing-span, is two metres in height, with a total engine power of 60 kiloWatt and it operates on a 120-cell lithium polymer battery system.

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Private Jets Flood Sun Valley for Mogul Camp

The flood of private jets pouring into Sun Valley for the annual media mogul’s conference is likely to overcrowd the local airport, officials say.

Private jet landing Sun Valley airport

As the Allen & Co. conference kicked off at the Sun Valley Resort in Idaho, officials at the nearby Friedman Memorial Airport expected up to 200 private jets landed Tuesday, making it one of the biggest private jet events of the year.

Additional planes are projected to come and go throughout the week, as billionaires, tech tycoons and media titans head to the five-day dealfest and ideas conference that’s become known as “billionaire’s summer camp.”

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July’s #Avgeek Gallery: 30 Cool Aviation Photos

It’s time for the July batch of amazing airplane and aviation photos from around the globe. Here are a three of them.

Boeing Eco Demonstrator

Boeing 777 300 Chicago O hare

A380 Super Jumbo

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Bombardier Biz Aviation, Mid-East Charter Market, Airbus, Legacy 450, Ban on St Tropez Private Jets

Wednesday, May 8th, 2019

Business aviation is constantly evolving, and we always keep up to date with training, education, trends, and news about the industry to better serve our clients. Following are business aviation news articles and stories from around the world that grabbed our attention this week ending December 2nd, 2016.

Bombardier to Showcase Its Class-Leading Business Jet Portfolio at MEBAA 2016

Bombardier display

Bombardier Business Aircraft announced it would showcase its class-defining business aircraft at this year’s Middle East Business Aviation Association (MEBAA) show at Al Maktoum International airport in Dubai (UAE) on December 6-8, 2016. The company’s most advanced business jets will be on static display, including the Learjet 75, Challenger 650, Global 5000 and Global 6000 aircraft.“Once again we are delighted to participate in full force at MEBAA with our stellar line-up of business jets,” said Peter

“Once again we are pleased to participate in full force at MEBAA with our stellar line-up of business jets,” said Peter Likoray, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, and Marketing, Bombardier Business Aircraft. “With a solid team and a fleet of more than 100 aircraft based in the Middle East, Bombardier is well-positioned to build on its current presence as a world-class provider of exceptional business aircraft in the region.“We expect the Middle East to remain a promising market for business aviation in the next ten years. Our market forecast predicts 350 deliveries valued at $12 billion over the next ten years, with Medium and Large category aircraft accounting for about 95 per cent of these deliveries,” he added.

Bombardier will display at MEBAA 16

“We expect the Middle East to remain a promising market for business aviation in the next ten years. Our market forecast predicts 350 deliveries valued at $12 billion over the next ten years, with Medium and Large category aircraft accounting for about 95 per cent of these deliveries,” he added.
Bombardier continues to grow its leadership position in the business aviation industry with the most comprehensive product portfolio and a superior service worldwide that provides customers with an outstanding onboard experience.

Learjet 75 aircraft: As part of the pioneer Learjet family, the Learjet 75 aircraft continues to set the standard by bringing large jet features to the most trusted light jet platform. As the only business jet in its class to feature an eight-seat double-club configuration, a flat floor throughout the cabin, and a pocket door for reduced noise levels, the class-defining Learjet 75 aircraft offers the ultimate in comfort and privacy.

Along with the Bombardier Vision flight deck, its modern interior was designed for style and comfort and features a new cabin management system with individual touchscreen monitors and full audio and video control, LED lighting throughout the entire aircraft, and a generous baggage suite.

The Learjet 75 aircraft’s powerful engines and new winglet design enable it to cruise at a speed of Mach 0.81* and climb to an impressive operating ceiling of 51,000 feet (15,545 m).* The Learjet 75 can also achieve an exceptional range capability greater than 2,000 NM (3,704 km),* and can fly four passengers and two crew members non-stop from Dubai to Istanbul.*

Challenger 650 aircraft: A powerful expression of high-end craftsmanship and functionality, the Challenger 650 aircraft is designed to be the most reliable business aircraft. The Challenger 650 business jet provides the ultimate in-flight experience with industry-leading connectivity, an immersive sound system, and a cabin management system that effortlessly brings it all together in the widest in-class cabin.

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MEBAA: Mixed Messages on Middle East Charter Market

If the Middle East’s business aviation market has peaked, nobody appears to have told the region’s two big charter players. Both Qatar Executive and Abu Dhabi’s Royal Jet have been investing heavily in metal. Royal Jet – the world’s largest Boeing Business Jets operator – has just put into service its seventh new 737-based BBJ. Its “twin” – also configured with 34-seats – was due to take Royal Jet’s BBJ fleet to eight at the end of November.

Meanwhile, in March this year, Doha-based Qatar Executive took delivery of its third Gulfstream G650ER – it has three more of the ultra-long-range flagship on order, together with up to 24 G500s and G600s. The commitment – firmed up and extended at last year’s EBACE business aviation show in Geneva – should by the early 2020s make the offshoot of the national airline the region’s biggest charter operator.

The Middle Eastern charter market remains a relatively young phenomenon. It did not exist before the emergence of Royal Jet from 2003. Royal Jet was then joined by several other high-profile brands and some third-party management companies offering charter services. While Qatar Executive entered the fray in 2009, subsequent years saw the demise of some players, including Abu Dhabi’s Prestige Jet and Rizon Jet of Qatar, as well as several smaller entrants.

As with many markets, eager entrepreneurs followed the pioneers, but only a handful have had the financial backing or robust business model to survive upsets such as the 2009 Dubai debt crisis or the current low oil price. “A lot of people were sold a dream that was far from reality,” says Paras Dhamecha, executive director of Empire Aviation Group, a Dubai-based aircraft management company that has continued to thrive.

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Airbus Corporate Jet is Highlighted at MEBAA Show

Stylish cabin takes business jet travel to a higher plane

Airbus Corporate Jets is exhibiting an ACJ318 at the MEBAA show, emphasizing the greater comfort and space that its ACJ320 Family offers when compared with traditional business jets.
The aircraft, which has the widest and tallest cabin of any business jet while being similar in size externally, is operated by Nasjet. Its cabin has several lounge areas, an office that converts to a bedroom, bathrooms and extensive storage space. Delivering intercontinental range, the ACJ318 can fly nonstop Middle East-Europe and is certificated to carry 19 passengers.
“Airbus corporate jets provide a heritage of comfort, space, and reliability that is unmatched in the business jet world, so when you fly to save time, you’ll find that time flies in an ACJ,” comments Airbus Chief Operating Officer, Customers John Leahy.Airbus corporate jets have a strong presence in the important Middle East and North African region, with around 60 of them in service with companies, Airbus corporate jets have a strong presence in the important Middle East and North African region, with around 60 of them in service with companies, individuals, and governments.
Airbus corporate jets have long set the industry standard in enhanced protection fly-by-wire controls, time and cost-saving centralized maintenance, and weight-saving carbon fiber.
They now go even further, offering fuel-saving new-generation engines and Sharklets in the ACJ320neo Family, which brings even more of the world within nonstop reach.


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We Fly: Embraer Legacy 450

Brazilian aircraft maker hits its design targets with the recently launched fly-by-wire mid-light business jet.

A decade ago, some people scoffed when Embraer announced its intention to create a complete line of business airplanes, from entry-level jets to behemoth biz liners, especially when the total of the company’s business aviation experience to that point had been creating the Legacy 600 from the ERJ-135 regional jet. But once the Phenom series of light jets — the 100 and the 300 models, both capable of operation with a single pilot — appeared, people began paying much closer attention to what the Brazilian company was creating. By the end of 2014, the Phenom 300 had become the most delivered business jet in the world and earned the same honor again in 2015. By then, nobody was scoffing anymore.

In April 2008, Embraer announced another series of jets designed to neatly fit between the Phenom 300 and the Legacy 600/650. The company again surprised some observers when it revealed that the new airplanes, called the Legacy 450 and the 500, would be completely fly-by-wire machines, something unheard of in the midsize jet category. Also, the two new aircraft are so similar that only the sharpest eyes will notice the Legacy 500 is a slightly longer cabin version of the 450. The Legacy 450’s first flight in December 2013 came about a year after the 500 first took to the sky. By mid-2016 the company had delivered 31 Legacy 500s and three 450s.

Embraer Legacy 450 and 500

When the mid-light Legacy 450, as Embraer calls it, was being engineered, the expected range stood at approximately 2,300 nm with four passengers on board. By the time the 450 was officially announced at the 2013 NBAA Convention in Las Vegas, the airplane’s range had climbed to 2,500 nm after a slight increase in engine thrust. When Flying evaluated the 450 at the company’s Melbourne, Florida, production facility recently, test pilots had already proven the machine capable of flying nearly 2,600 nm with the same load. Then, just to keep things interesting, Embraer recently announced another range boost to just over 2,900 nm, with a 329 nm reserve and no payload changes thanks to some minor wing alterations that made room for more fuel. Not wanting early-delivery 450 owners to be left behind (since the first aircraft left the factory in December 2015), the mod was announced as retrofittable at no cost.

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Super Rich Up In Arms Over St Tropez Private Jet Ban

Wealthy foreign homeowners in St Tropez are fuming over new rules that prevent private jets from a host of countries, including Britain, from using the glitzy French resort’s local airport.

Under new regulations, jets flying from countries outside of Europe’s passport-free Schengen zone are no longer able to land at the La Mole St Tropez airstrip.

La Mole Airport St Tropez

This has affected travelers from the UK, Russia and the Middle East among others, whose planes account for almost a third of flights to and from the Riviera town.
The resort is a frequent location for stars from Leonardo DiCaprio to George Clooney and Bono and Liam Neeson.

Local businesses and officials are up in arms over the consequences of stripping St Tropez’s customs status via a European directive, meaning it, along with a dozen or so other small airports, can no longer serve as a border entry point for such private or business jets.

Other airports, including the upper-crust Alpine ski resort of Courchevel, lost their right to receive non-Schengen flights three years ago. Cédric Lescop, head of private aircraft company Jetfly said: “I have angry customers who bought homes for five to 25 million euros and don’t understand.

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Falcon 7X, Global Jet Capital Acquisition, Europe Flight Activity Down, Airbus Pax Stacking

Monday, May 6th, 2019

The Falcon 7X is a Business Jet That Thinks It’s a Racing Plane

Reno Air Races attendees got to see the Dassault Falcon 7X pull some serious speed around the track this year

At the National Championship Air Races in Reno, spectators get to watch low-altitude wingtip-to-wingtip racing action around a set racecourse. That’s the main event, but the 200,000 onlookers are also treated to fantastic military and civilian aerial demonstrations. When a group of highly modified WWII aircraft or high-performance kit-built airplanes aren’t furiously circling the course, a series of stunt pilots and aerobatic performers put on a show. This year, though, attendees got to see something a little different.

Dassault Falcon 7x at Reno air races

Each day at noon, French aircraft manufacturer Dassault Falcon flew a solo lap around the circuit in its flagship Falcon 7X trijet. The flight was for exhibition only; the plane did not officially compete in the races. But with a top speed pushing 600 mph and impressive maneuverability, the 7X would make for fine competition among the other fast movers in the Jet Class. Not bad for a business jet.

Dassault Falcon 7x at the Reno Air Races

The 7X was born from technology found in the company’s military fighter aircraft like the Rafale. That includes becoming the first business jet with a digital fly-by-wire flight control system. Since certification in 2007, Falcons have become known known for their robust design, unparalleled flying qualities, and spacious quiet cabins.

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Global Jet Capital buys $2.5 billion GE Corporate Aircraft Finance portfolio

Global Jet Capital, the specialist business jet financier that launched last year, has bought GE’s $2.5 billion US corporate aircraft finance portfolio. The 16 people who work in GE’s corporate jet finance team will also move to Global Jet Capital.

The portfolio consists of more than 300 aircraft in the US, Canada, Mexico and Latin America. It is made up of both loans and leases.

“We are investing heavily in growing the business both organically and through strategic acquisitions such as this one with GE. This is a prime example of our industry expertise and investment capital coming together to evaluate and identify an opportunity to expand the business in a disciplined, carefully measured way,” said Shawn Vick, executive director of Global Jet Capital. “The price point of these business aircraft range between $25 and $75 million on average, and corporate users and high net worth individuals will seek competitive financing solutions rather than allocate their own cash resources which are better invested in their own businesses.”

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European flight activity continues to decline in September

There were 4.3% fewer business aviation flights in September 2015, versus the same period in 2014.

According to WINGX Advance’s September Business Aviation Monitor, there were significant drops in flight activity in key business aviation markets in Western Europe.

The steepest drop was in the UK, where an eight percent year-on-year drop was recorded, with similar declines also seen in Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

The steepest drops in activity were seen in Russia, Turkey and Estonia, with all three countries seeing double digit declines.

Whilst most of Europe saw a slowdown in activity, there were a few countries where the flight activity has risen.

Iceland, Portugal and the former Eastern bloc countries helped Europe’s activity trend for 2015 to be -1.4%.

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This story is another reason why private jet charter is better than commercial:

No, Airbus, I Don’t Want to Be Stacked

No thank you, Airbus, I don’t fancy sitting on top of other passengers in an A380 or larger plane, and worrying about more people breathing the same recycled, often staler, air pumped into the cabin.

Airbus proposal for people stacking

Reports have been emerging that Airbus filed a U.S. patent application this month to stack passengers on two levels within the same cabin.

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Gulfstream, Airbus, NY Times, Aviation Week, and NBAA business aviation posts from Twitter June 23rd 2015

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

 Aviation news from Twitter:

 Flexjet receives first Gulfstream 450 and you can charter one from JetOptions

If you like aviation follow Airbus on Twitter

 Aviation Week and Boeing’s CEO transition

 Aviation video of Gulfstream 450 livery being applied

 Aviation Week analyzes Bombardier CRJ’s aftermarket

 Aviation Week 1955 ad

 JetOptions is a member of National Business Aviation Association (NBAA)

Gulfstream Renewable Fuels Agreement and G280, G500, G550, G600 G650ER News

Monday, May 18th, 2015

There is quite a bit of business aviation news from Gulfstream:

Low-Carbon, Renewable Jet Fuel To Be Used In Daily Operations

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. and its fuel supplier, World Fuel Services Inc., recently finalized a three-year agreement that provides Gulfstream with a consistent supply of renewable fuels for its daily flight operations in Savannah.

The fuel is a 30/70 blend of low-carbon, drop-in renewable fuel and Jet-A. It provides the same performance as conventional, petroleum-based jet fuel and requires no changes to factory-standard engines or aircraft. Each gallon of renewable fuel burned is expected to achieve a more than 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, relative to petroleum-based jet fuel, on a lifecycle basis.

“This agreement with World Fuel is a testament to Gulfstream’s commitment to sustainability,” said Larry Flynn, president, Gulfstream. “We were the first in the business aviation industry to fly our full fleet to the National Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition on renewable fuels, and the Gulfstream G450 was the first business jet to cross the Atlantic using renewable fuels.

With this agreement, Gulfstream is expected to become the first business jet manufacturer to use renewable fuels on a day-to-day basis, another step in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and help our industry achieve its sustainability goals.”

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Gulfstream Makes Significant Progress On G500 And G600 Programs

More Than 34,000 Hours Of Lab Testing Complete

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. today announced that development programs for its all-new aircraft family, the Gulfstream G500 and G600, are well under way; with two of five G500 flight-test aircraft complete and the remaining three in production. The G500 has completed its operational checks and is undergoing taxi validation prior to first flight.

Gulfstream G500

“Thanks to the hard work, commitment and innovation of our employees, we’ve already achieved several program milestones,” said Dan Nale, senior vice president, Programs, Engineering and Test, Gulfstream.

Gulfstream G600

Gulfstream introduced the G500 and G600 on Oct. 14, 2014, at one of its new manufacturing facilities in Savannah. During the event, the first G500 rolled out under its own power.

Gulfstream G500


Since then, Gulfstream has inducted two G500 aircraft into the flight-test center in preparation for officially launching the flight-test program later this quarter. Additionally, ground vibration and structural mode interaction testing are complete; the structural test article achieved limit load; and all suppliers have validated the aircraft safety of flight requirements, clearing the aircraft for flight.

Gulfstream has also started manufacturing the first G600 aircraft, which will be used as part of the four-aircraft flight-test program. Wind-tunnel testing for both aircraft is complete, and more than 34,000 hours of lab testing have been logged. Additionally, the company recently started testing in the G600 integration test facility (ITF) and initiated construction of the G600 iron bird, which will allow full evaluation of the aircraft’s systems and software.

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Aircraft Links Casablanca With New York And Dubai

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. recently celebrated a milestone with the entry-into-service of its first G280 business jet registered in Morocco. The G280 received a type acceptance certificate in March from Morocco’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation, whose approval was based on the aircraft’s type certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in February 2013.

Gulfstream G280

“We are delighted that this outstanding aircraft has been delivered to North Africa,” said Scott Neal, senior vice president, Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Gulfstream. “The G280’s class-leading range, technology, fuel efficiency and comfort have made it a popular choice for customers since it entered the marketplace in November 2012.”

Gulfstream G280

With a range of 3,600 nautical miles/6,667 kilometers at Mach 0.80, the G280 can fly nonstop from Casablanca to New York and Dubai.  The aircraft has tremendous performance capabilities and the most comfortable cabin in its class with the Gulfstream-designed cabin management and high-definition entertainment systems, industry-leading cabin sound levels, 19 super-sized windows and access to the baggage compartment from the cabin.

Gulfstream G280

This G280’s delivery flight to Morocco included an opening-leg journey from Gulfstream’s completions facility in Dallas to Santa Maria Island in the Azores. The distance of 3,572 nm/6,615 km was covered in 6 hours, 59 minutes.

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Milestone Delivery Reflects G550’s Status As Market Leader

Aerospace Corp. recently delivered the 500th Gulfstream G550. The customer, Abbott, headquartered in Abbott Park, Illinois, has taken delivery of the aircraft.

Gulfstream G550

“The Gulfstream G550 is one of the most capable and dependable business jets in the skies today,” said Scott Neal, senior vice president, Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Gulfstream. “With an average NBAA Dispatch Reliability rate of 99.9 percent, the G550 consistently proves its mettle as a vital business tool, allowing companies to advance their business around the world effectively and efficiently. Given its best-in-class payload and range benefits, the G550 is also a great value for operators, another reason why this aircraft is the market leader in its class.”

Gulfstream G550

“Gulfstream has been a long-standing supplier of our aviation needs,” said Steven Hawkins, director of aviation for Abbott. “We congratulate them for attaining this milestone.”

The G550 can fly up to 51,000 feet/15,545 meters and at speeds up to Mach 0.885. Powered by two Rolls-Royce BR710 engines, the aircraft can carry eight passengers and four crew 6,750 nautical miles/12,501 kilometers. The G550 cabin can be configured with three or four seating areas and can accommodate up to 18 passengers.

Gulfstream G550

The G550 features the PlaneView cockpit along with Gulfstream’s Enhanced Vision System and the optional Synthetic Vision-Primary Flight Display, which enhances safety through improved pilot situational awareness. The G550 flight deck also launched Gulfstream PlaneConnect, an advanced system that automatically transmits reports on the aircraft’s condition to maintenance experts on the ground, facilitating a quick resolution of any possible issues.

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Gulfstream G650ER Continues Record Run

Aircraft Connects Major Hubs, Claims Two More Speed Records

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. recently announced that its newest flagship, the Gulfstream G650ER, has connected three cities in record time.

Gulfstream G650ER

On April 23, the aircraft departed London Luton Airport and touched down at Hong Kong International Airport, flying 5,588 nautical miles/10,349 kilometers at an average speed of Mach 0.90 for 10 hours and 27 minutes. The aircraft then departed Hong Kong on April 25 and flew 5,905 nm/10,936 km at an average speed of Mach 0.90, landing at King County International Airport/Boeing Field in Seattle to complete the flight in 10 hours and 25 minutes. Both times, the aircraft landed with fuel in excess of National Business Aviation Association’s instrument flight rules reserves.

Gulfstream G650ER

“The G650ER sets a new standard in business travel,” said Scott Neal, senior vice president, Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Gulfstream. “Many of our customers routinely travel these routes. Being able to get them there faster is one of the many reasons why the G650ER is the most capable and technologically advanced business jet on the market.”

Pending approval by the U.S. National Aeronautic Association, the city-pair records will be sent to the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale in Switzerland for recognition as world records.

Gulfstream G650ER

In addition to these recent records, the G650ER set two speed records during flight testing in 2014 when it flew from Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia, at an average speed of Mach 0.86, and then from Hong Kong to Teterboro, New Jersey, at an average speed of Mach 0.865. In February, the aircraft circled the globe with just one stop and also completed the farthest flight in its history, traveling 8,000 nm/14,816 km from Singapore to Las Vegas nonstop.

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Gulfstream G500 Completes First Flight

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics, today announced that the all-new Gulfstream G500 successfully completed its first flight. The G500 is part of Gulfstream’s new family of clean-sheet aircraft, the G500 and G600, and the first of the two to begin flight tests.

Gulfstream G500 Completes First Flight

The G500 took off at 10:39 a.m. May 18 from Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport, with Gulfstream experimental test pilots Scott Martin and Kevin Claffy at the controls. Flight Test engineer Bill Osborne provided on-board support.

The aircraft climbed to an initial altitude of 10,500 feet/3,200 meters and reached a maximum altitude of 15,000 ft/4,572 m. During the 2-hour-and-16-minute flight, the crew exercised all primary flight control systems; evaluated handling qualities in takeoff and landing configurations; performed a simulated approach and go-around; and checked all systems using the SymmetryTM flight deck touchscreen controllers. The aircraft achieved a maximum air speed of 194 knots. It landed back in Savannah at 12:55 p.m. local time.

“The successful first flight of N500GA represents the tremendous investments we have made in the G500 program,” said Dan Nale, senior vice president, Programs, Engineering and Test, Gulfstream. “We have achieved this milestone thanks to Gulfstream’s world-class research and development teams and our commitment to setting new standards for business aviation.”

Years before this first flight, Gulfstream established four labs dedicated to the G500 program

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Business Aviation Activity Numbers Still Down, Pilatus PC-24 Takes Maiden Flight, Embraer 1st Quarter Sales Down

Monday, May 11th, 2015

Europe’s business aviation activity continues to decline. The decrease is mainly due to the reduction of activity from Russia due to sanctions. The Pilatus PC-24 takes its first flight and Embraer first quarter sales are down.

WINGX Business Aviation Activity Monitor – April 2015

Business Aviation Numbers Still Negative, Though Eurozone Slightly Recovering

There were 62,968 business aviation flight departures in Europe in April 2015, 508 fewer than in April 2014; a 0.8% YOY decline. The declining trend in 2015 has narrowed, but is still -2.7% year to date.

France and Germany propped up the market, gaining up to 4%. However this was largely driven by Piston and Turboprop activity. Business jets flew 57% of all flights in Europe, with jet charters falling 3% YOY.

The recent growth trend in the UK came off in April, with a 1% slowdown. This was evident in diminished activity at Luton and Farnborough, although Biggin Hill was one of Europe´s faster growing airports for the month.

Collapse in business aviation activity in Eastern Europe and Russia continues, with flights inbound from the CIS down 26%. Flights from Europe to Russia were down 20% YOY, less than YTD -25% trend, so the impact may be bottoming out.

The renewed slowdown in activity is clearly not just related to the Eurozone periphery, as indicated by flight reductions in Italy, Spain, Switzerland, particularly Belgium. Mostly the drop came in AOC flights.

There were still some growth regions, notably Turkey, Czech Republic, also Austria where Charter increased 8% YOY. Inbound flights from North America were up 6%, from North Africa up 14%, from Asia-Pacific, up 18%.

Ultra long range aircraft continued to gain activity, maintaining a 6% 12 month trend. Falcon 7X ULR jets flew 14% more YOY. Gulfstream ULR jets flew less, for example Gulfstream V/500 activity was down 6% this month.

Very light jet activity slumped in April, down 11% in flight hours, mostly due to fewer Owner flights. Overall, the light jet segment flew less, but there were strong gains for certain types, including CJ1 and Phenom 300.

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Pilatus PC-24 Takes Off on Its Maiden Flight

The first ever PC-24 Super Versatile Jet took off on its maiden flight today at 10.00 local time from Buochs airport. Just under 1800 Pilatus staff, all of whom are directly or indirectly involved in the PC-24 project, were there to applaud the business jet as it taxied for takeoff. Prototype P01, call sign HB-VXA, flew across central Switzerland for a total of 55 minutes. The flight went exactly as planned with no problems whatsoever.

Pilatus PC-24 takes off on maiden flight

The PC-24 is capable of exceptional performance, and this maiden flight was a first opportunity to showcase some impressive credentials: the twin-engine business jet took off from runway 07 in just under 600 m and climbed to 10,000 feet (approx. 3000 m) in around three minutes, where the two pilots completed a series of meticulously planned tests. The maiden flight followed a route across central Switzerland – from Altdorf to Brünig via Engelberg.

Pilatus PC-24 unveiled at European Business Aviation Expo 2014

Test pilot Paul Mulcahy, who has some 11,000 hours under his belt, flew the PC-24 as pilot in command. He has already test flown countless aircraft types and has acquired a wealth of experience on twin-engine business jets. “Everything looks great so far! Beautiful handling – the PC-24 flies just as expected – a real Pilatus aircraft!”, reported our second experienced test pilot, Reto Aeschlimann, by radio from the cockpit.

Throughout the flight the PC-24 was accompanied and monitored by a PC-21. As is normal on maiden flights, the PC-24 landing gear was not retracted on this occasion. Twelve flight test engineers watched the flight from the ground as they kept an eye on a stream of real-time flight data received from the PC-24. Had the need arisen, these experts could have given the pilots crucial decision-making information: another means of ensuring the safest possible conditions for the entire maiden flight.

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EMBRAER Releases First Quarter 2015 Results

Embraer Legacy 500


  • In the first quarter of 2015 (1Q15), Embraer delivered 20 commercial and 12 executive (10 light and 2 large) jets;
  • The Company’s firm order backlog ended the quarter at US$ 20.4 billion, compared to US$ 19.2 billion at the end of 1Q14 and$20.9 billion in backlog at the end of 2014;
  • As a result of aircraft deliveries, coupled with revenues from the Company’s Defense & Security business, 1Q15 revenues wereUS$ 1,055.9 million;
  • EBIT and EBITDA margins were 7.5% and 14.1%, respectively, in 1Q15, which were higher than the 7.4% EBIT margin and 12.2% EBITDA margin registered in 1Q14;
  • 1Q15 Net loss attributable to Embraer Shareholders and Loss per basic ADS totaled US$ (61.7) million and US$ (0.3370), respectively;
  • Adjusted Net Income in 1Q15 was $48.3 million, which excludes non-cash deferred income taxes and social contribution;
  • Embraer ended 1Q15 with a total cash position of US$ 1,808.0 million and total debt of US$ 2,389.3 million, yielding a net debt position of US$ 581.3 million in the quarter.

Embraer Lineage at business aviation convention 2014


in millions of U.S. dollars, except % and earnings per share data
IFRS (1)
Revenue 2,045.5 1,242.3 1,055.9
EBIT 196.3 92.1 79.6
EBIT Margin % 9.6% 7.4% 7.5%
EBITDA 281.3 151.0 149.1
EBITDA Margin % 13.8% 12.2% 14.1%
Adjusted Net Income 2 129.4 62.9 48.3
Net income (loss) attributable to Embraer Shareholders 91.4 110.6 (61.7)
Earnings (loss) per share – ADS basic (US$) 0.4983 0.6044 (0.3370)
Net Cash (Debt) (84.5) 52.7 (581.3)
(1) Derived from unaudited financial information

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