TAG takes first Swiss delivery of Nextant ‘remanufactured’ business jet

Nextant Aerospace, maker of the Nextant 400XT, the world’s only remanufactured business jet, is marking the delivery of its first aircraft into the Swiss market, and its 3rd into Europe. The airplane will be operated by TAG Aviation.

Since its debut in 2007, the Nextant Aerospace value proposition has proven hugely attractive. The business has actually secured sales of over $100m since late 2011 and presently has a sales backlog valued in extra of $175m.

The Nextant 400XT boasts an outstanding 2,003 nautical mile (3,709 km) range, which allows clients to fly from Geneva to virtually anywhere in Europe or North Africa without refueling.

With brand new engines, avionics, wiring, interiors and improved aerodynamics, the airplane costs approximately half the rate of comparative brand-new aircraft with 30% lower operating costs.

“The Nextant 400XT is an optimal jet for numerous clients in Europe,” said TAG Aviation CEO Robert Wells. “The aircraft delivers exceptional value and extremely attractive cabin comforts, range and speed. As an operator, we likewise appreciate the renovations that the Nextant represents, which are anticipated to enhance dispatch dependability and lesser upkeep expenses.”

Jay Heublein, Nextant Vice Head of state Sales and Advertising commented, “This delivery reinforces the strength of our value proposition within Europe. We approximate there are 1,542 entry level jets in Europe1 worth around $5 billion and we believe that the industry is now positioned for long-term growth. Customers are demanding new aircraft options that provide a phenomenal value proposition without sacrificing on comfort or performance. The 400XT is completely positioned to deliver on this demand.” In the United States, you can call (817-358-2011) or email (mwhitman@nextantaerospace.com) Director of Sales Mark Whitman for more information on the Nextant 400XT.

The remanufacturing procedure for the Nextant 400XT results in an essentially new airplane at a cost point better to that of a pre-owned airplane, thereby producing the preeminent value proposition for purchasers of light jets. In addition, Nextant provides consumers with the exact same new airplane acquisition experience they would expect from any major aircraft manufacturer. Clients have control of the interior completion of their 400XT, and are able to see Nextant’s advanced design facility to work together on every detail. Nextant additionally provides a two-year, complete aircraft warranty on the 400XT that is ensured to be honored by its continuously broadening worldwide item support network.

The 400XT just recently got full accreditation from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for its 400XT, enabling it to be flown in service throughout Europe. You can charter a Nextant 400XT from JetOptions Private Jets.

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