Empty leg charter from Leesburg, Virginia (KJYO) to Los Angeles, California (KVNY)

Empty leg charter 11/27/2023 – 11/30/2023
KJYO Leesburg, VA
KVNY Los Angeles, CA
Gulfstream IV

Empty leg charter KJYO to KVNY 11/27-11/30 listing is not a scheduled flight. All times and locations are negotiable. Contact JetOptions to determine if your travel requirements fit within the availability of our charter plane. This charter aircraft is a Gulfstream IV heavy executive jet with seating for up to fourteen passengers. Empty leg charter from Leesburg to Los Angeles (Van Nuys) is available from November 27 to November 30. Fill out a charter request or call to book at 888-535-9538. Answered 24/7/365. STA1123