See Premier 1 video posted by Jetoptions

Raytheon’s goal in designing the Premier 1 was to create a high-performing private jet with minimal acquisition and operating costs. The Premier 1’s swept wing design minimizes drag and increases cruise speed and high altitude capabilities The Premier 1’s cabin is one of the biggest for a private jet of its size, seating six or seven passengers in a 320 cubic-foot cabin.  Fold-out tables on both sides of the aircraft and fully adjustable, extra-wide seats make for a comfortable flight. There are 77 cubic feet of baggage space available in internal and external baggage compartments, and the external baggage compartments can be heated, if desired. It’s cruise speeds can reach .785 Mach.  Its maximum range is 1,726 miles (1,500 nautical miles). You can charter a Premier 1 from JetOptions. You can see the video here

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