See King Air 90 video from JetOptions

The Model 90s have seen their way through the alphabet with the 90, A90, B90, C90, D90 (not built), E90, F90 and H90 (also not built). The C90 models were the most popular. The model 90 was first certificated in 1959 and is still being produced over four decades later as the C90B and C90SE. The C90SE is a “Special Edition” C90 with fewer options, more basic avionics and a reduced base price over the C90B — essentially a price leader. The King Air 90’s seat five and have aft-lavatories, a nice feature in a small turboprop. The cabin is not round, but shaped similar to a loaf of bread. This gives the passenger more shoulder room over a round cabin. You can Charter a King Air 90 from JetOptions and you can see the video here.

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