Save Time and Money Chartering a Business Jet?

Well, Forbes Business Aviation has created a calculator that can answer this question. Choose your departure and destination cities. Enter the number of travelers along with their annual salaries, and it will return the Total Productive Time Saved and the Total Value of Time Saved. It calculates these values using the following assumptions:

How much time and money do you save with a business jet?

  • Business jet flight time is based on the average speed of a generic midsize jet
    No allowance made for headwind or tailwind in-flight
    Commercial flight times are based on an average of all flights between departure and destination on a single weekday
    Commercial airline travel time includes 15 minutes to park the car, 90 minutes for check-in, security, and arrival at the gate, 45 minutes to walk from boarding/deplaning, claim baggage and pick up a rental car.
    Business jet travel includes 5 minutes to park the car, 5 minutes to board and 5 minutes to de-plane.

“We often use this calculator to show potential clients the benefits of chartering a private jet with JetOptions versus traveling commercial. Clients are almost always surprised when they see the true cost of travel and how much they can save when chartering a private jet with JetOptions” said Gus Lira, Vice President of JetOptions Private Jets. “it’s a great tool and we always suggest it to first-time private jet charterers.”  Try it the Forbes Business Jet Calculator and see for the value of your time at

Time and money you can save chartering a business jet with JetOptions


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