San Francisco’s new satellite system promises to cut weather delays

A story in written by Michael Cabanutian reports that new technology being developed by the Federal Aviation Administration and tested at San Francisco International Airport promises to reduce SFO’s notorious bad-weather delays.

FAA officials visited the airport recently to tout their Next Generation program, which will eventually replace the nation’s ground-radar traffic control system, which is based on technology developed after World War II, with satellite technology similar to GPS navigation systems.

Gus Lira, who read the article, says that the story says that “By 2020, radar will be gone.”

Some of the technology is already in use at the Bay Area’s busiest airport – and more is coming soon. SFO is one of three U.S. airports testing a system that tailors flight routes for individual planes based on conditions rather than assigning them predetermined paths. This allows flights to be more direct and approaches to be smoother, using less fuel.

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