JetOptions Safety and Security

Safety, Security, and Assurance in Flight

  • All aircraft have insurance ranging from $50,000,000 to $500,000,000
  • Compliance with FAA FAR part 135 (Federal Aviation Regulations)
  • Compliance with EU-OPS (European commercial certification)
  • Our operators are the highest rated by the Wyvern Standard
  • We only use ARGUS Gold or Platinum rated aircraft
  • We constantly assess and revise our security measures with aviation officials.
  • Enhanced security regulations at private airports provided by FAA
  • Passengers must present two forms of identification before boarding aircraft
  • Pilots have the right to inspect passengers and luggage

Compliance with aviation standards

When flying the friendly skies, safety is everyone’s biggest concern. At JetOptions, the security of our passengers has always been our top priority. We assure your safety by working only with aircraft and operators that comply with the United States FAA regulation known as FAR Part 135. FAR Part 135 and EU OPS are the operating standards by which aircraft safety, regulations, maintenance, and pilot licensure are regulated and ensured by international commercial airline authorities. JetOptions also guarantees that every aircraft complies with EU-OPS (European commercial certification).

Above and beyond the “standards.”

JetOptions has carefully selected and certified a small group of highly qualified operators. These operators are the highest rated in safety. We use the outside independent rating agencies of Wyvern and ARGUS. JetOptions is a registered Wyvern Broker and an Aviation Research Group ARGUS Broker.  These agencies are the leading third-party, independent safety auditors specializing in conducting on-site aircraft operator inspections and ensuring compliance with aircraft maintenance and crew experience requirements. These additional criteria are in place to assure that every private flight booked with JetOptions occurs in the safest possible manner.

The Wyvern Standard /Wyvern PASS report

The Wyvern Standard is today’s benchmark for business aviation safety. The standards are an enhanced set of security measurement criteria. Developed over the years in cooperation with the Wyvern Customer Advisory Board, these are exacting standards. Of all the 1,177 fatalities from January 1991 to April 2009, none (zero percent) involved a Wyvern-recommended aircraft or aircrew. This safety record results from the stringent audits regarding aircraft, maintenance, and crews that must be passed to remain Wyvern accredited. All JetOptions operators must comply with the Wyvern standards.

ARGUS — TripCHEQ program

ARGUS has developed the TripCHEQ program, which provides valuable information about your particular flight. TripCHEQ compiles information on aircraft operators and evaluates them on a flight-to-flight basis. Dependent upon information supplied by the aircraft operator, ARGUS will offer a rating of “red,” “yellow,” or “green.” The only acceptable rating is for JetOptions customers is GREEN, which denotes the highest standards of safety.

Everyone says safety is paramount, but at JetOptions, we go above and beyond the regulatory standards. We verify the safety operations of private jet charter flights by obtaining a Wyvern PASS report and or an ARGUS TripCHEQ on every chartered flight. JetOptions provides clients with peace of mind. We verify that the aircraft and crew secured for their charter flight have met with the strictest safety standards in the private jet charter industry.

When you travel with JetOptions, you can rest assured that all the security details are managed with the utmost detail and care.

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