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Private Jet Rental for Comfort, Ease, and Luxury In Flight

With private jet rental at JetOptions, there’s no ceiling on how comfortable, entertaining, and fun your flight can be. Some of the best current trends will make you swear off flying commercial for good—So you can experience luxury in flight with sensible private jet rental costs. 

Book a jet with us, and experience flying privately in a secure and time-efficient manner. At the same time, we keep your safety, security, and privacy foremost with a perfectly arranged flight itinerary. Skip busy security lines, required flight connections, and travel risks connected with a commercial trip.

How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Private Jet?

To save money on your private jet flight, you can use empty leg flights or “deadhead” flights. Opportunities occur when a flight is chartered one-way with the aircraft still needing to fly to another destination – or when it must return to its origin at the cost to the carrier. These are unsold legs, and if you can match an itinerary with your travel needs, you may be able to save a little green on your next private flight.

Even better, when you rent a private jet, you don’t have to pay top dollar. Depending on the plane you choose, the private jet cost can be as little to $2,000-$3,000 per hour for your flight. Smaller aircraft such as light jets, very light jets, and turboprops fly at moderate hourly rates. It all depends on how much space and onboard amenities you need.

Of course, flying private is not always about operating on a budget. Some itineraries may call for a large cabin aircraft with ultra-luxe interiors, flight attendants, kitchens, suites, and the latest technology in the air. Comfort is essential, and many jets include beds – to catch up on much-needed rest. You can check out our aircraft guide for a full list of the planes available for charter on the JetOptions Fleet Page.

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When You Rent a Private Jet Not Even the Sky is the Limit

When renting a jet charter, you aren’t beholden to the same rules as when you fly commercially. This is a significant advantage as you can operate more comfortably, have a faster flight, can avoid all the hassles and the crowds at the airport and airport security. When you rent a private jet, you can customize the trip to suit all your needs and desires.

With a private jet rental, you can avoid long TSA security lines and airline luggage rules. Every time you fly commercially you’re forced to take off your shoes, strip off layers of clothes, and unpack your bags. Not when you rent a private jet! You walk right onto your flight without having to wait in long lines or worse and without getting frisked.

Flying privately, you can travel in luxury and comfort. Often you can drive directly onto the tarmac and be on board your charter flight within minutes. With that being said, you need not worry as much about safety when you rent privately on an air charter jet. JetOptions is an ARGUS and Wyvern registered private jet company.

Travel Further and to More Airports with a Private Plane Rental

Rent a private jet, and you’ll likely reach your destination faster than if you had flown commercial. You can subtract arriving at the gate 2+ hours early to make a flight. When you fly private, the aircraft is matched to your schedule, and arrives and departs at your itinerary.

Private planes fly above commercial airlines, some even flying near the speed of sound. For that reason, they do not have to cancel flights on the grounds of inclement weather. There are more than 5,000 general aviation airports in the cities and states across the country in the US. More, rent a private jet, and you’ll be able to land at more airports, with the ability to choose alternates or flight times.

Create a Personalized Flight Experience

Better, with private jet rentals, you can customize the experience for your needs and desires. You can have in-flight entertainment—consider having poker tables, or even catch up on your favorite show with a huge screen and projector. You can order your favorite gourmet food and dine on premium flatware—forget lousy plane food. Your aviation executive will inquire at booking about your onboard catering and trip preferences.

Pet-Friendly Private Jet Hire

Even your furry best friend can catch a flight without the stress of being in a cramped cabin or kennel with other pets nearby.  Many aircraft allow cats and dogs on board, so if you’re traveling with smaller friends just let us know.

How Fast Does a Private Jet Fly?

In airspeed, private jets win when compared to commercial airlines. The airspeed of a private jet ranges from 400 to 717 mph. Commercial airliners have a top speed of 500 to 570 miles per hour, making private jets the fastest craft to reach many places. If you were departing from and landing at the same places with a private jet as someone onboard a commercial airliner, you would arrive first. 

Can a Private Jet Land Anywhere?

Yes, the benefit of private jets and charters is that you can land anywhere, including both large commercial airports and smaller private ones. People who fly privately tend to prefer landing in private airports, an option that saves time. Private or executive airports have benefits that can’t be assured when landing in bigger commercial airports. Smaller airports are actually less chaotic and less time-consuming. There are fewer planes, affordable landing, ramp, and fuel prices, not to mention the time savings from avoiding commercial traffic on runways and long TSA queues.

How Far Can a Private Jet Fly?

In general, private jets can take you at any distance needed, without much difference from a commercial airline. Private jets are also faster and lighter and capable of gaining altitude quickly. It all depends on the flight plan and fuel capacity range needed, your usage requirement, and travel demand. With JetOptions, we deliver bespoke private jet services that are based on your needs.

 Private jet rentals for luxury and convenience in the air with JetOptions Private Jets. Call us today to find out more about our available aircraft services, or use our easy quote form below.

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