More Reasons to Schedule Your Holiday Season Private Jet Charter Now

Thanksgiving 2015 Was The Busiest Since 2008 and We Expect Christmas and New Year’s to Follow That Trend

There are estimates that around 90% of all private jet travelers will fly at least once during the peak holiday season which begins in the United States with Thanksgiving. Many experienced jet charter travelers know that it is best to start reserving their private aircraft charters as early as possible in order to secure the ideal times, best aircraft, and the perfect destination for their holiday flights in November, December and January. Getting some time away from work and relaxing with family and friends should be just that: relaxing and enjoyable. There are many reasons why for the upcoming Holidays (or at any time for that matter) you should charter from JetOptions instead of flying commercial.

We saw a marked increase this past Thanksgiving (2015) in charters over past years. For us, it was the busiest since 2008, and we expect (and hope) this Christmas and New Year’s to be busier than in past years.

Reasons to Book Your Private Jet Charter Early:

Choice of Preferred Airports

Airport choice: You have a larger selection of general aviation airports from which to choose so that you can avoid the busy, large commercial hub airports. As an example, if you are flying to Dallas on most commercial flights, you would have to fly into Dallas Fort Worth Airport which is about 45 minutes to an hour from downtown Dallas. When flying private, you can also fly into DFW airport, but you can also choose to fly into Addison, McKinney, Love field, Denton and Dallas Executive airports depending on where your final destination is in the DFW metroplex and what is most convenient for you (see map below). Even if you fly out of a larger airport, you will do so out of a Fixed Base of Operation (FBO) which is a small facility separate from the commercial terminal entrance. In some FBO’s you can drive up to the aircraft in-hangar or on the tarmac. If you have a hired car, the driver will unload your luggage directly to the aircraft. If you have driven your own vehicle, parking in FBO’s is free and secure. There are no long security lines with invasive searches. Your luggage is with you the entire time so it won’t be lost or damaged. There is also ample room for golf bags, skis or any sports equipment you may have with you. One of the crew members will check you in to your flight.

Don’t Worry About Being Delayed

If you are delayed or late for your flight, the aircraft waits for you. If you want to depart early, you can give us a call and we can alert the crew to ready the aircraft. Total flexibility and on your schedule. Our clients that travel with children often cite this freedom from a set schedule as one of the main reasons for chartering a private aircraft.

Delayed flights board

Travel Times Shortened

Shorter travel times are achieved because of the time saved in parking, checking-in, security, changing planes and waiting for the scheduled time of departure. A 7-hour domestic commercial airline trip can be done in as little as 3 hours on a business jet.Cessna Citation jet in snow

No plane changes on your flight. You do not have to worry about gathering your family and all your belongings and rushing to catch your connecting flight. As often happens in winter, if your first flight is delayed and you miss your connection, you could spend countless hours waiting to get out on another flight.

Travel Together With Parties in Other Cities

You can pick up family members in different cities. We can make as many stops as you’d like to pick up more family and friends. The more the merrier. Only the people in you party are on the plane so that you can enjoy your privacy.

Travel With Your Pet

Pet friendly charter aircraft

For the holidays, you want to be around family and loved ones. To many of us, our pets are part of the family (and often the ones we get along with the best), and no vacation is complete without them. JetOptions has pet friendly aircraft. Take your trusted pet in the cabin with you so they can enjoy the family trip as well.

Food and Beverage Catering of Your Choosing

Food and drink: Our flights have complimentary drinks and snacks, but as long as there is enough room for it in the cabin, we can provide anything your heart (or stomach) desires. It can be something as simple as a boxed lunch or fruit tray to a more complex multi course gourmet dinner. We use only caterers with experience in providing private jet dining. Everything is made to order. The same goes for drinks: if you’d like a special bottle of wine or champagne, we can provide it.

Private jet catering

The holidays are upon us and now is the best time to call us to charter an aircraft. It is also the season of giving, so what better present than to charter a private jet for your loved ones. We are available 24/7/365.

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