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Private Plane Rental Cost


You want to fly with the full amount of convenience available to you and avoid the airport’s nervous energy. This includes the long and tedious security lines, busy crowds, the cramped plane, the stifling amount of room, tiny baggage spaces, crying children, and the potential for a dusting of a stranger’s germs. 

At JetOptions, you experience luxury in flight at reasonable private jet rental costs.

Start with the Size of the Private Plane for Rent

When exploring private jet rental prices, there are a few elements to consider. Private jet prices can vary widely, so it’s important to know what your needs are. Our private jet charters range in rates based on the size of aircraft you book. Our ARGUS & Wyvern rated crews and aircraft include single-engine, turboprops, very light jetslight jetsmidsize jetsheavy jetsairliners, and VIP airliners, all at varying hourly charges.

Rent a Very Light Jet or Turboprop

Very light jets are some of the aircraft with a lower private jet rental price. Carrying 4 to 8 passengers, the Phenom 100 and Citation Mustang are economical choices. Similarly, turboprops may have similar private jet rental costs, seating 4 to 7 passengers on a Piaggio Avanti P180, Pilatus PC-12, King Air 200, King Air 350, or King Air 90. These planes have high fuel efficiency and the ability to travel to smaller airports.

  • Very Light Jets are good for short trips with a need for flexibility.

Light Jets for Rent

JetOptions offers light jets and small-cabin jets at a reasonable private jet rental cost. These jets include Citation CJ4Phenom 300, Premier 1A, Learjet 75, Learjet 31A, Learjet 35, Learjet 40XR, Learjet 45, or Hawker 400XP. More from the Citation family are the Jet 1 or CJ1, Citation SII, Citation V Ultra, Citation Bravo, CJ2, CJ3, Encore, Citation I, and Citation II. These charters seat 6 to 7 passengers, have small baggage spaces, and fly around 3 hours total.

  • Light Jets are a very economical private jet rental hourly cost.

Rent a MidJet or SuperMid Jet

With slightly increased capacity, mid jets and midsize cabin jet carry 6 to 8 passengers and include the Legacy 500, Learjet 60XR, Learjet 45XR, Learjet 55, Hawker 850 XP, Hawker 900 XP, Gulfstream G100, Gulfstream G150, Falcon 20, Citation III, Citation VII, Citation XLS, and Citation Latitude.

  • Ideal for domestic flights, Mid and Super Mid Jets charters are less per hour than heavy jets and include a lavatory and galley.

Heavy Jets and Large Cabin Jets for Rent

Increasing the charter’s size to heavy jets, large jets, and heavy cabin jets, the capacity expands to 8 to 18 passengers. With significant baggage space, seats that fold down to sleep, a lavatory, and a kitchen, these jets are ideal for traversing the globe.

  • Heavy Jet charters will fly you cross-country, transoceanic, and on transatlantic flights.

Expert Charter Bookings at JetOptions

These are just a few examples of different charter bookings and how they affect private jet rental pricing. Consider your budget, the number of passengers, travel dates and times, taxes, segment and landing fees, and international fees at a minimum. Other optional fees may include ground transportation, in-flight catering, overnights, weather charges such as aircraft de-icing, or hangar fees, flight attendants, or cleaning charges.

Get the most for your money on your next private jet rental. Visit our JetOptions Private Jets Fleet pages for more photos and descriptions of our planes. For simple bookings, call or email us for your next private jet charter. Or use our quote request form below.

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