Private Plane Charter Tips

Private Plane Charter Tips


JetOptions provides luxury in the air for all of your executive, business, and private jet charter needs. Assisting you with concierge travel services to ensure your comfort and needs are tended, JetOptions is committed to excellence and exceeding your expectations.

Flying private is more convenient, safe, and comfortable than flying commercial. Set the schedule and the standards for your flight to your desired application. You can even use an air charter service to send goods to a location if you want to use a secure, private convenience.

Even the most seasoned travelers can benefit from private plane charter tips or insider info, guiding you to have the best experience possible on your trip.

Private Plane Charter Tips For Mothers

Some private jet charter tips include how to fly private when one is pregnant. It’s generally safe to fly when pregnant unless labor is imminent, you have medical issues, or you have been instructed to be on bed rest by your doctor. However, one must consider that if the plane’s air pressure is low, heart rate and blood pressure can rise. Anemia, sickle cell disease, blood clots, and placental insufficiency are illnesses that can be exacerbated or cause health complications when flying while pregnant. Private plane charter tips include: acquiring a supplemental oxygen prescription, avoiding drinking dehydrating liquids such as coffee or alcohol, and increasing water intake to the recommended gallon a day. Also, you want to ensure that you are mobile to avoid blot clots, especially if dehydrated.

Flying Private Eases the Trip

Staying mobile is an easy task when flying private, given the generous space provided. Some doctor’s private plane charter tips include not flying after 28-36 weeks of gestation. Of course, consult your doctor before flying when pregnant. Regardless of the aforementioned private jet charter tips, one must consider comfort when flying pregnant. Commercial planes have narrow aisles and tiny bathrooms that can be problematic if you have a noticeable belly bump. The restroom privacy discomfort or forced wait is avoided when flying private.

Tips for Traveling with an Infant or Toddler

Once the baby is born, the child can legally fly at any time, as there are no age restrictions. However, you may require a doctor’s note. Under the age of two years old, private plane charter tips that the law requires that the child sits on a lap instead of having their own seat. Private plane charter tips that you bring your child’s car seat for the comfort of you and your baby. More, you can bring milk and baby food or have a child’s meal prepared in-flight where applicable. Private plane charter tips that all infants and children require a passport to travel privately must be provided before travel. A private jet may offer reclining seats or beds that will ease your kids into a restful slumber. Further, you can specify your in-flight entertainment needs, including games and movies, to keep your kids occupied.

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