Private jets could be the real winner at the 2010 World Cup

JetOptions through it’s VP, Gus Lira, has learned that over 40% of soccer fans say they have been priced out of attending the 2010 FIFA World Cup due to spiraling costs in the weeks leading up to the finals in South Africa. The mounting costs have resulted in a 50% drop in expected foreign attendance.

The factors surrounding the dramatic decrease in foreign attendance are legion, but the primary reason often mentioned is the difficulty of travel. The exotic location of South Africa has become a burden for many travelers and those who are fortunate enough to make the long haul trip into the country could potentially be met with further difficulties.

“I’ve been planning on going to the World Cup for three years now” soccer fan, Charlie Morrison says, “but now between booking my long haul flights, and factoring in travel to each game once we get to South Africa, the trip has just become a total nightmare.”

Statements like this have become increasingly more common. What was once supposed to be the country’s arrival on the international stage and a symbol of South Africa’s ability to overcome oppression has now turned into a traveler’s expensive ordeal. So much so, that some are opting to stay home to avoid traveling woes. As a result of the growing concerns over travel, many viable alternatives other than commercial aviation have surfaced to ease tourists’ travel anxieties.


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