Private Jets Brought Over $600 Million to Central Europe in Q1 2014

The Central European Private Aviation Association recently released first-quarter private jets usage figures for its member countries. While we may think of places like Palm Beach and Cannes when we think of private jets and the money they bring, the CEPA statistics highlight the importance of private jet travelers for all countries.

Keeping in mind spend from a single private jet party averages $69,000 (excluding fuel, catering, and landing fees) for hotels, land transfers, dining, shopping, touring, meeting facilities, just in the first three months, the 2,120 private jets arriving in Poland contributed $146 million to the economy.

Private jets brought over $600 million in economic benefits to Central Europe

The government reports average spend is $398 per capita for visitors to put this in perspective. This means it would take 366,834 ‘normal’ visitors to equal the economic benefit of the 2,120 general aviation flights. Looking at it another way, it would take more commercial airline flights – 2,450 with 150 passengers on board each flight – to equal the contribution of the private jet market.

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