Private Jet Travel Not Just For CEOs, Perks of Private Jet Travel, Dassault Falcon 5X, BizAv Outlook

Private Jet Travel Is Not Just For CEOs

Business travel has traditionally been defined by a professional traveling to meetings out of town via rental car or boarding a commercial plane traversing and oftentimes needing additional services such as a rental vehicle or a hotel room.

Companies are now looking to private jets to cart professionals from city-to-city to keep business in operation.

Companies that fly privately regard time as their most valuable commodity

“There is a misconception that private air travel is mostly used by CEOs. Businesses rely on middle management to travel and make face-to-face contact with clients to build business,” said Bart Giesler, a spokesperson for the Aviation Association of Indiana.

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The Many Perks of Private Jet Travel

Flying on private jets have always seemed like a fabulous way to travel.

With the lack of overbearing security, absence of long lines to board the plane, ultra comfy seats and private cabin – it’s definitely a great way to fly if you can afford it.

Private jet travel

It’s an observation so obvious it practically seems silly right?

But as it turns out there’s even more reason to be envious of the private jet set – and that reason is the exclusive perks. Or as they’re referred to by many in the industry – the strategic partnerships.

Those partnerships provide private jet customers with a long list of cushy benefits above and beyond the actual flying experience, including such things as VIP access to concerts and sporting events, free nights at some of the world’s top resorts, exclusive shopping opportunities at leading jewelers and fashion houses, complimentary meals and spa treatments and the ability to rub elbows with celebrities at specially curated members-only events.

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Dassault Falcon 5X One of the Coolest Things in the World: GQ

GQ Magazine’s 9 coolest things in the world this week named the Falcon 5X. The newest private jet from Dassault Falcon, the 5X sacrifices a bit of range for a lot of comforts. With the largest fuselage diameter and cabin volume of any Falcon, it boasts a cabin with a 6-foot 6-inch tall height. It does have a slightly lower range compared to the range-topping Falcon 7X, but thanks to the lowest fuel consumption in its category you’re only 700 nautical miles short. It’ll still get you to Tokyo or LA in one hop, and you’ll have never felt more relaxed getting there.

Dassault Falcon 5X

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Midyear Numbers Reflect Generally Positive Outlook for Business Aviation

After a slow start to 2015, business aviation’s prospects seem to have improved by midyear, according to several industry indicators.

Shipments of new general aviation aircraft improved in the second quarter; late-model, pre-owned business aircraft are selling more quickly, and at higher asking prices; and business flight activity continues to increase.

Midyear Numbers Reflect Generally Positive Outlook for Business Aviation

ARGUS TRAQPak, which tracks IFR business flights, reports that the 5.6-percent increase in activity during July is the highest level of monthly flight activity since February 2012. In its year-to-year July 2014 and 2015 comparisons, all categories of aircraft operations posted positive gains. Turboprops headed the list at 7.6-percent growth, followed by large-cabin business jets at 7 percent, with small and mid-size business jets at 4.9 and 3.2 percent, respectively.

ARGUS estimates that this upward trend in flight activity will continue, with an overall four-percent increase forecast for August.

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